Emerging Business Opportunities in the Electric Vehicle Industry – An Overview

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Electric vehicles have taken the automobile industry by storm. Due to the convenience of the automobile sector with the advancement of the electric vehicle, more and more people are opting for electric vehicles these days. As a result of this huge demand, many smaller and associated businesses have cropped up. There are a wide array of business opportunities in the electric vehicle industry at present. 

Some of the business in this industry does not require too much capital investment. The returns, however, are quite high. Some of the business opportunities in the industry are listed, as below:

9 Electric vehicle related business ideas are:-

1. Electrical Vehicle Charging Point

Like a normal vehicle would require a petrol pump/gas station, the electrical vehicle requires a charging point. These points need to be spread across the roadside to ensure that these electric vehicles can recharge the batteries where they are discharged. At most within a couple of miles, a charging point needs to be present. Owing to the increase in the number of people using these electric vehicles at present, the requirement for multiple charging stations comes into place. As a business person, you can invest in these electrical charging points that are sure to give you quick returns.

2. Electrical Vehicle Servicing Station

Electrical vehicles are known to have special servicing requirements that not all mechanics or garages can offer. You can invest in an electric vehicle servicing station. For this, apart from the initial capital investment, you would require experts knowing repairing and servicing electric vehicles. You can promote your business online or through word-of-mouth. If your services offered are satisfactory, the customers will come back to you in future and will recommend your services to others too. It will in turn increase your business and generate revenue.

3. Electrical Car Washing Services

Most car owners prefer to get their car washed by professionals once in a while. You could invest in some top-notch machinery to clean and wash cars. Make sure the machinery you purchase makes the process of cleaning quick, easy and efficient. You can set up the business in a locality where the frequency of electric vehicles is high. Do your market research in a proper way to make sure that that business location is perfect, to be able to draw maximum benefits out of it. Know about the different types of machinery available in the market for cash washing and car spa, invest in them to reap the rewards in the long term.

4. Electrical Vehicle Spare Parts Dealership

As these electric vehicles are a fast-growing industry it is important to have the spare parts of these vehicles available. However, the market of spare parts dealerships for electric vehicles is still untapped. Try to understand the different spare parts in use, in an electric vehicle, understand the frequency of requirement of such parts and where to procure them. Get in touch with the places where you can procure these from. Purchase the spare parts in bulk at a lower price, but make sure that the quality is maintained. Sell these spare parts at a store set up by you at a location easily accessible by the electric vehicle owners.

5. Charging Point Setup Services

Setting up a charging point for an electric vehicle is not easy, professional guidance is needed in the process. If someone is willing to set up a charging point, they might need to be on their toes all the time to make sure the setup is working. You can also set up a business in setting up the charging point. If you have the technical resources and the knowledge about how to set up these charging points, you could take contracts for doing so. You could also hire a team of experts who can assist you in the process of setting up the charging point. It can be a very profitable business as the growth of electric vehicles are increasing every single day.

6. Online Electric Vehicle Resellers

Some people plan to sell off their electric vehicles and another group of individuals who wish to purchase refurbished or already used vehicles. You could have your own business by being the facilitator among the two. You can purchase used cars from individuals, after proper inspection by electric vehicle experts, keep your profit and sell it to individuals who wish to purchase already used cars at lower prices. You can create your online presence and catalogue your products online.

7. Electric Vehicle Rental Services

Electrical vehicle rental services are also a good opportunity. You can keep a fleet of electrical vehicles that you can rent out online or physically to individuals. You can take a rent per hour or daily. It can be a very profitable business with quick and high returns.

8. Electric Vehicle Battery Sellers

Electric vehicles do not require gas/ petrol, they run on a battery. If these batteries are used for a prolonged period, chances are that they might stop working. You can start your business as an electrical battery seller. Procure batteries from well-known brands and resell them at your store. You need some space for keeping inventory and some initial investment for it. But, once the ball is rolling, there will be no looking back. If you keep batteries from popular brands, people will come back to purchase them from you.

9. Online Spare Parts Seller

Like opening a shop to sell spare parts for electric vehicles, you can sell the spare parts for these electric vehicles online as well. It will save you the investment for the storefront as you do not need a physical store to keep the spare part. Online presence and in the right way will be necessary. You can catalogue your products based on the categories and price them individually. As most people prefer to shop online, the business can prove to be a profitable one, if projected in the right way.

If you start thinking about the different ventures available in the electrical vehicle industry, you will come up with many such options. Understand the working, requirements, profits and investments of each one of them to choose the one that suits you best.

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