10 Best Business Ideas That You Can Start Under 5 Lakhs Investment

businesses under 5 lakhs investment

Business is one thing in today’s world which if implemented properly can earn you lot of profits. The most important aspect of any business is the business idea and the capital investment. Although many people come up with different ideas but they usually lack the capital. This the primary reason where they fail to establish a successful business.

Moreover, business gives you the sole authority to operate rather than executing someone else’s orders. If you want to start a business under 5 lakhs investment then you have come to right place. Today, I will share some profitable business ideas under 5 lakhs investment which you can start now.

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Some profitable 5 Lakhs investment businesses for 2022:-

1. Sell online

Select a niche in which you will be selling products, say mobile phone accessories. Find products like phone case, charger, cover, bluetooth cable, etc and list your product on your website. Then register your business and get GST number and create your store on Amazon. You can sell to a very larger audience in Amazon.

You can import accessories of mobile, car or even jewelry and sell them. These days online marketing is a common platform for trading and you can put all your stuffs there.

If the products are cheap and good, more and more customers will be interested to buy the stuffs. This in turn will generate huge income and the profit margins will be high with less capital investment. You can create your own online store on major e-commerce websites like Amazon, eBay and Flipkart.

Cost of business registration is 35000/- Including GST number.

Total investment in initial product stock is 1 lakh.

Total investment to start online business will come under 2 lakhs.

2. Pest Control Business

We usually find most of the houses infested with pests such as cockroaches, bed bugs and other insects which can be a complete mess. Moreover, pests are threat to the farms and gardens as they destroy the fruits and vegetables.

Therefore, people look around for pest control services and hence this business can be a good option with less investment. You need to invest primarily on the resources and the chemical sprays to eradicate pests and then earn a substantial income from your business. For this business, you potential customers could be restaurants, bars, housing society, etc.

Total investment is under 2 lakhs.

3. Printing Business

Printing business is a lucrative one for anyone as a startup. There is a lot of demand in this business as printing of cards, newspaper etc is required almost every day.

Along with printing, you can also check out options such as flex printing and even Xerox. They will give you good returns on the investment. Right from invitation cards to business cards, everything can be printed and sold. The charges per card is also high and based on the quantity, you can earn significant profits.

You need a proper shop to start this business. You can rent out a small shop in your locality for less than 10k a month.

4. Clothing Store

Clothes are a basic necessity of life and clothing stores are in high demand. Clothing materials to readymade clothes, everything finds its place in the customer list. Therefore, opening a cloth store is not a very big affair and you can do it in just 5 lakhs investment in India.

With some few lakhs of investment, you can open the store and keep clothes according to the market sentiments. It is even more profitable if your store has clothing for all gender of population including kids.

5. Wedding Equipment Rental

This business can earn you lot of profits especially during the wedding season. You need to have all the wedding equipment and can rent them out to different parties. Usually the wedding equipment consists of chairs, tables, decorative lamps and lights, cloth for decoration, bamboos, wire etc.

These materials can be brought cheap and rented to the customers at a higher price. Moreover, these are one-time investment and are reusable. Therefore, it yields high returns on the investment.

6. Disposal Cups and Plates Manufacturing

Disposal cups and plates are required in almost all the functions, whether it is a wedding, birthday party, corporate events etc. Hence, this business is a good option and has become a lucrative one.

It requires some capital to purchase the raw materials, set up the machineries and also for manpower but once set it is likely to generate a good profit. It depends on the customer availability and the quality of the products. These days both paper and plastic cups and plates are in high demand. In 5 lakhs investment, you can start with one machine.

7. Import Export

Import Export is definitely a profitable and lucrative business. It can be started from exporting for food materials to wooden work based on one’s choice. However, it includes some legal obligations as well which needs to be taken care of along with custom charges.

Therefore, based on your business it requires some initial capital investment. The quality of product that you buy or sell is an important factor here as it helps to keep your business running.

8. Food and Restaurant

There cannot be a better business in India than a restaurant business. With the diverse population and their choice of food, it is important that your restaurant satisfies the customer’s taste palette. You can start this business at a small place or buy and decorate a restaurant to attract customers based on the capital availability.

Once the initial investments are made and you get customers, your business is all set to roar and generate huge profits.

9. Food Truck

Food truck is a new concept introduced in India from the west. Ideally it is a vehicle where you can cook and sell the food. It appeals to the senses and people like to buy food from the food trucks. They have a wide variety of options and include both Indian and Western food which is why it is easy to grab the customer’s attention.

You definitely need to invest in the vehicle, raw materials and also the manpower but the profits are always huge in the food business.

10. Departmental Stores

Departmental stores are one place where you can find multiple things. You can get as small a thing as newspapers to as big as branded foods, daily use stuffs, grocery etc. Hence these stores are becoming popular day by day.

Owning a departmental store can cost you some serious bucks but the return on investment is good and is a long term investment. Initially, you can also give some offers and discount to grab customers and then your business is ready to sail.

Apart from all these ideas, you can also invest your money in SIP, mutual funds and other options like binary options investment to get good returns. Make sure you read all the terms and conditions before investing.


1. What are the best business ideas that I can start for under 5 Lakhs Investment?

The best business ideas you can start for under 5 Lakhs Investment include home-based catering, mobile repair and service, web design and development, mobile food delivery, mobile car washing, computer repair and service, mobile salon, cake business, second-hand book store, and virtual assistant.

2. What are the most profitable business opportunities under 5 Lakhs investment?

The most profitable business opportunities under 5 Lakhs investment include mobile repair and service, web design and development, mobile food delivery, mobile car washing, computer repair and service, home-based catering, mobile salon, cake business, second-hand book store, and virtual assistant.

3. How do I start a business with an initial investment of 5 Lakhs?

To start a business with an initial investment of 5 Lakhs, you can consider investing part of the money in some crucial resources such as branding, marketing, employees, and other forms of advertising. It is also important to create a business plan and to research the market you plan to enter.

4. What is the best business to start with 5 Lakhs in India?

The best business to start with 5 Lakhs in India will depend on many factors such as the time availability, skillset, and interests of the entrepreneur. Some of the business ideas include home-based catering, mobile repair and service, web design and development, mobile food delivery, mobile car washing, computer repair and service, mobile salon, cake business, second-hand book store, and virtual assistant.

5. What are the legal requirements for starting a business with 5 Lakhs investment?

The legal requirements for starting a business with 5 Lakhs investment will vary depending on the type of business. Generally, the entrepreneur must register the business with the local government, acquire the necessary licenses or permits, and comply with any applicable tax or labor laws.

6. How can I maximize my profit potential with 5 Lakhs investment?

You can maximize your profit potential with 5 Lakhs investment by focusing on customer service, creating a good business model, utilizing effective marketing strategies, building a reliable supply chain, and expanding your customer base. Also, it is important to conduct market research in order to better understand the needs of the target audience.

7. What are the most common risks involved with a business under a 5 Lakhs Investment?

The most common risks involved with a business under a 5 Lakhs Investment include financial risks, regulatory risks, market risks, operational risks, reputational risks, and legal risks. A thorough risk assessment should be conducted before starting the business in order to identify and plan appropriately for any potential risks.

8. How can I accomplish my business goals with a 5 Lakhs Investment?

To accomplish your business goals with a 5 Lakhs Investment, you must have a clear plan and strategy. Additionally, you should focus on building a customer base, creating a valuable product or service that solves a customer need, cultivating relationships with partners and vendors, creating and maintaining an organized financial system, and continuously analyzing data

9. What are the most important things to consider when launching a business under 5 Lakhs Investment?

When launching a business under 5 Lakhs Investment, the most important things to consider are the potential returns of the business, identifying the customer needs and target market, formulating a detailed business plan, determining the legal structure, creating a budget and financial projections, and securing the necessary finances.

10. What tips would you give someone looking to start a business under 5 Lakhs Investment?

Some tips that may help someone looking to start a business under 5 Lakhs Investment include identifying the customer need, researching the desired market, keeping accurate financial records, leveraging existing resources, and managing time and money efficiently. Additionally, it is important to have an effective marketing strategy, create and maintain strong customer relationships, and manage a strong team.

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