4 Best Plagiarism Checkers For College Students

Tired of the old approach of searching each sentence on Google? Hoping that you might find a whiff of duplicity in your content and remove it to be sure of its originality. Gone are the days when students, or writers of any kind, had to go through a troublesome process like this.

However, that doesn’t mean plagiarism isn’t happening as we speak. In a study by experts, a good 40% admitted that they plagiarize content during assignments. This increases the headaches for students and educators alike.

This is one of the reasons educators promote using plagiarism checkers today, as they can help you detect any plagiarism in your content. Moreover, they can help you do so seamlessly. So, let’s dive in and find out how. 

How Does A Plagiarism Checker Work? 

A plagiarism checker has various elements working in the background. However, on the foreground, you only insert your content as it begins checking for plagiarism in your text. So, how exactly does it execute such a task? Here are three pillars to help you understand:

  • AI & NLP 

AI or artificial intelligence is the central ingredient of any plagiarism checker today. This is the key element, which reads and analyzes your content for any duplicity.

How does it do that? With the help of NLP (natural language processing), which reads your content, converts it for the machine, and then the program checks for plagiarism. This article on Digital Spotlight explains how AI-based content detection technology uses NLP to analyze and interpret written content, enabling it to check for plagiarism and ensure the originality of the text.

  • Own Databases

How does a plagiarism checker know where to look for plagiarism? In their own databases. Considering students need to check plagiarism on not only internet, but also in books, texts and manuscripts of other kinds. Therefore, a plagiarism checker tends to have vast databases for this very reason. 

  • Internet Searches

Internet is the vastest database available today. While this feature of any plagiarism checker is ideal for professional or SEO writers, Students also benefit from it. How is that? Because searching the internet allows the plagiarism checker to look for duplicity in content available online, such as research papers. 

4 Best Plagiarism Checkers For College Students In 2022

Checking plagiarism is a straightforward process. However, this process requires the help of a reliable plagiarism checker. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of four incredible plagiarism checkers for students today. So, let’s get started: 

1. PrePostSEO’s Plagiarism Checker


PrePostSEO’s Plagiarism Checker is one of the most popular tools among writers today. That’s why it’s number one on this list. The tool offers a curiously easy UI with a simple plagiarism-checking process. 

It offers a variety of options, such as:

  • Upload from Google or One Drive
  • Exclude specific quotes and target keywords
  • Exclude URLs
  • Up to 1000 words at a time and 5000 words on free sign-up

These essential factors make this one of the best tools available for students today. Moreover, you can find the source of plagiarism with the help of this particular tool, as it provides you the chance to compare your content with the original source. 

2. EditPad’s Plagiarism Checker


EditPad’s plagiarism checker is yet another easy-to-use tool on this list. It offers you a simple dashboard with only the necessary options on it. 

The simple UI is one of the leading reasons this tool has become a favorite for students since it doesn’t take a lot of time to detect duplicity. The key offers include:

  • 1000-word checks
  • Content upload
  • Up to 13 languages
  • Plagiarism percentage

All these factors add up to make this plagiarism checker one of the best options available for college students today.

3. Grammarly – Paid Plagiarism Checker 

If you have enough money and can spare $12 a month, then Grammarly should be on your consideration list as well. This great assistant for writers isn’t only known for its grammar-correcting abilities; it’s also a viable plagiarism detector. 


Alongside Grammarly’s credibility, all that makes this one of the best plagiarism checkers available today. Moreover, it’s also the quickest because of its lightweight nature. The key features include:

  • Browser extensions
  • MS Word Extension
  • Unlimited word count check

4. Plagium – Deep Search Plagiarism Checker 

Plagium is a great tool, despite of its 1000-character only approach. It’s an easy tool that any student or writer can use today. However, the greatest feature of this tool is its ability to search in two modes:

As you can see, the quick search allows you to find duplicity in your content quickly. While the “Deep Search” option will scour through the internet to find duplicate content in various databases besides search engines. 

How Checking Plagiarism With These Tools Can Benefit Students 

The benefit of using a plagiarism checker should be apparent by now. However, for the convenience of writers, here are three significant benefits of using a plagiarism checker to detect and remove duplicity: 

  1. Churn Out Duplicate Content

Finding duplicate content manually can be a troublesome experience. As mentioned before, nobody wants to go on Google and look for content by searching it word –after-word. That’s when a plagiarism checker is particularly handy, as it can detect duplicate content easily.

  1. Locate Original Content Source

Finding the source of plagiarism is yet another problem. Many plagiarism checkers will show you that your content is plagiarized. 

However, only a few like the four mentioned above can help you find the original source. Why is this important? So you can rewrite your content accordingly and cite them as the primary source. 

  1. Cite The Source

Citation is one of the significant elements that avoids plagiarism effectively. This is why it’s important to find the source and cite it in the content. This way, you accredit the original author while keeping your own credibility alive as a writer and student. 


These are the benefits of the four best tools you can use today. As a student, it’s your responsibility to ensure plagiarism-free content. Therefore, employ these four tools and remove plagiarism with their aid. 


1. What is a Plagiarism Checker?

A plagiarism checker is a software tool that searches through existing sources to detect any potential instances of plagiarism in a given document.

2. How do Plagiarism Checkers Work?

Plagiarism checkers use algorithms to compare the text of a document with online sources to detect any potential similarities.

3. Why Should College Students Use Plagiarism Checkers?

College students should use plagiarism checkers to ensure their work is unique and original, as plagiarism is not tolerated by most educational institutions.

4. Are Plagiarism Checkers Accurate?

Most modern plagiarism checkers are highly accurate and can detect even subtle similarities between documents.

5. Are Plagiarism Checkers Free to Use?

Many plagiarism checkers offer free versions that allow users to check a limited number of documents.

6. What Type of Documents Can Plagiarism Checkers Analyze?

Plagiarism checkers can analyze virtually any type of document, from written papers to blog posts, websites, and more.

7. Are Plagiarism Checkers Easy to Use?

Most plagiarism checkers are designed for ease of use, with intuitive interfaces and straightforward tools to help users get the job done quickly.

8. Is Plagiarism Checker Software Legal to Use?

Plagiarism checker software is perfectly legal to use, as it does not actually copy any content.

9. Are Plagiarism Checkers Useful for Writers?

Plagiarism checkers are not only useful for students, but for writers as well, as they can help ensure that their work is original and unique.

10. Do Plagiarism Checkers Flag All Instances of Plagiarism?

Plagiarism checkers can detect many, but not all instances of plagiarism. Therefore, it is important to also use manual searches to check for potential plagiarism.

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