28 Profitable & Small Business Ideas for Single Moms in 2023

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We know how challenging it is for a single Mom to take care of their children and love themselves. Acceptance is a hard thing to achieve, but we know you are strong enough to handle this situation in your life bravely. However, you don’t want to declare yourself as the victim but take control of your life instead. And for that, a full-time or a part-time job is not sufficient. You want to start a business and pursue your passion and seek control of your entire life. 

You can choose amongst a thousand business ideas and opportunities, but you should not be skipping stones often. Pick a good idea that fascinates you and interests you all the time, and work on it constructively. If you face any doubt or concern, seek help. You might feel that you have a kid or kids and have to bear all the responsibilities. But remember that you are a Wonder Woman and can do miracles. If you can be a good single Mom, you can run a business successfully. 

Apart from the regular jobs based on professional qualifications, a single mom can do much more. We have crafted 20 profitable and small business ideas that can be started with low investment. The below ten ideas are effective and doable for the following reasons.

  • Minimum investment required
  • Few businesses can be managed by sitting at home
  • Not much hard work is required
  • Gives good income
  • Is easy to manage
  • Doesn’t requires professional qualification and special skills

So, without wasting another second, let us get to the best small business ideas for single Moms, which we think are the best ones to implement.

Here are 20 business ideas for single moms:-

1. Become a Freelancer

You can become a freelancer while being a full-time Mom and pursuing a job. It is easy to start freelancing, and if you don’t listen to the myths, you can earn a stable income out of it. You can start it with any skill of yours such as teaching, copywriting and content writing, blogging, photography, graphic designing, and so on. The options are endless, and you can capitalize your skill in the best possible manner. 

You can start from the comfort of your home, work with the clients with whom you are comfortable, and work as many hours as you can. You can balance your child’s responsibilities along with freelancing work without any hassle. However, you need to be a little disciplined to provide timely and quality-based delivery of work to the clients. You might start on a small scale, but you can expand the business professionally and take it to a higher level. Freelancing offers great opportunities if you know how to tap clients and maintain the consistency of output.

2. Software and Website Development

 If you have earned certificates in computer languages and know how to develop software or computer website then you can build website and software by sitting at home. The only thing you require is a computer, internet connection and a platform where you can deal with clients and customers.

Upwork, Freelancer, Guru and many more platforms offer such market for software developers who design software and websites for their clients. This is direct contract between a client and you. You can also hire assistant freelancers through the same platform who can help you in developing such software and website. You can earn great returns from the same if your customer gets satisfied with your work and has rated you well.

3. Start your Own Baby Care Center

You too have a baby and you are a single mother alone in your house. Why not start your own baby care center? All it requires is to get a permission from the local authority, have proper space which your home can afford if it has two extra rooms and decent hall, resources for children, a helping staff and some proper management.

You will also be required to advertise about your business in your locality that you are in business. A baby care or day care center basically gives a homely condition to young kids while their parents are at work. You need to be good in dealing with kids, careful and cheerful at the same time. Food, snacks, water, juices, milk are some of the items you will need apart from toys and first aid kits.

4. Fashion Designing or Tailoring

 It requires some decent amount of training and skills to design medium level cloths and tailor them. You can start your business of stitching cloths, designing and tailoring them. You may start with basics like tailoring shirts, trousers, tops, skirts, etc. Advertise well in your locality so that people are aware about your business.

You can charge decent amount from them as your business grows. You can also specialize yourself. Like many tailors deal with men only or female only cloths while some deal with non-wearing cloths like table cloth, curtains, bed sheet, etc. You may also hire an assistant if your need and budget allows.

5. Food and Catering

 Many individuals find it hard to cook food on daily basis especially students and young professionals who are mostly bachelor. It is also not safe and wise to eat junk food on daily basis therefore they require homemade food. You can start a tiffin or catering business where you can supply packed food to your customers on daily basis.

This will include breakfast, lunch and dinner at various time intervals and based on your customer’s ease. Charging at decent rate on weekly or monthly basis you can earn good returns. Plan the menu based on their requirements and make tasty yet healthy food. You are bound to succeed.

6. Selling Art work, Paintings, Show Piece and Souvenir Online

 Go to some of the famous e-commerce website or even Google and search for the above names. You will find plenty of products online ready to be sold. If you are good at arts, designing, painting, making relics and souvenirs then you can start your own business. Make such items that are attractive, qualitative, beautiful, well finished, standard and yet cheap. Many of us purchase such items as a decorative for our home or as gift for our friends. Paintings can be hand paintings or designed through computer graphics like the new 3D paintings. You can research on this topic and can go ahead.

7. Tutoring Kids and E-tutoring

You can tutor students at your home or at a coaching center nearby or can tutor them by making online videos for them. Both are effective ways of earning money. E-tutoring is bit time taking while the traditional tutoring doesn’t requires much effort. You can advertise in your locality about your teaching skills and can ask them to approach you for classes.

You can either take classes at your home making it as coaching class or can go home to home for tuitions. Teachers charge on hourly basis. Rate depends on place, difficulty level of course and the standard of your student. The only skill you need to have is good knowledge over the subject.

8. Start Yoga Classes

Yoga classes have become quite common in United States and nearly everyone is opting yoga as a method of physical and mental training. You need to have a good training of yoga so that you can train others for the same. You may require a decent sized hall with mats to start yoga classes.

If you don’t have space you can go to a public park. Advertise for your classes in your locality and you will get plenty of aspiring yoga students. Charge decent amount from them and you will get good returns every month. You can also add other physical activities apart from yoga as per requirement.

9. Beauty Parlour and Salon

Not everyone can approach well known branded parlors and salons for makeup and touchup. Most of them like to visit decent parlors that are cheap. You can open such beauty parlor and salon with the help of one staff.

You can start this in your home or by renting a shop. Your salon can be unisex, male or female only, you can choose as per requirement. Offer standard service to your customers. You can go through a certification course for the same or can hire a professional to do it for you.

Maintain a standard and charge amount while keeping in mind about the market competition. You will also require a makeover of the space converting it likely to a salon while having all the required machines and tools.

10. Become an Artist

If you had been an artist since your college days but had to quit because of motherhood, you can still seek immense hope. You can become a full-time artist and still be a great Mom. You can create paintings, sell them online or to art houses, or conduct exhibitions. It is a myth that painters do not earn well. If you have the contacts and can really do incredible work, people would love to purchase paintings from you. 

11. Start a Dance Academy

If the beats make you swing and help people dance to the tunes, you can start a dance academy. You can find several people wanting to learn dance from an excellent teacher, but a good one is hard to find. You can start a dance academy from the comfort of your home or teach online. However, you need to know how to promote your class on social media and have more students. It will be better if you are specialized in any dance form and have been practicing it for years. 

12. Start a Cooking Class 

Women love to cook, and being a Mom; you must have learnt how to cook healthy and nutritious dishes for your kids. You can spread your cooking skills and recipes with other Moms and help them make their kids nourished and strong. You can even teach basic cooking skills to boys and girls who want to learn this art but don’t know where to start. You can start a nice blog or a YouTube Channel if you want to add a side hustle to this original idea. 

13. Start a YouTube Channel about Being a Single Mom

 It has been a long while you have been living with the ‘single Mom’ status, and you are doing very well. You are perfect, and several single Moms ask you about your secrets. Well, it is time to pass this torch to others and spread the knowledge and wisdom you earned during this period. You can start a channel on YouTube portraying your daily life as a single Mom, the lessons you learned, the tips that helped you immensely. You can even talk about other things that you are proficient in on your channel, but this is a specialized idea. 

14. Start an at-home Beauty Parlour 

If you are well-versed with beauty parlour services, you can utilize them by starting a small one at home and earning revenue.  You can network with your friends and neighbours for more leads, and as you expand this business, you can lease a larger space and hire staff as well. You might feel that starting a parlour business does not earn money, but it is the opposite. No matter how stifling the competition in your area is, you can always establish a presence in the beauty parlour industry and help women look good. 

15. Start a Home-Bakery Business

Baking is an achievement. And when you bake birthday and anniversary cakes for others and cupcakes for your loved ones, you must have thought of starting a bakery business at home for sure. You can supply cakes to parties and events in your neighbourhood or tie with the local bakeries and include your cake menu in it. If you are really good and people love your baked items, you can start baking classes or think of opening a professional bakery in your area. 

16. Become an App Developer

App development is not a masculine thing; anyone can do it. You can get yourself trained while taking care of your child and becoming an app developer. You can work for different companies and start-ups and help them create apps. You don’t have to be a full-fledged app developer, even if we contribute to a small portion of the app development process, you will still be on track. App development is a critical process, but it is not rocket science; you can always learn and utilize your skills. 

17. Become a Make-up Artist

Weddings, seminars, events, and parties call for make-up artists, and all of them do not have the budget to hire the best make-up studio in the city. Hence, you can come to the scene as a freelance make-up artist and help people look beautiful and get ready for the said event. You can even conduct classes for the same or teach at a studio. If you don’t want to be an independent make-up artist, you can tie up with a renowned studio and accept freelance assignments instead. 

18. Become a Legal Advisor

For all those who swear by the law and have a degree to boast, you can become a legal advisor as you take care of your home single-handedly. You don’t have to set up an office; you can start it online. Depending upon your specialization, you can spread the word of your legal services amongst prospective clients. 

19. Start a Gift Shop

You can start an online or at-home gift shop selling all kinds of gifts and kitchen items for women. You can promote your business easily in your neighbourhood and can seek some regular clients. Try to add exclusive gifts, kitchen and home use items in your shop to attract people. If you provide a quick home delivery service and accept online payments, it will be an added advantage. 

20. Become a Virtual Assistant

One of the popular and best freelancing options, becoming a virtual assistant has already helped thousands of Moms worldwide. You will need to possess a few organizational and other vital skills, and you are good to go. If you are excellent at managing multiple tasks at the same time and can take responsibility for your kid, this business idea is for you. Even if you work for five hours a day, you can seek a lucrative income out of it. 

21. Become a College Prep Consultant

Having experience in certain important tasks such as applying to colleges and managing the related financial aid procedure is an excellent thing. You can utilize this knowledge for students who want to enter colleges without any major difficulties. Yes, become a college prep consultant and help people seek valuable education in life. 

22. Start a Gardening Business

As per guidelines shared by Roseville garden and tree care provider, this outdoor business idea does not let you leave your house for long. You can still work in your garden or backyard and earn money. Yeah, your kid won’t be too far from you, so don’t worry. You can sell plants or offer gardening services to others. You might have to spend time in others’ gardens, but that won’t take too long. 

23. Start Bed and Breakfast Business

Having sufficient space in the house always pays off. You can start a girls’ hostel if there is a college or school nearby. You will have the company of the girls, can take care and cook for them and provide a safe and sweet home away from their homes. This business opportunity has helped several households, hence optimizing the space you have in your house and letting it out. 

24. Become a Course Creator

If you have any skills and want to create full-fledged online courses, you can give it a try. You can connect with other third-party platforms and upload your courses. This is a bit different from online tutoring. Here, you don’t have to be online to teach, but set up courses when you are free and earn income as people sign up for the same. 

25. Become a Business Consultant

Having a profound knowledge of a certain field such as marketing, business development, personal finance, etc. is incredible and will always pay you higher returns. You can offer your valuable services to start-up owners and budding entrepreneurs and help them establish their business presence. Remember that you won’t be providing the full-fledged services but will be guiding them about the same. 

26. Sell Your Art

Like paintings, you can send art pieces that you create passionately. They could be mural art or hand-made bedsheet, and other home décor items. You can sell these online and also through direct marketing methods. If it is your passion, give it a chance and not something to sit idle. 

27. Open an Organic Grocery Store

Organic is something trending these days and will continue in the future. So, you can start an organic store selling beauty products or grocery items, depending upon the availability and your preferences. Ensure that your store is near your house as you can check for the kids as well. If you have store management skills, this will be great for your business. 

We hope these small business ideas for single Moms are worth implementing. Which one did you choose?

28. App Based Home Cleaning and Laundry Business

Hire staff and start small laundry business. Many people find it troublesome to wash their own cloths and iron them. Some find cleaning their home difficult. You can start a business for such people who are plenty in number. A laundry business requires washing machine, washing powder, iron and other such equipment.

Home cleaning service too requires cleaning items, brushes, wiper, etc. You can make a network with housing apartments, newspaper vendors and through ads for the same. You can charge on per cloth basis or hourly basis for your work. Ensure standard and quality work to gain future clients. Home cleaning services has good returns as you will charge on hourly basis.

The above ten business ideas are profitable in nature is executed well at the right place. Many things matter as you start your business. The locality, the requirement and your work. Go through the above ten options to take a call on any of them which you feel you can do and can earn good returns.


1. What are some of the most profitable business ideas for single moms in 2023?

Some of the most profitable business ideas for single moms in 2023 include online tutoring, virtual assistant services, event planning, pet care services, marketing consulting, web design, and home health care services.

2. What types of small businesses are most successful for single moms?

Some of the most successful small businesses for single moms include web design, event planning, pet care services, virtual assistant services, online tutoring, marketing consulting, and home health care services.

3. How can single moms get started with a small business?

Single moms can get started with a small business by researching and evaluating the best business ideas to fit their skills and interests, researching the market and competition, and preparing a business plan.

4. What resources are available to help single moms start a business?

Single moms may be able to access resources to help them start a business, such as grants, loans, business incubators, and accelerators, as well as online courses and tutorials.

5. What are the most profitable online business ideas for single moms?

Some of the most profitable online business ideas for single moms include web design, online tutoring, virtual assistant services, marketing consulting, and affiliate marketing.

6. What type of small business is best for single moms who want to work from home?

Some of the best small businesses for single moms who want to work from home include online tutoring, virtual assistant services, web design, marketing consulting, and home health care services.

7. What type of business can single moms start with minimal startup capital?

Single moms can start some businesses with minimal startup capital, such as virtual assistant services, online tutoring, pet care services, and marketing consulting.

8. What type of business can single moms start without experience?

Single moms can start some businesses without experience, such as pet care services, web design, online tutoring, and virtual assistant services.

9. What is the best way for single moms to market their business?

Single moms can market their businesses through social media, content marketing, email marketing, and by networking with other business owners.

10. What advice would you give to single moms looking to start a business?

My advice to single moms looking to start a business is to focus on their strengths, research the market and competition, create a business plan, and look for resources to help them get started.

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