10 Business Ideas for Artists That Made Millions

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If you are an artist and your creativity is in full bloom, it is a good opportunity for you to encase your creativity and make some money out of it. There are ample business ideas for you to make it big in the creativity business, and creativity is the thing that can take your place. What you need apart from creativity is a lot of hard work, passion, a minor investment along with a proper full-proof plan for your business to run successfully in the days to come.

To be successful in any business, you must have an overall idea about how it works and what are the leading trends in the market now. Some people can go on and do a lot better when it comes to business, but not everyone has the business acumen right from the start, you can only learn it from experience and practice. As an artist, what you need to think about is how to make your creativity be the key selling point of your business.

You don’t need to start your business with only the creativity you have; you need to diversify your field as and when you move ahead in the venture you start. For this kind of business, you need to be very receptive to the things around you and be observant of the latest trends so that you can keep yourself updated and your business growing by the day.

10 Creative Business Ideas that you can start as an Artist

1. Sell your Art

Painting for yourself is good, but painting for others when it pays you is a very profitable idea. It can fetch you decent amounts of funds given the situation that a lot of people are looking forward to buying good art and decorating their place. You could develop your artistic skills in a specific niche and set a price for the art you create. If you can market your business in the right way, you will see clients pouring in to buy your artwork in no time.

You can try some promotional gifts related to your art, such as customized pins, customized stickers etc. In addition to giving them away to customers, you can sell them as merchandise. It’s a great way to diversify and promote your creativity business.

You could also try selling your art on some of the online stores for a better reach to customers. The more you market your art, the chances of getting new customers will be better.

2. Interior Designer

If you have the knack of decorating your house and if you think you could do it at the professional level, you can, might as well try to set up a business in the Interior designing sector. If you have a good network, you can ask people around for your initial clients.

Once your work starts getting noticed, you will get clients quite easily. Your popularity can spread by word of mouth. However, once you set up the business, you can start marketing it on social media platforms to reach out to more and more clients in your locality or nearby. 

The initial business setup cost for an interior designer is quite low, and all you need to spend on is marketing. You need to spend a few bucks in taking good photos of your work to be put up on social media sites so that more and more people are attracted to and opt for your services.

3. Airbrush Artists

Airbrush art is a very innovative form of art, and there are several budding artists in the country at present who are trying to make a mark with their art. You could be one of them. But to stay ahead of the competition, you need to be well aware of the surroundings and be receptive to change. Get a closer look at the market and try to understand what it demands. Curate your artistic forms in such a way that it attracts a maximum number of clients, and you can stay ahead of all competition at all times. 

4. Portrait Photographer

If you are into photography, starting a business as a portrait photographer might be a good idea. As a portrait photographer in the country, there is a huge demand. You can have several clients across the locality. In your initial days of business, if your clients appreciate your work, you can expect to get more work from new clients as your existing clients would recommend your services to people they know. 

For your portrait photography business, you can start by working with clients on family photographs, headshots, photographs for seniors, and also pet photographs. Pet photographs are a very trending thing these days. To start this business, you would require investment in terms of proper space for conducting your photoshoot, just in case and some good camera and camera accessories. You need not approach investors if you can bear the expenses yourself.

5. Wood Worker

Wood’s work requires a lot of patience and perfection. If you can do a decent task in woodwork, the new house owner could be your client if you can build furniture or small sculptures which they can use as a good piece of decoration for their homes. Woodworkers earn quite a lot if they can pitch to the right markets. You can start a workshop for selling your woodwork as a prospective business opportunity.

To start this business, you can do a bit of market research where you check the market requirements and select the perfect location for your workshop so that more and more people can approach you for your services.

6. Art Supply Store Owner

As an artist, your knowledge about art supplies might be quite a lot compared to a general person or someone who is just initiating their journey with art. You can make use of this talent to start an art supply store where everything related to artwork will be available and at reasonable prices. Having an art supply store is a profitable business opportunity. Understand the demands of artists at various stages of their careers and try to keep everything at the store. 

Make your store the one-stop destination for all artists for their supplies. To start this business, you have some initial investment in renting out a place for the store and stocking up the supplies. However, once the ball starts rolling and you start getting clients, you can expect to get good returns on your initial investments.

7. Card Designer

Different occasions require different kinds of invitation cards. There is a market for greetings cards as well. You can design cards, and sell them to customers. You can start an online store and sell your designed card across it. For a better reach to customers, you can even have a set design for cards of different occasions and customize them as per the client requirement and supply them in bulk. 

Making use of your creativity in designing your cards can fetch you good additional income. The setup cost for the card designing business is not too high. You can have a decent amount of business in no time. Try to promote your business via different social media channels.

8. T-Shirt Designer

T-shirt designing is one of the profitable fields of business these days. There is no harm if you do not have affiliation with any popular brands. You could get some t-shirts from the store and design it yourself. You can design t-shirts using the various online platforms available as well. The investment for this kind of business is quite low compared to the returns it generates. 

You can make your designs unique and quirky to attract the right customers. Use social media platforms to build the client base and make sure that your product quality is consistent.

9. Caricature Artist

An artist with a sense of humor? You can use your artistic skills and your good humor together to work on the caricatures of people. You can start your business by offering your services at local events. 

For becoming a caricature artist, you need no investment apart from your art supplies and a good network. Try your skill at private events and local parties initially to build a good clientele.

10. Website Designer

Website designing requires quite a lot of skill with art. You need to be very observant of what your clients need and make sure you can design their websites as per their requirement in the stipulated amount of time. Website designers have a decent amount of business in the present times, given the growth of a good number of new small and big ventures across the country. 

Try to market your services in a proper way to prospective clients and make sure you provide quality work within deadlines.


If art is your passion, you can mold it around in any way to earn an extra amount of money. You can use your interests and channelize it in a direction that you get rewards for your talent in terms of payment from your client. Market research is also very important in these kinds of business Follow your passion for art, and see where it takes you, do not restrict yourself to any one form of art, try different aspects of it.


1. How do I come up with business ideas as an artist?

Conduct research, talk to other artists, evaluate trends and draw from personal experiences to come up with creative business ideas.

2. What types of business could I start as an artist?

Depending on your skills and interests, you might consider creating custom artwork, start a consultation service, teach art classes, design your own clothing line, or start an art-related subscription service.

3. What skills do I need to start an art-related business?

You’ll need strong creative and marketing skills to be successful. You should also be able to manage finances and build effective online presence to engage with customers.

4. Are there any online resources I could use to help me launch my art business?

Yes, there are many online resources available to help you get started with selling art online, such as Shopify, Etsy, or Squarespace.

5. How can I make sure my art business is successful?

Focus on your customer’s needs, optimize your website for search engines, engage on social media and build relationships with your potential customers.

6. Are there any organizations or grants I can apply for to get funding for my business?

Yes, you can apply for grants or organizations for freelance artists such as Creative Capacity Fund, Northern Lights.mn, or the Northwest Area Foundation.

7. What types of challenges will I face if I decide to start an art-related business?

You’ll need to build a brand, create and promote artwork, handle customer relations, track finances, and understand legal and tax considerations.

8. What is the best way to market my art business?

An effective marketing strategy should include engaging buyers via social media, digital ads, email newsletters, and collaborations with influencers.

9. What type of target market should I focus on to make money with my art business?

Identify the target market that best fits with your art’s style and target them through content marketing and social media.

10. Are there any risks associated with starting an art-related business?

Yes, any business associated with the arts carries some financial risk, as well as potential copyright issues. Make sure you are aware of trademark and copyright laws before launching your business.

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