10 Profitable Small Business Ideas & Investment Opportunities in Thailand

business opportunities in thailand

Many of us who have heard about Thailand is because of tourism. Thailand is a country in the South-East Asia that is known as a tourist destination. Being surrounded from one side by the Bay of Bengal, beaches of Thailand attract millions of tourists every year. Most of the year the temperature is modest and that is another one reason that people love to stay there more than per schedule.

Bangkok, the famous city of Thailand is a much known tourist destination for many of us and attracts lots of businesses. In this article I have crafted top 10 most profitable and new small business ideas for Thailand which you can start this year i.e 2020.

Being a hub of tourism, there are plenty of business opportunities in Thailand. Some are related directly to tourism and some indirectly. Not only tourism, there are many other sectors where there is lot of scope for business.

Here are 10 most profitable small business ideas and opportunities for Thailand

#1. Food Processing Business

Tourists not only love the places around but also crave for delicious food. Food processing industry has a very prominent role in Thailand. As one knows that the country attracts tourists from all over the world then it is well understood that all these tourists will require varieties of food for themselves.

Some foods can be processed in Thailand while some foods are imported from other countries. One can investment some capital in this business of food processing.

Foods like pork, beef, fish, prawn and their likes have huge demand there. You can build your business on these lines that supply processed foods to the nearest shops, hotels and restaurants. There can be a huge profit margin as food sold in the tourist zone is quite costly than in non-tourist places.

#2. Service of Chefs

If you have food then you will definitely need someone to cook it. There are series of hotels and restaurants that offer tasty food to the tourists. Some restaurants work with local chefs while the standard restaurants employ well trained and professional chefs that are expert in their field. You can outsource chefs to different locations of the country.

For this you need to create a chain of network so that restaurants contact you for chefs instead of advertising on their own. You can take a good percentage of what they will earn.

A professional service of chefs can work very well in such places where the demand of delicious food is very high. Investing in this service may not give you expected results in a go but will definitely be a success if given time and investment.

#3. Hospitality and Accommodation Services

As one knows there are thousands of hotels and restaurants that require series of stuffs for their daily functioning. Stuffs like towels, pillow covers, bed sheets, blankets, furniture, utensils, geyser, AC, TV, Fridge, electrical equipment, plumbing equipment, and similarly many more items that are required in a hotel, lodge or restaurant can be supplied from business houses.

Hotels order such items to many accommodation services that provide them at a certain price. You can be one of them as there is a huge profit in this business because the demand is never ending. You can also provide services like plumbing, electrician, floor polishing, decorative, cleaning, crafting, and so on. They are in huge demand and have very low investment given you have to only supply professional technicians and craftsmen.

#4. Company Offering Professional Photographers

Many tourists come here on their honeymoon, special events like anniversary, marriage and many more. Special events like these are memorable and most of them want to capture it in photographs and videography. The sites in Thailand are breathtaking thus encouraging tourists to go for professional photographers. You can open such professional service that provides photographers to these tourists.

There’s a huge cost involved in professional photography thus giving you good returns. What you need is a onetime investment in camera equipment and in photographers. Each tour with photographers can cost around $1500-2000. If your business grows with time then you will have great returns.

#5. Digital Marketing and Web Designing Services

With the changing times every tourist that visits any tourist location uses online portals and apps to search for any service. From cab booking, to ticket booking, to food orders to hotel bookings, every service is now online. The business that are in Thailand are now going digital and online. Most of them are making their own apps and websites.

You can open a digital marketing and web designing company that can design websites, apps for the businesses. You can also provide additional services like maintenance, digital marketing SEO services and many more.

These businesses are in huge demand these days and are also million dollar industry. A professional company for these facilities can earn gold for you.

#6. Customized Restaurants

As mentioned earlier that in Thailand, tourists come from all over the country. Many of them try local foods but there many who prefer going for their regular regional food. You can focus on few such customized food and open a decent restaurant in a crowded place. Example can be an Indian restaurant with North India, South Indian and Western Foods. Chinese Food, Brazilian food and their likes.

Opening such restaurants with a regional effect like a Brazilian or Italian name, themes, settings and language will attract customers from these places. This works a lot because people get attracted to something of their own in places outside their country.

You can also employ employees of that particular area or country who can speak their language in order to attract the customers. There are many such restaurants all over the world that attract their fellow countrymen.

#7. Event and Show Organiser

Many of the tourists who visit places like Thailand take part in regional concerts like dance, music, and their likes. You can be an event organizer that organizes special events based on different themes. Many of the visitors love to attend a regional Thai musical concert where native Thais perform dance and musical shows.

Similarly people of Asia also go for Indian music and dance. You can be an event organizer in such shows where you can bring some good singers, dancers and artists who can perform such shows. Thailand is also famous for Buddhism and attracts good number of people in monasteries. A show on Buddha, Ramayana, Mahabharata and other regional saintly figures also attract tourist.

In such, the native government also renders support to such organizers. You can try this and it can have huge returns.

#8. Meditation and Yoga Center

Thailand is a Buddhist majority country with many monasteries that reflect Buddha and his teachings. Tourists who are attracted towards these monasteries, religious sites also get attracted towards Buddhist practices like nirvana. Also there is a genuine growth of meditation centers and yoga centers.

You can open such centers of your own and can employ some professional experts who can provide such services. Tourists from west are quite attracted to these holy and spiritual practices of Indian subcontinent like yoga and meditation.

Many tourist pay good sum of money to learn yoga and practice meditation. Your business can see a great rise in this field as it is a growing and promising field.

#9. Supplier of Souvenir and Regional Handicrafts

There is a huge market in Thailand that specializes in regional souvenirs and handicrafts. All of us when visit a place buy some goods that represent the local place. A regional souvenir, handicraft will definitely attracts people to buy them. You can be a supplier of such goods. You can also choose the designs and themes based on the requirements and trends that may work for you.

This industry is huge given that most of the tourists at least buy something regional. Printed t-shirts of Thailand elephants, beaches, and anything regional is always on the demand list. You can do a good research and can come up with this idea.

#10. Medical Service Provider

We won’t say that you open a hospital or clinic but you can provide medical services all around a specific place. You can build a network with hotel and lodge owners where you can send your doctors along with medicines to heal the tourist. This is quite a successful business where you don’t need a hospital but regional doctors who can give you medicine for normal health problems like fever, issues due to climatic changes, headache and their like.

We have not mentioned here many other businesses like the hotel industry, shopping malls, tourist services, real estate businesses because they are already here in huge numbers. Setting such businesses take time and require huge capital investment which may not be that much beneficial for you.

Small businesses that are mentioned above are unique and different plus they require a decent capital for startup. You can any day try these businesses as they can give you return in very less time in comparison to other businesses.

You can also go beyond the horizon of normal and can explore something new because this is what it works these days.


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