How to Start a Beauty Parlour – Business Plan Sample

beauty parlour business plan

A beauty parlour is profitable business. Lot of customers be it men or women are using beauty services. It is a booming business and attracts customers of most age groups. From adolescent girls to women of all sections, beauty parlours and salons are a hit and widely used. They are comprehensive in the sense that they comprise too many factors that complement and aid in beauty or natural treatment.

There are certain important factors one should keep in mind before starting a beauty parlour, they are:

Make a business plan

Business plan is very important and you must not neglect this very first step. You should include few important points in business plan such as available funds. monthly rentals, products, target customer, ROI, etc.

Get a license to start a beauty parlour or centre. The standards of health, cleanliness, safety, security are widely monitored under licenses regarded as essential to the business. Maintaining quality standards is pivotal to client upholding and reassurement.

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Select proper location

Location of the enterprise, the surrounding areas, overall local mentality of the place one aspires to set shop in. This is due to factors like environment, cultural or social methodology and overall stability. You should look for places with good foot traffic. Make sure that you are providing good parking space for two wheeler and four wheeler, if you lack parking space then setting businesses in such places would not give any form of success.

Make pricing chart and packages

One should aim to have specific, sorted list of services. There is no point in being unsre of ones product. Here in this case, creating a syndrome of available services could be better. For example- In a haircut, one should be specific as to what varieties one offers and how. A list of services with updated prices and what it entails. The various types in it have to be mentioned to give customers a clear idea as well as for self clarity.

Set pricing

Evaluating overall cost involved in services should culminate with effective pricing. Imagine overcharging or underpricing in an arena as competitive as this,it spells doom. Cheching prices of raw materials, competitive prices by peers, prices as per industry standards can help one get the best possible deal.

Get beauty products

Beauty salons require a wide range of raw materials. From effective furnishing of the place to placing of the chairs and tables with special focus on mirror placement. Scissors, beauty kits, stools, herbal products, natural ingredients and other materials. Searching for the best quality material at cheaper and affordable prices is a must.

Hire staff

Having efficient staff in an operating budget with good knowledge and skills is vital. Hiring qualified and trained professional is essential as untrained ones can cause health problems like rashes, acne to the clients. It is important to do a background check before hiring them. One should understand the procedure and know its pros, cons, benefits and after effects if any before advising clients or performing an operation.

The most important part is to have efficient staff who know their job and are not rude, badly dressed and do not pay heed to customer specifications. They should be welcoming, kind and understand the customer requirements. One maintains the reputation through staff and if a client is unhappy chances are likely for things to go bad through word of mouth. Also this is not a case where negative publicity amounts as publicity.

After sales

One should keep in mind the prima motive of customer satisfaction. We should aim to build loyalty brick by brick and thus have an effective after sales operation. Sending frequent messages about offers, promotional packages, couple discounts, group discounts, college friendly packages and other rebates. One should strive to create a bond through complacent messages and complimentary packages.

Focus on marketing

Marketing is the USP of this practice. The kind of offers, combo packs of related services, printing of pamphlets and finally even the name determine one’s marketing strategy. What makes it unique is the amount of personalisation that can go into it considering the fact the everyone’s requirements are different.


Salons require cleanliness and an environment that is clean to avaoid infections or contaminations. Using hygenic well washed equipments that are sanitised is essential. Even towels, napkins and aprons need to be well cleaned and free from germs. One must be able to draw clients due to cleanliness as it is a major factor to visit a place again.

Many times a safety check by officials could bring in a bad name if not well maintained. Thus for goodwill reasons it is mandatory to maintain ones salon.

While the operating costs and establishment costs are quite high, one can evaluate options like either setting up a new business or taking a franchise. Which ever suits the condition better. One can either buy materials on installment basis or own them.

One should play soft music, create relaxing good environment that makes one feel like visiting again. Right estimations and overall understanding of the metrics of the business is important. Having a digitised database of customers who have visited in the past will make one be able to send promotional content, send offers etc.

Setting up a salon means good business and one should work hard in a determined fashion to understand its ups and downs.

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