21 Small Office Decorating Ideas on a Budget

The environment is as much of an influencer as much your company is! People with a great group of companions, but a dull, dreary, and dark ambiance are going to feel tired, stressed, and depressed.

About 75 percent of sensory impression gets registered via our sense of sight. Therefore; color schemes of the office spaces impact us greatly. Not only that, it’s the organization, the ambiance, the comfort, the attractiveness, and the company you have that matters.

How can you decorate or revive the workplace to the next level under a budget? It’s challenging but it’s fun. You have to grab the attention of your employees through the office environment. The daily motivation they need should be provided through the office space and surroundings. It should be aesthetically pleasing as well as uniquely decorated to keep the employees interested. It should offer a stress-free environment due to the amazing color schemes of the office.

Even if the business is of small scale and the budget is low, you have to invest in the décor. To achieve this impossible yet simple task of reviving the work environment, here are 6 amazing tips to make the most out of the space on a budget:

It could be your WFH home or proper office space; you need to make it inspiring and maintained to let you work peacefully and productively. If you are not good at keeping spaces clean and decorated, this article will help you as we will discuss a few décor ideas for your small office. You can transform the dull, tedious look of your office and make it fun and motivating enough. 

We know you don’t want to spend a ton on decorating your small office space. So, we have tried our best to incorporate budget-friendly and DIY ideas that are easy to implement and can turn out to be exciting for your space. So, let us begin. 

21 budget friendly small office decorating ideas:-

1. Create an Inspiration Wall

People commonly refer to it as the gallery wall and have photos and pictures of the things they love and keep them motivated all the time. You can choose a wall just above your desk and convert it into an inspiration wall. For example, hang frames of the quotes that inspire you and make you work in the office. Or you can hang on pictures of your loved ones to remind you that they care for you. 

If you are a fan-cum-follower of the Law of Attraction or any other concept, you can create a vision board of your yearly goals and mission and let it inspire you all the time you work at the office. 

2. Use Graphics to Cover the Office Walls

White, boring-looking walls do not turn you on and remind you of the emptiness in life. Instead, use graphics to cover the walls and let the space look vibrant. You can buy those stick-on wallpapers or paint by yourself or call an artist to do so. You can choose one wall to be the accent wall and have graphics on it. If you want to make it more budget-friendly, you can use an online design tool to create the graphics and get them printed on adhesive paper. 

3. Buy Paintings

Paintings always lift up the mood and intrigue the visitors coming down to your visit. If you are into paintings and would like to admire artists’ intense work, you can buy paintings from them and hang them on your office wall. Even one painting can do the job; you don’t have to fill all the walls with the paintings. If you are a painter, you can do some office DIY stuff yourself. However, ensure that the painting aligns with the workspace theme. You shouldn’t be hanging a violent art piece in your office space; it should give you positive vibes. 

4. Decorated Mason Jars for Organising Stationery Items

A budget-friendly decoration idea is to use the old, unused mason jars to keep your pens and other stationery items organized. You can do this in your free time with some paint, a few colourful ribbons, and other items. You can keep fresh flowers or store pens and pencils to collect them easily. It doesn’t look cheap at all; mason jars always give the look of luxury. 

5. Always have a Fairy Light – It is a Must

Fairy lights are impressive and illuminating and transform the overall space appearance. You can install fairy lights in your place if you want to make it look amazing. Fairy lights are budget-friendly and do not occupy much space. All you need is a good electric connection and nothing else. It doesn’t have to be a festive season; you can have fairy lights and keep them on to lighten up your mood in the evening. 

6. Add a Statement Chair in Your Office

We are not talking about the office chair on which you will be seated. It needs to be sturdy and be as per the office ergonomics. But if you add an elegant-looking chair in the corner of your office space, it will transform the overall look. It doesn’t have to be too expensive; it just needs to be your type. Yeah, the one that steals your heart in the first place should be positioned in your office corner for light reading or intense thinking. You can click a picture once in a while, and it will turn your office space into a productive sanctuary. 

7. Incorporate a Vintage Item in your Office

Maybe, there is an old trunk lying around at your home, and you just want to get rid of it. Instead of discarding it completely, you can repurpose it into a file organizing cabinet or a one-sitter. Vintage items look great even in modern theme-based offices, so don’t worry about the look. Your office won’t look like a money-generating space and will look lively and vibrant. Spray-paint it, and it will look all new. 

8. Set up your Home Office in the Attic

Attics are the best places to set up an office space. It is because they are quiet and cosy and let you work calmly. It could be a zoom meeting or a thoughtful brainstorming session. You can do it without any interference. You will need only a few office equipment, a table and chair, and a lamp. Place a rug on the attic floor and some green plants at the window. It will lighten up your space if you think it is a bit dingy. 

9. Utilise your Corner Effectively

Choosing the right space for your space is a hassle. You need to choose a space without any distractions and let you concentrate better. Corners are the best, particularly if they are near the window. You can welcome the light and not be affected by the internal noises in your house. So, pick up a corner and make it office space. 

10. Make it Personalised

Décor items purchased online or from the world’s most popular store could be expensive, and we don’t think it necessary. Instead, you can pick up the items in your house with which you share a personal connection. It could be your favourite green plant or the souvenir you picked up from the trip to Europe. Or it could be a gift from your loved ones. The more personalized you make, the more you will feel connected with the office work and space. 

11. Keep it Minimal

A graphic wall, a gallery wall, a dozen green plants and loads of organizing items, and desk décor – all these look good in a magazine window, but while working, it boggles your mind. So, go minimalistic and choose only those items that spark joy and serve a meaning and a purpose. If you are confused or tempted to keep maximum items, try clearing your mind first. If something doesn’t inspire you, it should be kept aside. 

12. Place an Exercise Ball

As we said, the things in your office space should serve a purpose. If you want to move around and not get stifled in the office chair for long, you can use an exercise ball. You will thank yourself for taking this big step. Hey, but just don’t keep it, also use it properly. 

13. Clean it Up

A budget-friendly decoration idea will be as simple as cleaning your office space. Even a simple stain can make the space look boring and unhygienic. So, allocate some time of your day to clean it up and organize the things. We bet your office will look incredible with this simple idea. 

14. Lighten it Up

Use lights properly. We are not talking about fairy lights here. We are just trying to stress on the lights. Even placing lights properly can make the space look bright and lively. Moreover, it is excellent for your eyes. 

15. Paint the Office Space

Dull walls are a no-no if you want to be motivated and productive all the time. So, paint them and choose a good colour that goes with the office furniture. You can DIY the entire painting process, no worries. But you should love the paint colours and ensure that they are of good quality. 

We hope the above decoration ideas will prove valuable for your small office space. 

16. Reconsider Lighting at the Office

Lighting, whether natural or artificial, adds life to the workplace. The better the lighting, the less stress will the employers have to put on their eyes while working on the computers. This, in turn, leads to a less stressful environment and long hours of work without feeling tired.

Lighting is an important aspect of a well-designed workplace. Natural lighting is the best to lit up the environment. Artificial light, on the other hand, can be a little distracting when they start reflecting on computer screens in an annoying way. Moreover, artificial lights cannot replace the refreshing effect natural light brings to your room.

For night times, high-quality lights should be installed in the offices, even in the most hidden corners, to light up space.

17. Choose the Right Color Scheme

To make the best choice, you have to learn the color psychology and how it impacts human mind in various ways. However, don’t make it a colorful Disney world due to random color choices, rather make it look elegant and professional by sticking to one color scheme—most probably with the one that your brand denotes.

Moreover, a definite color scheme will give your office a professional outlook. It will not affect the psychological impact the client’s minds in a bad way. Moreover, the sharpness of color choices should not be distracting or affecting the work ethics.

Using light colors such as neutrals and whites add space to the rooms. They feel larger, subdued, non-distracting, and airy. You can use dark colors on furniture, accents, etc.

Choose warm toned colors that stimulate creativity and productivity of the employees. Choose cool tones, especially the pastels, to add sobriety to the office environment. You can paint the whole office in one color or use different shades of a single color to add variety to the office spaces.

You can also pick complementary colors, that is, dominating or overpowering color tones and contrasting tones to subdue the effect of the first one.

You can design relaxing workplaces by using blues and greens in a lighter shade. It can be a room where everyone has his/her lunch or any other room where employees socialize during the break.

18. Ensure Proper Ventilation of the Office

Any airy and properly ventilated environment keeps the employees fresh and up for the work. Moreover, it regulates the air pressure around the area. It helps in cross-ventilation to keep the bad office odors at bay. We all know how distracting a bad odor can be!

Our sense of smile is also connected with our mood swings. The more refreshing the environment is, the better moods the employees have.  

Moreover, each corner of the office should have enough windows to keep the environment properly ventilated. If there are no windows in a specific space, install a ventilation system to regulate the air in the environment. An airy space keeps the mind healthy, active and fresh during long hours of work.

Do you remember your art classes that were taken in fresh air during school? Office work is no different, the creativity and alertness only come from a comfortable and well-managed environment.

19. Select Comfortable and Minimalistic Furniture

As the budget is tight and the workplace is small, go minimalistic. The lesser the space office furniture consumes, the more airy and spacious it looks. Moreover, minimalistic is the new fashion now!

People try to put as less furniture as possible to keep the spaces open and less crowded. The more the clutter, the greater the stress it creates.

Find slim and sleek furniture that consumes less space. Prepare a list of the furniture you really require, and only buy that instead of revising the whole furniture of the office.

Keep the comfort of the employees in mind. If the chairs aren’t comfortable in the entire office, you can consider changing them. Comfortable chairs are imperative for productivity and optimum work performance as well. While a good chair isn’t something you want to penny-pinching on, you can always look for office chairs online – just make sure they are comfortable and go well with your furniture.

20. Decoration the Office on a Budget

Display your office theme through artistry and ornaments to make it appealing for the employees and for you too. Artistic work environment boosts the creativity of the employees and doesn’t let them feel bored due to plain surrounding walls.

Bring in some indoor plants as they are not too expensive and yet give a natural touch to the artificial environment. Choose plants that require less maintenance and you may give the duty of caring for the plants to enthusiastic employees.

Why? Isn’t it their job? Give it to people who are self-motivated. Moreover, caring for plants helps us forget our worries, reduce the stress level, and be more sympathetic towards others.

Add framed wall-hangings and motivational quotes all around the office space. Give freedom to the employees to decorate their workspace in their own individual way.

Storing bundles of files and paperwork requires lots of storage. Invest in a good number of cabinets, drawers, shelves, and other related storage items to manage the office clutter in an organized manner. The more organized the paperwork is, the easier it is to find the files and the lesser is the stress of misplacing them anytime. Moreover, they provide a more professional look to the office space.

21. Add Lots of Storage Space

Storing bundles of files and paperwork requires lots of storage. Invest in a good number of cabinets, drawers, shelves, and other related storage items to manage the office clutter in an organized manner. The more organized the paperwork is, the easier it is to find the files and the lesser is the stress of misplacing them anytime. Moreover, they provide a more professional look to the office space.

You can invest in office furniture for each employee that has a good personal storage space for each employee. Minimalistic furniture comes with such options to offer enough hidden storage space to users. It will ease in a quick access to important things they require.  

Moreover, the supplies such as printers, scanners, etc should be centrally located to ease the access of every employee.

Final Verdict:

Ensure that the office space is well-organized and free of any kind of clutter. The seating space of the employees should not be too congested. Moreover, the meeting rooms should be free from noise and pollution to avoid distractions. Besides that, your office space will be renovated in a tremendous way simply by following the above mentioned budget-friendly office décor tips.


1. What are some affordable ways to decorate a small office?

You can use wall decals, mirrors, and floating shelves to add visual interest to a small office. Use bright colors, such as yellow or green, to make the space appear larger. You can also use art prints and photos to add personal touches.

2. How do I maximize space in a small office?

Choose furniture that is multifunctional, such as a desk with drawers or a couch that can also be used as a bed. Utilize vertical space by installing shelves on the walls and using wall organizers to store items. Additionally, you can use furniture with built-in storage, such as ottomans and file cabinets.

3. What are some cost-effective ways to decorate a small office?

You can use items from around the house, such as throw pillows and blankets, to add personality to the office. If you have a tight budget, you can also shop for home decor items at thrift stores or online. Another cost-effective option is to repurpose old furniture or find second-hand items.

4. How do I make a small office look bigger?

You can use mirrors and white or light colors to make a small office look bigger. Installing sheer curtains on the windows will also help to open up the space. Additionally, you can use furniture that is low to the ground and arrange it in a way that maximizes the floor space.

5. What kind of lighting is best for a small office?

Natural light is best for a small office, so you should try to position your desk near a window. You can also use LED lighting or task lighting to brighten up the space. Installing wall sconces or floor lamps will also help to make the room feel larger.

6. Are there any DIY small office decorating ideas?

Yes, there are plenty of DIY small office decorating ideas. You can create a gallery wall with framed artwork, repurpose old furniture, or make your own artwork. You can also use fabric and paint to create a custom bulletin board or wall mural.

7. What colors should I use in a small office?

You should use light colors such as white, beige, and pale blue to make a small office look bigger. However, you can also use bright colors such as yellow and green to create an eye-catching look. You should also mix and match different textures and patterns to add depth and interest.

8. What type of furniture is best for a small office?

You should choose furniture that is low to the ground and has built-in storage, such as ottomans and filing cabinets. You can also use multipurpose furniture, such as a couch that can also be used as a bed or a desk with drawers. Additionally, you can use wall organizers and floating shelves to maximize the space.

9. What are some affordable accessories for a small office?

You can use lamps, rugs, throw pillows, and blankets to add color and texture to the office. You can also find affordable art prints and wall decals to decorate the walls. Additionally, you can use plants to add a natural touch to the space.

10. Are there any tips for decorating a small office on a budget?

Yes, there are several tips for decorating a small office on a budget. You should focus on maximizing the space and using furniture that is multifunctional.

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