20 Successful Students Business Ideas For College Towns in 2023

college towns business ideas

Businesses today have lot of opportunities to explore and exploring the right business for yourself is the key to success. A successful business has a huge dependency on the area where it is executed and how it is implemented. If you are a college student or you live in a town full of colleges and universities then this article is for you.

Here we will talk about some best business ideas which can be implemented in towns where the number of colleges are high.

1. Customized T-shirt Printing

Every odd is a fashion and youth loves fashion. That is why the customized T-shirts businesses are becoming so popular in college towns. You can start a business in this line as well. you need to have the skills and the materials ready in hand to have a T-shirt printing business. The investments are low but the profit margins are very high as you can sell a T-shirt at any price based on your marketing skills. Many college students by custom printed t-shirts during college events or some other occasion.

2. 3D Selfie Printing

Selfies have taken a center stage in the past and it is more of an obsession among the youth. This has laid the platform for 3D selfie printing business. It requires some initial investment but the returns are really good depending on the objects where the selfies need to be imprinted. It is a good business option as it is new in the market and business has only one rule: Start early. This business has taken exponential interests from college goers.

3. App Based Laundry Service

Laundry service is always in demand by the college students and this opens up the scope in this area. It is a good business idea where the investment is very less but the profit percentage is good. All you need is to have the minimum essential things required for the service which requires very less capital. You can also have mobile app where students can place their order for the service and then your business is all set to roll.

4. Dorm Room Cleaning

Cleanliness is next to godliness as the saying goes like and it is very true. Health and hygiene are an important aspect in the college hostels and dorms and therefore this business is profitable. Also, it does not require much investment except the purchase of basic equipment such as brooms, floor cleaners, mops etc. You can hire a cleaning staff and send them as per their requirement to clean the dorms. You can earn a healthy income in the form of commission. It is important to maintain a good rapport for your business to keep growing.

5. Fast Food Corner

Food, food and food is something which every youth likes and owning a fast food corner is bound to garner the attention of college going mass. Then why think again, just prepare list of menu and you are set to rock. There is definitely some investment in this business but as we all are aware that the food business yields a minimum of 50-60% profit. Distribute leaflets in the colleges to make more and more people aware about your food junction.

6. Tea/Coffee Shop

Tea and coffee are one of the favorite beverages of the students, therefore owning a small shop in college town can give you good returns. You can start with a small tea shop with biscuits and cakes and as your business grows you can convert your shop to a decent size cafe and serve good snacks with tea/coffee.

7. Fitness Center

Everyone these days are health conscious and staying fit is the order of the day. Therefore, fitness centers are in high demand. You will definitely need a set up for this which includes infrastructure, basic equipment for the gym and an instructor for sure. However, once the money is invested you will get good returns. The important part of this business is the marketing to get more people join your gym. It is one of the most successful business ideas for college towns.

8. Mobile Phone Accessories Shop

The most common thing that everyone uses these days are the mobile phones and hence to have a business in mobile phone accessories can be a profitable one. Mobile accessories consist of back cover, ear phones, phone chains etc. The investment is less and profits are marginal.

9. Vending Machine

A vending machine business has gained momentum in college towns in the recent years. Right from tea/coffee to dry snacks all are available in the vending machine and is considered an easy option for the students. It requires some capital initially to install the vending machines in the colleges but once done regular food and drink supplies can make your business a real profitable one. However, the only thing to be kept in mind is that vending machines require maintenance from time to time.

10. Gifts & Accessories Business

Gifts and accessories are favorite for all especially the girls. They like to celebrate each and every event with a gift or use a small accessory such as earrings, decorative items, make up kits etc. Therefore, starting such a business in the college towns can be of great benefit. The returns are huge. The primary focus should be on the demand and the quality of products delivered.

11. Hair and Beauty Salon

No business can run better than a hair and beauty salon for both the genders in college towns. Students love to spend their money lavishly to look good and this is why this business is one of the growing and popular business in college towns. An initial set up and infrastructure with basic equipment is required and then you can earn as much as you want. The quality of your service must be excellent to run the business successfully.

12. School and College Supplies

This is another happening business in this field. Schools and college supplies are always in demand throughout the year and hence this is a profitable business. You can supply as small as stationeries to as big as furniture depending on your capacity and this will definitely generate a handsome revenue.

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13. Furniture Rental Business

College going students are always in search of furniture rental shops as they temporarily need study table, bed etc for their daily use. Therefore, establishing a furniture rental business in the college towns can give you high income. Based on the demands, you can rent out furniture to the students on a monthly or yearly basis and charge them the prices you like. It requires initial investment but the amount spent can be easily covered up in a year’s time.

14. PG Accommodation

This is a highly profitable business for college towns as the income from this business is really high. Even if you do not own an apartment you can start as a broker and these days brokers are paid one month’s rent by the students. Therefore, you can earn very high and maybe someday you can have your own apartment as well. the hygiene and basic facilities should be good enough for students to get attracted towards the PG accommodation.

15. Internet Cafe

Internet café or parlors are the order of the day and the returns in this business is significantly high. Student love to browse and use social media. Therefore, owning an internet café is really beneficial. The charges are on an hourly basis and you can earn really high if the internet speed and browsing speed is high.

16. Gaming Parlour

Gaming is another division which college going students are crazy about and they spend long hours in the gaming parlor. The rates are high but you will get lot of customers if the games are good. You can also attach a vending machine for students to munch over some snacks and have some soft drink option. You must trust your instinct that this business is going to give you unlimited profit.

17. Tailoring Service

Tailoring is a good business and the first and foremost requirement in this field is the knowledge and skills of stitching clothes. You can earn a decent income by starting a tailoring business. You can hire some expertise tailors and the most important thing is the deliverable time. People prefer such tailors who can deliver on time and love to place more orders with them.

18. School/College Merchandise Store

School college merchandise store are always in demand and they are like everyday need. It may include uniforms, shoes, stationary items, playing objects etc and hence this a regular business where the demand is always high and hence the returns are high too.

19. Snacks & Juice Parlour

There is no better place to chit chat than a snacks and juice parlor. Chit chat with friends while sipping over juice or having snacks can be a great moment for the students as well as for your business. Moreover the investment in these business is very less whereas the income is high. You can also mix and match some juices and create new flavors which students love to try. If the quality of food and juice is up to the mark then your center is bound to flourish.

20. Event Management

Event management is another progressive business and it can also yield returns throughout the year if your agency or you are really good at it. Almost all the colleges have excursion and study trips and taking them to different cities is a big task. Therefore, colleges opt for skilled professionals who can manage the team and make the tour really interesting. The amount paid for such services is really high and is directly dependent on the number of students participating. You need to establish a good rapport and this business will definitely here to stay. Many college students take part in an event during the vacation.


1. What kinds of business ideas are most successful for students?

Successful student business ideas include creating an online tutoring service, offering virtual assistant services, freelance writing, web and app design, online courses, and more.

2. How do I start a successful business as a student?

To start a successful business as a student, focus on a need in the marketplace, research what’s already out there, develop a business plan and connect with other entrepreneurs and businesses in related fields.

3. How much money can I make with a student business?

The amount of money you can make with a student business depends on the type of business you’re operating, your target demographics, and the time, effort, and money you are willing to invest in the business.

4. What type of business can I start as a college student?

As a college student, you can start a wide variety of businesses from tutoring, freelancing, web and app design, virtual assistant services and more.

5. What types of businesses can students run from home?

Students can run a variety of businesses from home, such as virtual assistant services, freelance writing, web and app design, creating an online tutoring service, and much more.

6. What is the best business for college students?

The best business for college students is one that capitalizes on their skills and interests. Consider starting an online tutoring service, offering virtual assistant services, freelance writing, web and app design, and creating online courses.

7. How can I start an online business as a student?

To start an online business as a student, first choose a business model that fits your skills and interests. Then, create a business plan, research your competitors, set up the necessary technologies, and begin marketing the business.

8. Are there any part-time business ideas for college students?

Yes, there are many part-time business ideas for college students, including offering virtual assistant services, freelance writing, web and app design, online tutoring, and much more.

9. What is the best way to promote a student business?

The best way to promote a student business is to create a website and use social media, blogging, email marketing, and other digital and traditional marketing strategies to reach your target audience.

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