Money Making New & Innovative Agriculture Business Ideas Available Today

innovative agriculture business

Agriculture, an everlasting business in the universe has always got new trends setting up in its sector. Human basic needs can be categorised into two, the need for food and the need for shelter. Thus, this sector of agriculture will never lose its importance as long as humans exist. The growing nature of health conscious in human minds have greatly changed the game of food industry. Packed and preserved foods have now lost their place in food race. Health conscious has influenced the use of organic food in a really optimistic way. Having this, the business part of agriculture mainly focuses on production of agricultural products ensuring the natural aspect of the produced items. We have crafted new, innovative and money making agriculture businesses available today.

Below listed are 10 most profitable agriculture business ideas for a profitable outcome, from the point of business.

1. Vertical Farming

Vertical farming is one of the fast-growing innovative businesses in agriculture. It is basically a practice of growth of plants in a vertically ordered manner. This method of growing plants has an advantage of reducing the place required for farming. Any environment with proper lighting would be an ideal place to grow plants in this method. The plants here are grown in a vertical way by stacking each in rows and columns. The use of soil is highly reduced in this type of modernised farming. For investing in this type of farming primary importance should be given to natural and artificial lighting (LED). The investor attains profitable growth in this type of farming due to less place consumption and higher production.

2. Seed Business

Business in agriculture not only focuses on planting and harvesting. It also includes the business that takes place by selling seeds to different users. This can be clearly explained when we take the number of websites selling seeds online. Seeds are not just for farmers, but also for people who consider gardening as an integral part of their lives. There are also organisations like ALL THAT GROWS who have their main business as selling seeds. This would surely be a profit hit, if handled properly and served better.

The needs and wants of the public should be clearly analysed for any company to realise its objectives. Thus, for a person to invest in this particular field, market for different kinds of seeds should be known. The seeds sold should vary for each user. Farmers should be provided with seeds which can be grown only in large fields, whereas gardening seeds should have their target market as common people who do gardening.

3. Woody ornamental plants

From normal ornamental plants, a shift has been made to woody ornamental plants in today’s era. Woody ornamental plants are a part of almost every decorative item made. This has keenly got the interest of all the ornamental plant growers to enhance their sales. It says, about one acre of land can generate $56,000 by growing woody willow stems. Among the ornamental plants, this type has got its scope in wide areas interests.

These plants can be sold to people who are interested in crafts, interior designers and other users who make the optimum use of these wonderful decorative plants. Survey says, ornamental plants have reached unimaginable demand in the last few years due to the need for luxurious life and change in lifestyle. Any businessmen could confidently invest in ornamental plants if there is a possibility of producing unique and classy ones. Profit margin of these plants are also said to be high in case of business run in highly developed areas. Internet selling will also be a good idea for the promotion of these plants, since people always look for the best online.

4. Organic Farming

As already mentioned, organic products do pull the attraction from people of different parts of the world. Organic food not only stays beneficial to the buyers, but also to the farmers by reducing their cost of production. This can be explained by the split up made. The use of chemicals and other artificial fertilizers in eliminated in case of organic farming. This basically allows the farmer to spend lesser amounts on natural manures and fertilizers.

The soil used for farming is usually restored or realtered for the next crop in case of normal farming. This issue is handled wisely by organic farming by not spoiling the soil with chemicals. Above all this, the business starts here. Demand stimulates sales or profits of any business and it works well in organic farming. The demand has increased to heights and thus production needs are also high. This will increase the scope of organic farming.

5. Christmas Tree Farming

Seasonal sales are considered as a period of maximum income in business. Christmas tress are also one among them. It is said that Christmas trees are known for maximum profits, but only after a minimum of eighth years. One acre of land can accommodate 1500 Christmas trees and the selling price of each will be $74, which is actually a very high amount. On seeing the maintenance cost, the amount used for this type of farming is considerably less.

Thus, high profits can be made by investing in Christmas trees. The demand for this should be clearly understood and then invested. Countries like India mostly don’t have the potential market for Christmas trees since they use the artificial ones. But European countries and other countries having natural Christmas trees as a tradition, will be a right choice to invest in.

6. Oyster Mushroom Farming

Ideas on growing mushrooms as a business might be made easy when one chooses to grow Oyster mushrooms. These mushrooms are of high demand nowadays and can greatly impact the investment in a positive way. Business point of view of growing mushroom directly implies huge profits in less time. It hardy takes six months to realise profits from investment made in mushrooms. Approximately, five hundred square foot of area can amount to an income of $60,00 a year.

7. Raising Earthworms

Apart from plant oriented farming, raising earthworms are also one among the successful money giving businesses. Raising earthworms will be a unique business which could profitably manage the market since there are few competitors. These worms can be sold for fishing purposes where they are used as bait. Recent changes in lifestyle and the shift toward a greenery world, has got one other use for earthworms. It is sold to social sectors for the purpose of ecological well-being by soil rebuild.

8. Ostrich Farming

As a changing point in meat business, ostrich meat has been extremely involved in capturing the market. The diet part of the meat has made it more important to fitness freaks. The target market will be people who are health conscious. The price of ostrich meat and eggs are comparatively high since it’s a rare meat in the market. The major requirements would be excess land and gallons of water. The income varies according to each country and available resources.

9. Rabbit Farming

Business with small area can be possible if it is Rabbit farming. Rabbit farming is considered as micro-livestock farming. On growing rabbits, it is easy for any business to operate without loss. This is because the need for rabbit meat is increasing day by day. The setup costs would range from $100 for a small area.

Profits are higher than expected because, the cost involved in maintenance is very less. Feeding the rabbits is also an added point in this farming because, they eat cabbage, carrots and other easily available vegetables.

10. Herb Farming

Herb farming is one of the best ideas when it comes to additional income from small business. This business will definitely be a game changer in the requirement of place for farming. Very less place is required to grow herbs even in large quantities. Financially speaking, herb farming requires investment under $300. Profits from these investments will approximately be double the investment.



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