20 Business Ideas That You Can Start Under 2 Lakhs Investment

businesses under 2 lakhs

Do you want to invest Rs. 2 lakhs in Business? If your answer is yes then read this article till the very end. We have crafted some very profitable businesses that you can start with very small capital in India. Some businesses that are listed below can be started with under 1 lakh investment.

Please read to see if you can find one of the businesses described here that you can start with very low investment to catch your interest.

1. Start a Small Scale Manufacturing Business

Manufacturing of eco-friendly jute bags and paper bags can catch up well, as plastic bags are being eliminated. Even using newspapers to make paper bags with minimum investment at your home can be a good start. Investment in Jute bags manufacturing is less than 50k INR. Also, automatic paper bags machine will cost you around 3 lakhs rupees.

You can sell them to shopkeepers and make enough money to start making jute bags that are fashionable and useful at the same time.

Incense sticks or Agarbatti can also be a good cottage industry. Manufacturing of incense sticks is very easy and one can do with the help of automatic machine. Profit margin is also very good. You can easily make 60k per month with only 3 automatic machine.

You can also start Pickles and Papad manufacturing business that will cost less than 1 lakh investment. Pickles and Papad making business is bringing income to many families to survive in the pandemic.

2. Start a Mobile Phone Accessories Shop

A mobile shop can be started for under two lakhs. Renting a shop as per your taste would cost one lakh deposit with around ₹10000 rent per month. Buy some tables and chairs with shelves etc to get started.

Register your business and get a GST number to issue receipts when things get going. No GST will be needed for a business in the beginning until you begin making a substantial amount of income.

Buy some Mobile phones you want to sell and accessories like covers and chargers and you are all set. Hire a repair person if you need help. You will make good profit in phone repairing business. Also, there are huge profit margin in phone accessories.

The profits are very high in this business because the selling price of accessories is twice the purchase price

3. Start a Bakery Business

You can open a small bakery if you like to make bread and biscuits. You can also hire a worker to make them on a small scale. You will need a license from the health department who will check you periodically for hygiene.

Buy an oven and some showcases to keep your products safe from flies and insects. A cash register to issue a bill may be needed if you are in an urban area.

All these essentials plus renting the shop will not cost you above 2 lakhs. You can get a loan for self employment if you don’t have enough capital. You may need one employee to begin with.

Get busy selling coffee or tea along with your bread and cakes. Sandwiches and puffs would be welcome at lunch time. You can get all the bakery items supplied to you on a daily basis along with samosas etc made fresh and on a returnable basis.

4. Become a Real Estate Agent

You can open a real estate office if you are well versed in buying and selling houses and have good people skills. Although you are concerned with getting commission only, people who want to list their properties would like to discuss their property with you.

You can look for houses listed for sale or rent around you and go in there to find out if the owner would like your help. Some owners don’t want to pay a broker. So they announce a ‘No Broker’ sign outside which doesn’t keep the brokers out!

Be a nice guy that people would like to approach to get a lot of business. Be ready to show the houses with a motorbike for a fees. You can start this business without any investment.

5. Electrical Equipment Repair Shop

If you know how to repair a mixer or an electric stove at home, you could think of opening an Electrical Equipment Repair shop.

If you know the basics, you can open up equipment like a rice cooker and see what is wrong inside. No investment above two lakhs will be needed. As you can rent a small shop with one lakh deposit and even hire a repair person if you can afford one.

6. Open a Take Away Restaurant

A small take away restaurant doesn’t need any spacious seating. If you have enough space to cook inside and to put up a table and a shelf to showcase the food you prepare outside, you can open a Take Away Restaurant which is ideal for the pandemic times.

People with big seating ave are losing a lot of money in lockdown as nobody is allowed to sit and eat anyway.

You will need a license to run the business. Get started if you have cooking skills or hire a cook who can clean and wash up too. Attach your take away restaurant with Zomato to take online orders.

7. Start Packers and Movers Business

You won’t need an office to start a Packers and Movers business as you can advertise online to get clients who need your help in moving.

You will need a truck with 3 to 4 helpers to load and unload. Helpers are usually available on daily wages to come and help you only when you have a client wanting to move.

But even a used truck will cost you around two lakhs and so that will be your major investment. You can rent a truck to start this business. You must have a driver’s licence.

8. Become a Party Organiser

If you are creative, you know how to think up new ideas for a party. Children like to be surprised. How you can surprise them with party games will increase your popularity.

Adults also like surprise parties. You will need to have balloons and flowers with chairs and tables with tablecloths etc. ready to be supplied with a van. Get caterers to work with you to provide snacks and drinks.

9. Start Tiffin Service

There are many people who don’t have the time to cook and who do not know cooking. Tiffin services are the best for them as they have dual advantage. First of all, it comes cheap as compared to hotels and restaurant and secondly, homemade food is good for health.

Home delivery of tiffin services has become popular in corona times when a lot of people are quarantined and are not allowed to get out of their houses to buy groceries etc.

You can help by supplying tiffin to their doors if you know how to cook basic meals. Have some tiffin carriers ready. You may start with your family helping you. Add north indian or south indian options to your menus as people keep calling up to customise.

10. Franchise Business

Many small franchise are there that will help you setup a business using their brand name. Search for franchise under 2 lakhs investment and sign up with them. Small scale bakery, tea point and juice lassi shop franchise are a good option to start.

11. Start Equipment Rental Business

Wedding equipment like pandals and cooking utensils big enough to cook for hundreds of people can be rented out as nobody would have such things at home.

Stoves and chairs and tables can be supplied if the event is not being held in a choultry where they have everything ready. Wedding mandap is a great addition. Link up with caterers to work together.

12. Start a Painting Business

All you need is a ladder and high stool to reach the ceiling with paint brushes to start a painting business. A helper can be hired if you know how to paint. Initial investment to start his business is around Rs. 50K.

Hire a couple of painters if you can supervise the work to get it done. Get orders and contracts who will usually give you an advance to buy paints.

You can operate from home and can take your business to next level by partnering with builders and developers.

13. Start a Recycling PickUp Business

Some recycling shops need a pickup truck to take their collections to big recycling centres. If you have a truck, you can start a pickup business which can be a regular business as the recycle shops are full of stuff in just a few days.

Buy one with loans payable in easy EMI. Banks will lend you if you have a good credit record. You will need some helpers to load and unload.

14. Start E-Rickshaw Rental

E-rickshaw business is really a profitable business as many people in the cities and towns opt for this option to travel from one place to another. Therefore, you can buy a e-rickshaw for 1 lakh rupees and rent it out to drivers on a daily rental basis. This business is very profitable for Tier 2 Indian cities.

It has two advantages that it generates income and simultaneously you give employment to another person. The profits can be moderate in this business depending on customer availability. The only investment in this business is Rupees 1 lakh for new e-rickshaw.

15. Open a Grocery Shop

You can never lose money by starting a grocery store as people always need groceries even in pandemic times.

Grocery shops are allowed to be open for a few hours at least in the mornings even when all other shops are to be closed to survive from Corona.

Buy from wholesale markets to make profits in retailing. No license is needed but GST number is a must for payment of taxes.

16. Clothing Store

People need clothing as much as they need food. You won’t suffer a loss as clothing is not a perishable item.

One lakh for renting a shop with one more lakh to buy sarees and blouse pieces with any underwear items for men and women can get you started.

Go on adding items as the demand comes for baby clothes etc.

17. Start a Digital Marketing Company

You can start a Digital Marketing company if you know the secrets of SEO and SMM.

Using keywords in your content will make your website show up at the top of the search in Google search and other search engines.

It’s a skill to add the keywords in your content writing to help companies get sales by appearing at the top of the search and hold the interest of the reader to give him valuable content to choose the company for the products he needs.

You can start a Digital Marketing company if you have a good content writer and other experts who know how to market through social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc.

You will need a well equipped office and a team of Digital Marketing experts to run your business. But during this pandemic you can start easily with home. Initial investment is under 1 lakh to setup a company and a professional website.

18. Start a Pest Control and Cleaning Service

This is an essential service needed in Corona times to destroy the virus.

You will need effective disinfecting solutions which are not harmful to humans and pet animals at the same time.

Covid hit homes and businesses will need immediate assistance to re-enter their houses and offices if someone who was there proves to be positive and ends up in a hospital.

19. Education and Training Business

If you have been a teacher or a good administrator, you can start a school or tuitions with a few students.

Training centres like bakery or tailoring classes are providing immediate employment for those who need an urgent income.

Think of computer training teaching kids skills like painting etc without using messy colours.

Adults can learn typing skills as well as emails and Office with Word or Excel spreadsheets etc.

20. Kids Focused Business

Even primary education like nurseries and play homes are gaining importance as the foundation of our children is of topmost priority.

Start a nursery equipped with a play area with slides and toys to attract mothers who want their children to have a good time when they are at work.

Teaching them alphabets and nursery rhymes through books will be appreciated. Don’t forget counting should be taught at an early age.

You will need a maid servant or Ayah to feed the kids who don’t want to eat what their mothers packed up for their lunch and snacks time. Kids toys shop is also very profitable business.

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