Profitable Business Ideas Under Rupees 1 – 2 Lakhs Investment in India

businesses under 2 lakhs

Do you want to invest 1 – 2 lakhs Rupess in Business? Are you looking for some profitable business ideas under 2 lakhs investment which you can start in India? If your answer is yes then read this article till the very end. We have crafted some very profitable businesses that you can start with very small capital. Business is an idea which can be big or small. Many people believe that any form of business requires huge investment. However, this is not true in all the cases. Business, definitely requires some form of investment but even small investment can bring in a big difference and high profits. If you dont have heavy budget then don’t worry.

Therefore, we shall discuss some unique yet constructive business ideas in India which requires 1-2 Lakh investment but the profit margins are good.

  • E-Rickshaw business (TUK TUK)

E-rickshaw business is really a profitable business as many people in the cities and towns opt for this option to travel from one place to another. Therefore, you can buy a e-rickshaw for 1 lakh rupees and rent it out to drivers on a daily rental basis. This business is very profitable for Tier 2 Indian cities.

It has two advantages that it generates income and simultaneously you give employment to another person. The profits can be moderate in this business depending on customer availability. The only investment in this business is Rupees 1 lakh for new e-rickshaw.

  • Drive with Ola/Uber

Who doesn’t use Ola/Uber for transportation these days? It has become a common means of communication and is available at the click of a button.

Therefore, it is an ideal business to enter into. You can purchase a second hand car at a maximum price of 2 lakhs and give it on rental to Ola/Uber to earn a daily income. Their registration process is easy and all you need is to have a cautious driver to drive the car carefully. The profits are huge in this business. With time, you can own multiple cars and give it on rent to earn a handsome income.

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  • Moving and Packaging Services

All of us use this service while shifting our house, relocation etc. and the packaging services are the best to rely with. Invest some bucks and start this service on your own or tie up with a third party to provide these services.

You can start as small as providing the cartons and materials required for packaging to as big as providing the transportation vehicles. The choice is entirely yours! After all, we are aware of the prices charged for these services and the profits that one can make from it.

With Maximum 2 lakhs Investment you can start this business easily. Complete the business registration process and build you team. You can also hire vehicle on rental basis for this business.

  • Event Management Services

Events are common these days and right from birthday celebrations to corporate events, event management services are required. Majority of the companies rely on these services for a disciplined event and why not, after all the tensions are less.

You can arrange the decoration materials, take up catering services or even provide human resources to manage such big events. The charges are very high and you can earn a substantial profit. Also, it is a growing field and you can start with birthday parties, learn and grow to manage weddings and corporate events to substantially increase the income.

  • Real Estate Consultancy

This field is in demand these days especially in the tier 1 and 2 cities. With the significant rise in purchasing power, more and more people are looking for good investment option and hence the need for real estate consultant.

All you need is to have an idea of the properties around and you can start as a consultant. Gradually, you tie up with several consultancy firms and earn a good income. You can even own your own real estate consultancy firm as well. It does not require much investment to begin with and the profits are really high.

  • Career Counselling

In today’s world of varied choices, college pass out students often find themselves in a loop to choose the right career option for themselves. Career counselling is a big rescue for them.

Therefore, you can take advantage of this opportunity and can open a career counselling firm. All you need is to invest in the infrastructure and the man power. It is quite a one-time investment and the returns are high. You can also tie up your firm with reputed companies and get paid for every employee hired by the big giants.

  • Tea & Coffee Stall

This business requires the minimum investment but helps to earn a decent income. You need to invest money in opening a small stall, buying the raw materials, hiring 1-2 people to work on a daily basis.

It is important to identify the area where you need to open the coffee and tea stall. Openings such small shops near to IT hub or companies will generate more income. Often people hover around having tea, light snacks etc. and within a period of time you can have a good income for yourself.

  • Tiffin Service

There are many people who don’t have the time to cook and who do not know cooking. Tiffin services are the best for them as they have dual advantage. First of all, it comes cheap as compared to hotels and restaurant and secondly, homemade food is good for health.

Just start this business in your apartment or tie up with a company to supply tiffin to employees and you are on the roll.

  • Mobile Phone Accessories Shop

This is another profitable business with investment under rupees 2 lakhs. All of us these days own a mobile phone and require some or the other accessories such as mobile cover, screen guard, ear phones etc.

The profits are very high in this business because the selling price of accessories is twice the purchase price.

  • Home bakery

With minimum investment, use your creativity and cooking desires to start a bakery at home itself. You can receive orders for birthday cakes, prepare tasty snacks for the evening and your business is all set.

As a startup offer some good discounts, distribute pamphlets and make more people aware of it to earn a good profit from the business. The higher the customers, the more is the profit.


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