Best Amazon FBA Drop Shipping E-commerce Course Reviews: Your Inside Guide

One of Amazon’s innovations is its FBA – or Fulfillment by Amazon – program. How it works is that online sellers store their products in any of Amazon’s numerous warehouses. Amazon then ships the products themselves to the seller’s customers.

This process is almost similar to another order fulfillment method known as drop shipping. Amazon FBA has proved to be popular that online sellers using it grew by more than 70% percent as of 2016.

You too, as an online seller yourself, can use Amazon FBA to fulfill all of your customers’ orders. If you don’t know much about this program, you should consider taking any of the following courses that teach you how to earn money from it:

Amazing Selling Machine

If you’re completely new to online selling via Amazon, you’ll want to check out Amazing Selling Machine. The mere fact that the said course is now in its tenth iteration only underlines its commitment to provide updated information about selling in Amazon to its students.

When you enroll in Amazing Selling Machine, you’ll learn about the whole process of successfully and consistently selling products in Amazon, from choosing the right items to optimizing them for maximum sales and everything in between.

Amazing Selling Machine’s tenth iteration doesn’t come cheap though. You’ll have to cough up almost $5,000 for the entire course if you want to pay for it in one go or almost $1,000 every 30 days in six installments. You can get a 30-day money-back guarantee, though, if you feel that you aren’t learning that much from Amazing Selling Machine.

If you’re the cautious type, you can watch various reviews of Amazing Selling Machine as well as introductory video tutorials in its website for free (although, again, you’ll have to pay thousands of dollars if you want full access to Amazing Selling Machine’s entire curriculum). You can then make your judgment from there if you’re willing to give Amazing Selling Machine a shot or not.


Shelling out $5,000–$6,000 to get yourself enrolled in Amazing Selling Machine might be too much for you. If you don’t have that amount of money within easy reach, you can visit Udemy online and enroll in any of the various Amazon FBA and drop shipping courses listed there.

You can get yourself an education in either Amazon FBA or drop shipping for as low as $11.99. All you need to do is sit through the lectures and content delivered to you via video tutorials. Best of all, Udemy would give you a certificate of completion as proof that you’ve successfully finished an entire Amazon FBA or drop shipping course.

Each Amazon FBA or drop shipping course in Udemy has their own spin when it comes to teaching students what they need to know about the two order fulfillment methods. There are also several common topics in the courses, such as finding out what an Amazon FBA or drop shipping business looks like and which among the two is the perfect fit for you, how to find products to sell using either Amazon FBA or drop shipping, and how to properly manage your Amazon FBA or drop shipping business, to name but a few.


You may be hesitant to pay even just a single dollar for wanting to learn about Amazon FBA or drop shipping. You’d be forgiven for feeling that way since some Amazon FBA and drop shipping courses that existed back then had since turned out to be nothing more than elaborate “get rich quick” scams that leave students penniless and not having learned anything at all.

Thankfully, you can take Amazon FBA and drop shipping courses for free by visiting Chinabrands. It’s entirely up to you which exact Amazon FBA or drop shipping course you feel like taking – although you’ll have to sign up for a user account first. Registration to Chinabrands is also for free, so no need to worry about having to give your credit card details online.

As for the content of their free courses, you can learn how to operate your own online retail store in Amazon, how to get it registered, and so much more.

Maintaining an inventory of your online retail store’s products might not be an option for you due to lack of space or budget to rent a storage unit where you can keep them. With Amazon’s FBA program, you can store your products in an Amazon warehouse nearest you, and Amazon will take care of delivering them to your customers.

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