20 Great Mobile App Ideas That Haven’t Been Made Yet in 2024

new app ideas that does not exist but need to exist

Don’t miss out on the next big wave of innovation! These “Mobile App Ideas That Haven’t Been Made Yet” present a golden opportunity for forward-thinking developers and entrepreneurs. If you’re seeking to make a mark in the app industry, now’s the chance to leverage these fresh, untapped concepts. Dive in, harness these ideas, and be the pioneer in bringing them to life! Your success story could just be a click away. Dive in now!

Here are ten outlandish mobile app ideas that, to my knowledge, haven’t been created yet:

  1. Cloud Gazing App: Snap a picture of the sky, and this app will come up with imaginative stories about the shapes of the clouds.
  2. Sock Pair Finder: Upload pictures of all your single socks, and the app will try to connect you with users who might have its pair.
  3. Mood-Based Wallpaper Changer: This app would change your phone’s wallpaper based on your current mood, detected through your selfie camera.
  4. Dance-Off Challenge: Start a live dance-off with random people around the world. Spectators can join and vote in real-time.
  5. Dream Interpreter Voice Recorder: Record what you remember from your dreams and the app creates a wild, often inaccurate, visual interpretation of it.
  6. Virtual Food Fight: Have virtual food fights with your contacts, splatting them with digital tomatoes, pies, and more.
  7. Plant Karaoke: Sing to your plants and get feedback on how your plant “felt” about your performance.
  8. Invisible Art Gallery: An AR (augmented reality) app where you showcase your “invisible” art pieces. Visitors can “pretend” to see them and even give them ratings.
  9. Haunted Phone App: Makes your phone act “haunted” for a set period of time to play pranks on friends. Random calls, weird noises, ghostly apparitions on camera, and so on.
  10. Elevator Music Selector: Plays different elevator music depending on how long you’ll be inside. Rate tracks and discover the world of elevator music.

Remember, while these ideas are whimsical and meant to entertain, sometimes the most offbeat concepts can lead to genuine innovation!

Mobile Applications or simply apps are applications made for certain purpose that can be installed in the smartphone for the usage of customers. With the rise in demand and requirements, in recent years we have seen applications for different purposes like communication through video call, texting through application, camera with special effects and filters, news apps, game apps, etc.

But despite having 3.5 million apps on Google Play Store and 2.8 million apps on IOS App Store there are many more apps that still need to come. Here are 20 such app ideas that don’t exist and need to be made right now:-

20 best new app ideas that are yet not made: 

1. An App that take Picture of a person and then lists the details of the cloths and accessories that he or she is wearing:

Suppose you are walking on the road and you find a gentleman who is wearing a shoes that you find attractive. You can click the picture of that shoes and then the app will analyse the shoes and its details and will show the price and online store where you can buy it.

2. An App that can help you in share phone battery power:

Suppose you have a low power left in your mobile and you need to work on it for urgent case then using such app you can utilise the power of someone’s else phone for your work given he should also have the same app installed.

3. An App that deletes your number from someone else’s phone:

Imagine if someone who you never wanted has got your phone number. What if with just a click you erase the number from his phone? That would be real fun. What one can also extend is that you can blanket delete your number from all the existing contact lists in mobile phones.

4. An App that finds people who want to talk to a particular issue at that Particular time:

Suppose you are finding it hard to express about your urge for a particular fantasy to your known ones. Use the app and mention on what topic you want to talk and the app will give you the contact of other person who at that particular time wants to talk about the exact same topic with someone else. This type of app have not been made yet and needs to be made.

5. An App that wakes you up at late night when you traveling in a public transport and the transport is running late:

Suppose you are traveling in a train that is already running late and you don’t know when exactly will it reach to your destination and your arrival at the destination is in midnight. An app that can wake you up in the night while you are sleeping would be the best thing.

6. An App that can calculate the calories and ingredients in a food through Scanning:

Suppose you went to a wedding where there are varieties of food which you may not be familiar with. An app that can calculate the calories in it along with nutrients would be best. It would also be good if it mentions all the ingredients mixed in the food.

7. An App that books your tickets for transport and hotel stay if you want to travel to a certain place within a limited budget:

If you are a busy person who has everyday traveling job then an app will do wonder for you that can automatically book all the tickets necessary for traveling in real-time. It should also book hotels and taxi if required based on the budget you have.

8. An App that can find the real-time location of people in your contact list:

An app where people can mutually allow each other to trace them when needed using GPS location can work wonders. Suppose you want to know where your friend is right now then you can use the app to locate him using his network and GPS location.

9. An App using which you can do various things:

IOT has the potential to make it happen where using an app you can do various things without being actually present there. Suppose you get back to home at 7PM and you want your dinner prepared at that time then using the app you can select menu and can prepare food using machines.

10. An App that can suggest what apparel will look perfect on you:

Given the complex body design, shape and color one finds it hard to find apparels that fits and looks perfect on them. An app that can help them in knowing what dress, apparel and accessory looks perfect on them will be of great use.

11. An app that could suggest the appropriate book or article about the topic:

Suppose you are thinking about Vladimir Putin then after entering his name on the app you will get all the relevant books related to Vladimir Putin. You can also make it more advanced when you would like to know certain things about him.

12. An App that tracks and tell you what you were doing at that particular day and at that time:

How great it would be when you can know what you were doing at 11 AM on January 11, 1999. Using the app you may also know what exactly you did, where you went and with whom you met.

13. An App that has universal database of everyone you have met in your life and can help you in knowing where they are and what they are doing:

In 2005 you met a girl in your neighborhood but couldn’t establish a permanent relationship or contact with her but after 13 years you want to know about here wellbeing and where she is. An app of that kind would be a gem of its own.

14. An App that can narrate a Story based on your likes or the topics you like:

Enjoying a story of your choice is always awesome. Imagine an app that narrates you story exactly what you like to listen based on your likes and preferences. You can suggest similar stories and topics which after processing it can narrate to you.

15. An App that can give advice regarding your health:

Suppose you are feeling restless and your mind is occupied with lots of unnecessary stuff. An app that can give you advices to cure such issues will be the best. Like how can I cure my ache on my spinal muscle? How can I increase my testosterone level? How can I improve my stamina? And many such questions that concern with healthcare.

16. An App that solves mathematical and numerical problems:

Problem in solving a mathematical equation? Just scan the question using this app and the app will solve it for you in a minute. Though there is Google and many more such portals for educative purpose but solving questions step by step with explanation is still a distant dream. An app that can help you will numerical would be quite good for students.

17. An App that gives you exact direction inside a Mall:

Malls that are big in size always make it difficult for one to locate the exact shop they want to go. An app that can exactly locate the shop you want using your queries would be the best thing to happen for a person who is frequent to malls.

18. An App that works as a real-time assistant:

Suppose you have lost your passport at your hotel and you don’t know what to do at the moment. The app will help you in providing solutions like informing the authority and police. Applying instantly for another passport, locating you to the passport help center, connecting you with the office, etc. Such apps work wonder for solving real time issues.

19. An App that is your critic:

Though many of us don’t like to be reminded of our mistakes but an app that tracks you all day and at the end of the day it gives you a summary report where it mentions what you did all day and what things you did right and wrong. It will help you in highlighting your mistakes and giving the right suggestions.

20. An App that is also your partner:

The busy life has pushed people into loneliness. There are many things that can’t be said to your loved ones. Feeling romantic and what to have some romantic chat? An app that can talk to you in your language in the mood you want and can do all the talk making you feel that you are talking with someone real. You may also get the option to set your partner with some exact ways of talking.

The above 20 apps are the ones that are very much in need but has not been in use yet. If anyone who feel ambitious to give a try can help many of us.


1. What exciting mobile app ideas for 2023 can we expect?

With technology advancing so rapidly, there are bound to be exciting new app ideas in 2023. Some of these may include augmented reality apps, 360-degree camera apps, location-based social networking apps, digital health and wellness apps, among many others.

2. What kind of practical applications are expected to be seen by 2023?

Practical applications for mobile users are expected to continue to grow in the coming years. This may include apps that help people to manage their finances or find new job opportunities, apps that make it easier to locate family doctors, or even apps that provide virtual assistance with everyday activities.

3. What types of mobile gaming apps can we look forward to in 2023?

Mobile gaming in 2023 is expected to take a huge leap forward with the introduction of more advanced augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) options. These immersive gaming experiences are going to change what it means to play video games, while still maintaining the same level of fun and excitement.

4. How will mobile payments be affected in 2023?

Mobile payments are expected to become even more widely accepted and popular for both online and in-person transactions in the coming years. Technology such as Sensor-Net, or NFC, is likely to be the norm for securely transmitting payments, while at the same time allowing users to take advantage of various rewards programs and promotions.

5. What advancements in mobile security can be expected in 2023?

In 2023, users of mobile phone devices are likely to see improved security measures that help to protect their information from cyber-attacks, data leaks, and other malicious activities. Advanced encryption technology and biometric authentication measures (fingerprints, facial recognition, etc.) are some of the measures that can be expected.

6. What kind of mobile education apps can we expect by 2023?

In 2023, mobile education apps are expected to become more intuitive, accessible, and interactive. These apps may include virtual classrooms that allow students to connect and collaborate, gamified learning to help make the learning process engaging and fun, and adaptive learning technology to ensure that students are understanding lessons and engaging with topics.

7. How will mobile travel and transport apps evolve by 2023?

Mobile travel and transport apps in 2023 are expected to become even more personalized and efficient. This may include apps that can quickly book flights, secure transportation from airports to hotels, and recommend the best local spots to visit. These apps should be able to coordinate all of the details for users in order to make the most of their trips.

8. What opportunities will be available for developers in the mobile app space in 2023?

Developers in 2023 are likely to experience a number of opportunities for success in the mobile app space. This may include the development of apps that make use of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, as well as apps that incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI). The potential associated with these technologies is only limited by imagination.

9. How will technology related to 5G be implemented in mobile apps by 2023?

Mobile apps in 2023 will continue to leverage the 5G network in order to offer faster speeds, better connectivity, and more reliable data access. This will allow users to access better quality streaming services, as well as interact with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences in a more smooth and immersive manner.

10. How can businesses leverage mobile apps to improve customer engagement in 2023?

Businesses in 2023 are expected to make use of mobile apps to interact and engage with customers more effectively. This may include utilizing bot technology to provide quick and helpful customer service, developing personalized experiences to tailor the user experience, or incorporating loyalty programs and incentives to reward customers for their repeat purchases.

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