10 Profitable Business Opportunities in Tourism Industry

tourism business opportunities

As technology continues to progress, travel is becoming more and more accessible to people from all over the world. The tourism industry has expanded, allowing individuals to capitalize on resources available creating streams of revenue where there were once none before. Here are ten profitable business opportunities in the tourism industry.


With the rise of free market hospitality services like AirBnB, the demand for non-traditional lodging has created a streamlined method for landowners to generate additional streams of revenue

For most travelers, having a secure place to sleep is the top and utmost priority when arriving in a new or foreign location. Sometimes a hotel room just won’t due; especially in regards to traveling with families or large parties. Landowners thus have the unique opportunity to offer up short-term leasing on homes, condos, apartments, even tree houses! Property rental can create a reliable stream of income, especially if you live in a city that sees a lot of tourism or have a unique property type to offer to the general public.


Companies like Uber and Lyft function as an excellent alternative to traditional shuttle and taxi systems. Even further, they offer up the opportunity for individuals to make money at their own pace.

When touring a new or unfamiliar region, being able to get around swiftly and comfortably is essential. The rise of ride-sharing benefits not only the general public but also individuals looking to earn additional income. Even further, because ride-sharing is such an interpersonal experience, you can use your knowledge and understanding of your environment to function as a buffer or tour guide, creating an additional stream of income!

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Guided Tours

Who better to help someone get acquainted with and explore and new town or region then someone who has lived there for a substantial amount of time.

Even further, creating a business around the idea of guided tours takes very little capital to do. Those willing to start small can create a website and blog around a central theme like food or art and offer a guided tour around their city visiting central locations based on their chosen niche.

Open For Business

As travel becomes more accessible, the demand for local business has grown exponentially. This has opened the window wide for potential bar gurus, restaurateurs and business owners.

The time has never been better to open a bar, nightclub, restaurant or specialty doughnut shop. The different mixing pot of travelers has created opportunities for individuals from all walks of life with a plethora of different ideas to cash in on the ever-expanding market. Even further, the current push to integrate locality by larger brands and organizations has given an edge to local businesses as foreign and domestic consumers alike seek a more authentic experience in all forms of entertainment, service, and hospitality.

Luggage Delivery Service

Waiting around for luggage or even worse, forgetting a bag is every traveler’s worst nightmare. Luggage delivery services seek to make such problems a thing of the past.

Creating a luggage delivery service can be an inexpensive way to break into the tourism industry and offers several entry points. If you don’t have the capital or investors to start a full-fledged service, you can get in on the ground floor by launching a personal luggage delivery/recovery service. Managing a luggage delivery service usually entails picking up luggage at baggage claim and delivering it to the client, saving them the time and hassle of having to wait around for it or even worse, having to return for a bag the airport delayed.

Smile For The Camera

Social media continues to evolve making it easier for content creators to connect with their target audience. In the case of tourism, this creates a lucrative avenue for income.

The tourism industry is expansive and covers both sides of the spectrum — tourist visiting new areas and locals. Tourism’s duality creates multiple avenues to approach content creation. For instance, if you enjoy traveling, you could produce content centered around your travels. On the other side of the equation, locals can use their familiarity with the regions local hot spots as a means to attract tourist to the area and the content creator themselves.

Eco and Urban Tourism

Guided tours through both lush nature preserve and urban developments have become more and more popular creating another accessible form of income for those looking to making a profit in the tourism industry.

Those looking to profitable business opportunities in the tourism industry can add Eco and urban tourism to this list. This form of travel requires a reasonably low amount of capital to start. Even further, those with a penchant for photography can create an additional stream of income by generating content during tour outings.

Souvenir Shop

The rise of eCommerce has allowed the essence of brick and mortar specialty stores to thrive online.

Those looking to make a profit from home can set an online hub where they resell local specialty items allowing consumers to gain access to things that were once inaccessible. Even further, the diversity of the market (different regions) provides for a range of potential business owners to thrive.

Lost In Translation

Linguist looking to thrive in the tourism industry can leverage their abilities for consistent income in a variety of ways.

There are many opportunities available to those looking to profit in the tourism industry including translation work. A linguist can either place their services on the open market and work as private translators for tourist visiting foreign nations or seek employment with businesses trying to interface with international markets.

Event Organizer

Throwing welcoming parties, private events and mixers geared towards integrating locals with travelers can prove both beneficial socially and financially.

Social media has evolved to allow connections across the globe. It is this very network that a potential entrepreneur can create groups, forums, and content geared to connecting travelers with locals and the promotion of events geared towards familiarizing tourist with the area they’ve traveled too.

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