13 Creative Ways To Market Your Business Using Coasters

Any marketing message aims to reach target audiences when they’re most receptive. But this isn’t always the case. For instance, most people skip or tune out of internet ads or TV ads. So, how can you grab your audience’s attention and get them interested in your marketing message? 

A great marketing strategy usually comes from out-of-the-box ideas, like using coasters as a marketing tool to promote your brand. Coasters provide an effective solution because they capture people’s attention. Custom coasters are used in spaces where people relax and maintain high spirits; custom coasters offer a fun way to expand your company’s exposure, establish trust, and attract new customers. People tend to look at them during idle moments. They also glance at them every time they put their glasses down. 

By using coasters as marketing material, you send custom messages to your target audience by handing them out at local trade shows, events, or to local bars, businesses, and restaurants. Customizing coasters allows you to run a marketing campaign that makes your brand highly visible. 

There are many ways to market your business using coasters, and here are 13 ways that you can consider: 

1. Use Coasters to Gather Feedback  

The other creative way to market your business is to use personalised drink coasters stickeroo to get feedback from customers or encourage them to leave reviews on their experience with your company. Designing such coasters will give people something to do as they wait for their orders or friends in relaxed environments. This allows you to get instant customer feedback that can benefit the company positively by fueling its growth. 

2. Gift Loyal Customers With Custom Coasters 

Customers love gifts. When you have loyal ones, you can keep them hooked to your business by gifting them branded items to encourage them to continue buying from you. There are many gift items that you can give loyal customers.  

However, branded coasters can be a great and cost-effective way to appreciate them and make them feel that they are part of your business’s success. With such gifts, your customers will carry your marketing message to people in their circles that you would not have reached.  

3. Design Coasters That Stand Out 

A creative way to market your business using coasters is to design them in a way that causes them to appear distinctively different from other marketing materials in the room. With most spaces like coffee tables and desktops having at least one coaster, you should look for ways that your coasters can capture your audience’s attention at a glance.  

Your coaster should have an attention-grabbing design for a potential client to pick your coaster instead of any other. You can do this by giving your coaster design more thought, by going for a bold design and excellent print quality that represents your brand and sets it apart from the competition.  

4. Distribute Coasters At Your Workplace 

The other creative way to market your business using coasters is to start by distributing them in your workplace. Branded office supplies are a crucial part of your business culture. As your employees use them to advance that culture, they can boost your brand awareness through their network of friends and family members. Consider creating custom coasters and placing them in the office for people in your company to use or see them.  

Alternatively, give each team member some coasters to use in their homes and other spaces outside the office. Allow them to carry as many as they wish for their families and friends. By doing so, your marketing message reaches a broader audience. 

5. Give Custom Coasters During Business Events  

Business events like conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, and other networking meetings give business owners and employees a unique opportunity to market their products or services to new audiences.  

If you get a chance to participate in such events, consider handing out branded coasters to anyone who visits your stand. Give coasters to any service providers present at the event, including caterers, photographers, and media representatives. The more people get your coasters, the more your brand awareness increases. 

Another opportunity to hand out your coasters is during community events. Customers want to buy from businesses that are highly active in their communities. Consider supporting community events with branded merchandise like coasters. This way, you can place your brand right before potential buyers. 

6. Make Your Coasters Interactive 

Making coasters that give your audience something to do as they wait is a creative way to market your business. While it’s great to include your logo, images, and taglines on a coaster, making them interactive is an excellent idea to grab your customers’ attention, keeping them engaged as they wait for their drinks or meals.  

For instance, printing trivia questions on coasters can be a great way to initiate conversations between people and simultaneously market your brand. Another way to make coasters interactive is to include links to family games, interactive quizzes, or apps that customers can pull up on their smartphones.  

Alternatively, you can invite people to engage in a contest. For instance, consider asking them to tag your company on social media or post a photo to win a prize. You can also include a coupon code on coasters and encourage people to take a picture of it and save some cash later. Adding interactive aspects to your coasters allows you to generate leads, increase your social media following, and boost customer engagement.  

7. Always Make Your Brand Visible 

The other creative thing you can do to market your business using coasters is to ensure your brand is always visible. In a restaurant setup, coffee and tea addicts will place their mugs on the main section of your coaster, covering a large area of your message. To keep your brand visible, ensure your company logo or name gets printed on the outer edges of your coaster. Doing so ensures your brand is constantly visible to people, even those that pop in for a short time. 

8. Add A Strong Call-to-Action To Your Coasters 

You can market your business better using coasters by including a strong call-to-action on them. Call-to-action phrases or words like ‘browse our product range’ or ‘talk to a representative on this number’ can boost your brand’s exposure. Furthermore, it can generate more traffic for your website and encourage more people to buy or take your services.  

9. Use Coasters A Social Media Freebies 

Branded coasters can make great freebies as giveaways to people who participate in social media contests. For instance, you can ask your followers to join by liking your posts and tagging their friends. After that, you’ll select a winner by using an online picker tool. You can market your business by giving coasters as winner giveaways. 

10. Mail Coasters To Potential Customers  

You can market your business to prospective customers by sending them coasters directly. Coasters are flat and lightweight. This feature makes them ideal for low-cost mailing. Use them in your direct marketing campaign by slipping them into envelopes and sending them to potential customers as gifts.  

Well-designed customer coasters can capture the attention of new customers and even convince them to switch to your products or services.   

11. Use Coasters As Business Cards 

Instead of printing many business cards, consider marketing your business by designing coasters to serve as business cards. When coasters double up as business cards, they can positively impact your audience by showcasing your product or service offerings while giving them the information they need to contact you. Moreover, using coasters as a creative alternative to businesses can provide your company with an edge over your competitors.  

12. Leave Customers With Something Useful 

In most instances, companies engage customers in person but rarely leave them with an item they could use or remind them about their brand. Coasters can help fill this gap. Each home can use coasters on their tables to keep them from getting damaged. Giving your customers branded coasters will constantly remind them of your brand every time they use them.  

13. Convey Congratulatory Messages With Coasters 

Do you know a client celebrating an anniversary or has achieved a goal like buying a new home, completing a course of their choice, or repaying a mortgage? Use coasters to convey your congratulatory message to them. Remember that sending personalized messages to your clients builds rapport and shows how much you care about their accomplishments. Besides making them special, you’re also getting your brand visible in their homes.  

Final Thoughts 

The more people know your brand, the more they trust it and make favorable purchase decisions. While there are numerous ways to place your marketing message before potential buyers, few do it the way coasters do. Custom coasters are great subtle marketing tools that any business can use to market its product or service offerings to potential and existing customers.  

Well-designed coasters can capture people’s attention and boost brand awareness without intruding on your customer’s privacy. You can create versatile pieces to reach broad audiences at minimal costs. Pick a few creative methods from the list mentioned above to maximize your marketing efforts if you plan to market your business using coasters.


1. What are coasters used for marketing a business?

Coasters can be used for marketing a business by having them customized with the business’ logo or message printed on them, which can be used in restaurants and bars to promote the business to customers.

2. Is it expensive to use coasters for marketing?

Using coasters for marketing can be relatively inexpensive depending on the quantity and the printing company you choose.

3. What are the advantages of using coasters for marketing?

The advantages of using coasters for marketing include creating brand awareness, providing potential customers with a tangible item to remind them of the business and its products or services, and encouraging customers to share them with friends and family.

4. Where can I find custom coasters for marketing?

Custom coasters can be bought from promotional product stores or online websites such as Smartpress, Printify, and OXO Packaging.

5. Are there any limitations with the use of coasters for marketing?

Yes, the size of the coaster and the type of image or logo used can be limited depending on the printing company.

6. Are there any other ways to market my business using coasters?

In addition to printing coasters with your logo or message, you can also use them to host promotional events or giveaways on social media, such as offering discounts or free drinks with the purchase of a coaster.

7. Are there any way to make my coasters standout?

Yes, you can make your coasters standout by choosing bright, vibrant colors, bold fonts, and eye-catching graphics.

8. How often should I change the design of my coasters?

Depending on the promotion and how much publicity the business is looking to achieve, it is advisable to change the design of the coasters from time to time.

9. Is it worth investing in customized coasters for my business?

Investing in customized coasters for your business can be worthwhile as they help in creating brand awareness and can also act as a reminder for customers of your business and its products or services.

10. Can I use coasters with my marketing messages in multiple locations?

Yes,You can use coasters with your marketing messages in multiple locations, depending on the number of custom coasters you have printed.

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