10 Small Business Ideas for Over 50s

Small Business

Starting a business after 50 need not be blockbusters. It need not be big and impressive. It just needs to fulfill that gap that has probably been inside you for many years. Starting a business is probably the right idea for you if you always want to be your boss, do what you love, help others, and learn something new each day.

Starting a business after 50 could potentially help you to retire early. It will allow you to earn little extra money by doing what you love and strengthening your short and long term finances. If you finally want to tackle your dreams and want to set up the business, read on to see the different small businesses which you can start after 50. Most of these businesses will not require a huge effort in terms of labor.

Business Ideas

1. Financial Advisor

Have you ever met a financial advisor who is 22 years old and supposedly going to give you life’s lessons? Even though the idea is not impossible. A person becomes a pro only with time. So if you have reached your 50’s it is a more credible time for you to become a financial advisor to companies or individuals. If you have lived a life and experienced the swings in the market and if you are thinking about how to retire comfortably, then you can consider a small business idea as a Financial advisor.

If you have done financially well for yourself, if you have earned your bachelor’s degree and love to help people, then this the perfect business idea for over 50s. You as a well-seasoned veteran of life and money should be able to sell yourself well as a financial advisor. Charge reasonably for the services you offer, whether it is for individuals or companies.

2. Angel Investor

If you have worked hard in your career and you have done well for yourself, and if money is not the issue for you there could be many opportunities for you. You may have got more money than you know what to do with.

If you have always loved the idea of helping someone to take their passion main-stream, then no other business idea can be as appealing to you as being an angel investor for early-stage start-up companies. You can give support to start-ups in their initial movements. They will also pay you handsome royalties if it succeeds.

3. Buy and Sell Business

If you have the knack of finding products for well-below market price, then probably it is time to start buying and selling products for profit. You can find products that are lower price than the market on the clearance rack, you grab them off the web as soon as can. The idea of this business is simple, buy the super cheap products from different ways and sell them through a medium where you can earn the profit.

You can sell them online, typically on Amazon, Facebook, or eBay. Many platforms promote buy and sell businesses, typically, you can choose any one of them. You can earn some money from this small idea of business. It does not have any setup or inventory cost whatsoever.

4. Become a Life coach

The world is an interesting one for those that are early in their careers. Young adults are willing to do what it takes to succeed but have no idea of the definition of success. Young adults look sharp and sound shaper, but when it comes to the practical aspects of a situation, a lot of them lack the aptitude. You can help them if they seek your help.

You have climbed the ladder, done the networking, and seen the money, and most importantly, you know what it all means ultimately. Become a life coach to help others to succeed not only in a corporate world but in all areas of life. They will be happy to pay you for helping them get the direction they seek in their lives.

5. Event Planner

If you are highly organized and have experience in planning large events, it might be the time others benefit from your skills. Start a business as an event planner and offer your service for a fee. You can specialize in planning a specific type of event like wedding or company meetings, or you can set yourself up as an event planner of all trades. This business will require you to have networking skills and communication with the people.

If you have networking skills, this will be a good opportunity for you. With the good number of events taking place across the country each day, your business is expected to grow with time. Try to specialize in a particular niche of event, and then move on to the next. Market your business to society in a proper way so that you start getting more and more clients each day.

6. Bed and Breakfast Owner

Do you own a property and wish to earn from it? Bed and Breakfast is a very trending thing at present, and if you can do it right, you can be a millionaire in no time. Real estate has always been an excellent investment, plain and simple. Bed and breakfast aren’t as passive as rentals, if you love interacting with others and serving others, then this can be a fun business idea.

This business will require you to research the correct licensure for your state. Buy a home in a touristy area, serve a decent breakfast, and enjoy interacting with people from all around the world. Consider what guests will be traveling to your area to experience and create packages to coincide with their interest in the locale. Prepare the packages well so that it sounds appealing to all your customers. Fix the charges for your services and ensure that a proper payment channel is set for the ease of access of customers.

7. Food Truck Owner

If you always wanted to own a restaurant but not quite ready to take the plunge, then you can check your concepts with a food truck. You can get familiar with food and restaurant licensing in your state. Before opening or investing in the food truck business, see what people like and don’t like in the location. You will need to spend on hiring a chef for your food truck. Make sure you maintain hygiene in your food and service.

8. Graphic Designer

Many companies are looking for experienced graphic designers. Website design to blog graphics and all manner of projects, freelance graphic designers are in demand right now. Set your hours and choose your projects, and build a portfolio and business. It can be one of the most lucrative business ideas if you have thorough knowledge and experience in the field. You can charge high according to your service and can become a successful freelance graphic designer.

Freelancers are in demand these days, and you can be one of them to make it big in the market with your exceptional graphic designing skills.

9. Consulting

Consulting is the best business idea for over 50s. There are some advantages of being older – with age comes wisdom. If you are an expert in your field, help other companies benefit from your wisdom and your years of experience.

If you think your expertise is still valuable, then there are plenty of consulting opportunities for various fields. You can become a consultant for more unique fields, like home office design, organization, and even color consulting. If you are good at marketing yourself as a consultant, you can charge the going rate and make your business more profitable.

A lot of companies hire consultants to reduce their in-house tasks. You could be one of them. Pitch yourself in the right way to the right people and see where your consulting skills take you.

10. Clothing Boutique Owner

If you always had a dream of building your fashion empire, then you can consider the business idea of starting a local boutique. Create a buzz with impressive window displays and heavy community involvement. With the help of good marketing, you can expand your business and see it grow in no time.

Create an inspiring social media account like start a page on Facebook and Instagram for your boutique. It will allow you to have access to online customers and engaged with the audience to understand what their requirements are. It, in turn, will help you understand your product requirement better so that you can deliver better products to your clients each day.


Always remember when a door closes, another one opens up. If you are 50 and about to retire, there is no need to worry. Three are hundreds of opportunities available for you to start a business. It is time for you to be your boss and work for yourself and not others. See what you are good, and see where you are going and how much investment you can afford and accordingly select the niche of business you would like to invest in.


1. What are the best business ideas for over 50s?

Consider starting a consulting business, investing in rental properties, starting a career coaching business, becoming an online seller, offering freelance services, starting a blog, launching an e-commerce store, or offering virtual assistant services.

2. Is it too late in life to start a new business?

Absolutely not! The internet has opened up a world of possibilities that allow anyone, of any age, to start a business and succeed.

3. What kind of business would be suitable for over 50s?

There are many types of businesses that are suitable for those over 50. These include consulting, writing, digital marketing, virtual assistance, web design, accounting, e-commerce, or becoming an Airbnb host.

4. What are the benefits of starting a business at this stage in life?

Starting a business for those over 50 has many advantages such as greater financial security, increased self-confidence, and potentially creating a legacy for your family.

5. How can I manage the financial risks of running a business?

It is important to start slow and be flexible with your approach. Make sure to research the market and create a robust budget that will reflect the expenses associated with running your business.

6. Can I take on staff or outsource certain tasks?

Yes, outsourcing certain tasks to trusted freelancers or staff members is a great way to save time and money, while allowing you to focus on the aspects of the business that are more important to you.

7. How do I stay competitive in today’s market?

Keeping up with current trends is key. Read up on industry news, join networking events, and keep a watchful eye on your competitors. Also, be sure to take advantage of social media and other digital marketing techniques to drive traffic and generate leads.

8. How do I make sure my business is profitable?

Making sure your business is profitable depends on several things, such as having a clear understanding of the market, pricing your products and services appropriately, and providing excellent customer service.

9. What should I do to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations?

It is important to do your research and understand the rules and regulations governing businesses in your industry, as well as the local laws in your area.

10. Where can I find more resources or guidance on starting a business as an over 50?

There are many great resources and websites devoted to helping those over 50 launch and grow their businesses. These include forums, blogs, and advice from experienced entrepreneurs.

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