5 ‘Work-from-Home’ Business Ideas You Can Start This Month

Work from home culture is here to stay: we have the technology, the infrastructure, and the desire to work in the comfort of our homes (wearing our PJ’s and using our own gig). Working from home, we are more productive and we can have a much better work-life balance. Gone are the days of the painful commute: the traffic jams, the bike rides in the rain, the public transportation bursting with people, etc. That, the low startup costs, and being your own boss  has convinced a lot of people to switch over.

We are eating better, sleeping better, having better connections with our families and communities. Working from home is just amazing. At some point, we will all consider working from home. But if you don’t have a work-from-home job, what can you do? You can start your own ecommerce business, that’s what you can do! A lot of people are doing it, and it is the signal that we are changing the way we do business in general.

Instead of the internet being dominated by the giant business out there, it’s slowly being spread out to the regular folk at home, doing what they already know and connecting with customers directly. But let’s say you want to work from home, but can’t decide on what to do. Or don’t even know what you can do. If you are in this difficult spot right now, keep reading for our countdown list of 5 suggestions of online businesses you could start this month.

  1. 5) Content Creation

Think of all of the things you do online. Watching tutorial videos, listening to podcasts, reading incredibly amazing blog posts. All of those were made by people just like yourself, sometimes from their phones. This can be an excellent hobby for many people, but also a great ecommerce business idea. It’s not easy, but it’s a lot of fun.

You create content that people want to read, listen or watch, then you monetize it. This idea is great, because you can use it with all of the other business ideas on this list. You can start a YouTube channel about something you really love, and sell products there that are relevant to what the viewers are interested in. You could start a blog and answer people’s questions online, while having affiliate marketing links there. You can start a podcast and talk with people for a living.

The best part is that, when you are successful enough in your content creation business, people will reach out to you and offer to sponsor you in exchange for product reviews, brand appearances and this sort of thing.

  1. 4) Selling Arts, Crafts, and Designs Online

If you have an artistic inclination, or have confidence in your graphic design skills, then this may be the option for you. There are many platforms now that you can go to find different designs and artistic pieces made from independent sellers (you). The biggest one right now is called Etsy, and a lot of artists and graphic designers are already selling their creations over there. 

Selling designs on Amazon is also a huge thing, where you create this unique design to go on t-shirts or mugs, and sell those. Amazon will find the t-shirts, mugs, etc., fulfill the order and all you need to have is a good design that will attract buyers.

  1. 3) Online Tutoring and Online Courses

This is a good one if your first language is not English, or is a natural English speaker. Also good if you are great with math, chemistry, biology, history, philosophy, cooking, and so on. Anything people want to learn that you already mastered is something you can teach people online and make money. If it’s something that requires practice (such as English conversation classes), you can connect directly with students, or you can do it using an online language learning platform.

If you don’t need to be there chatting with the student directly, you can sell courses online. It’s much like content creation, but people will pay for the knowledge, and you don’t have to monetize it. Think of those skills you have that people could benefit from, and teach them!

  1. 2) Freelancing Online

That is, offering your services directly to customers. If you are a graphic designer for example, people will pay you to help their own business with marketing materials, logo creation and so on. If you have a second language that you mastered, you can offer translation services. The possibilities are endless, all you need is to offer a service that people want to purchase. You can start on your own, building a website and starting from scratch, but you can also start on many of the freelancing platforms out there, the biggest ones being Fiverr and UpWork. You are your own boss, and you do what you love.

  1. 1) Start a Dropshipping Online Store

This can potentially be the most profitable ecommerce business idea on this list, if done right. You don’t need to already have a store to start an online store. You can start one from scratch online, never even see the products or your customers. You don’t have to store the merchandise in your basement, or ship the products yourself.

Dropshipping works by connecting wholesalers to end customers, and being the business in between, for a profit. This is truly the work from home, ecommerce business model: it will be your full time job and you will be successful in your work from home career. It’s not even that difficult: it doesn’t require you to have special knowledge or artistic inclination. You can start this month and have a full online business managed from home by starting a dropshipping store.

But it does require that you do it right from the get-go. For that, there’s the Store Coach to guide you step by step, with their fantastic course on starting your online store. The other ideas are good, but this one is great. It’s for everyone, from anywhere.

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