How to Become an App Developer and Opportunity in App Development

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The present world we live in is fully surrounded by technology. Our life has become completely dependent upon the use of technology which is mostly driven by software. The current use of computers and smartphone has apps and software on which we are highly dependent.

Apps we generally use for communication are WhatsApp, messaging apps, Facebook, etc. Entertainment apps we live on are YouTube, Hotstar, Netflix, and many more. Some important apps that have huge impact on our lives are Google Map, Google Drive, Health App, Money Transfer Apps, Uber, Ola, etc. These apps run on two of the most common mobile software programs like IOS and Android. One can say that the present generation more or less is dependent on mobile apps and software.

Since the world is witnessing an unprecedented growth in digitalization and use of smartphone and other such digital technology there has been sharp rise in use of different kinds of app. For even very small things there are apps to assist us.

Nearly everything we do nowadays has some role of apps and software. Now these software and apps are developed using known codes and programming languages. To develop these apps you require to have knowledge of these coding and programing languages.

If you are here to learn about how to become an app developer then this article has detailed explanation on this topic.

app development

Starting from the Basics

To develop an app the first thing that you must know is the knowledge of what an app is and how it is built. This requires a basic training for app development. To develop an app you need to learn programing languages. A programming language is a set of code so designed to give logical output. These programing languages are used to code and develop the app.

There are dozens of programing languages and to build a specific type of app one needs to master that particular programing language. As we know that most of apps run on either android or IOS therefore we must be trained to develop an app either for both or either of the operating system. Once you have decided the platform for which you will build the app time is for the theme of the app.

Getting Trained and Educated

The first step towards developing an app is acquiring sufficient knowledge on how to develop an app. The first step should be to go through a formal education. May be a graduate degree in computer science or computer application where you will be taught coding in many languages like C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, .NET, etc.

You can learn these languages by yourself as well but for better outcome you need to get through a formal course which will also enhance your qualification on your CV. A diploma in such languages will also suffice if you can’t afford a three year degree.

Education strengthens your basics in computer programming which will benefit you in long run. Since this field is volatile and constantly changing it is necessary for you to know knew things and learn them as well. After completing all the education qualification time is to do practical work.

An Internship in App Development

Internship helps you in understanding the theoretical part in practical ways thus cementing your knowledge permanently. It will help you learning things in a better way and will also ensure that you become much more accurate in your work.

During the internship period you can design and develop apps to test your knowledge and improve in case you are doing mistakes. Take the internship period as a professional task as it will help you in becoming much more acquainted with reality and how app development really works.

Choosing the Platform

Choose one or two of the platforms for developing your app. People in present days mostly use IOS and Android and therefore these platforms remain in demand and most of the learners go for these two. You can in your initial days choose anyone but in your later days try to learn both of them to remain much more productive and relevant in the market. Programming on both these platforms are different and therefore specializing in any one at initial stage would be better.

Research the Market

Research the market and its requirements. You may be developing an app that doesn’t finds any traction from the market. Researching the market will give you a brief idea on how things are going and what the market is asking for.

After getting what the demand is all about, develop an app that is user friendly and offer lots of things for the user. Make sure the user finds it easy to operate and the app also doesn’t consumes much space and is compatible in all phones. The job is not easy but persistence will make you reap the fruit.

Requirements for App Development

There’s nothing much required in developing an app. All you need is a computer with adequate space and graphics. The other requirements are obviously knowledge on the subject. You have to get trained in various languages that is required to build an app on IOS and android. Sometimes a combination of languages are required to develop an app and therefore you should be well trained to do your job.

Hire an Expert or Assistant

Developing an app is hectic job. It is not much easy to develop it on your own given if the app is of huge size. Hire an expert assistant who will assist you in the job. This will also give you some comfort and also will get the job done is shorter duration. Especially when one is working on a contract to develop an app at that point you surely require an assistant who will get jobs done for you in the stipulated time frame. You may surely guide him wherever it is required.

Making it a Profession

Till now you have learnt about app development and what are the requirements and qualification to do the same. Now as you have learnt all these procedures it is time to learn about the profession of app development and how can you grow as an app developer in this field. The first step towards this is marketing your talent.

Marketing about your Business

People should come to terms that you are an app developer and you have successfully built an app. People should also know about the details of the app and how it can be useful to their interest. Tell them what is new in your app in comparison to the rest. For this you need to do proper marketing. The best option for you is to do target marketing using online marketing tools that target users based their search history. Based on their interest you can advertise your app on their timelines on various social media apps and other such platforms.

Networking with the Interested Parties

Instead of developing an independent app based on your ideas you can develop apps based on the requirements of the interested parties. This requires you to connect with different parties, companies and people who are into this business. Many of the companies don’t build apps on their own but hire third parties to do their jobs.

In you initial days you may not be a big name in the business therefore you may have to work with people or companies who already have big names and to whom people often hire for app development. Since the market is very competitive, you need to give you 100% in order to succeed.

Working as a Freelance App Developer

Freelance app developing is developing app on independent contract. Most freelance work nowadays is done using online platforms like Upwork where you can bid on the posted job and if you get selected you can work for them at the rate decided. This freelance app development nowadays has become trending and people are going for this more often.

It has good rate of success and a vast range of market where you can choose both the client and your assistant based on your choice. You can also price the rate on which you will develop the app. In your initial days you can choose this platform as it will groom you in few years.

Beyond App Development

You job as an app developer doesn’t ends when you develop the app, test it and give it to your client. The real job starts after the app is developed. Here is an overview of the whole cycle of app development and beyond.

App Development Life Cycle

As mentioned earlier, there are four steps in app development. The first starts with Feasibility Analysis, Defining and designing products, app development, testing the app, deployment for usage, and maintenance. As we have already discussed the feasibility analysis part, designing and development part and also its deployment. The only remaining part is testing and maintenance.


After an app is developed it requires testing. Testing is checking up the app and ensuring no technical glitches are left in the app. Bugs are very common and therefore you must remove it in order to run your app smoothly. Before deployment you must test your app properly and ensure that it works well. There is a whole process that takes place in testing. Go through it to ensure a perfect app waiting for its deployment.


After an app is deployed in use, after certain time period and usage it gets weary and requires maintenance. Maintenance can be best done by the party that has developed the app. While deploying the app you go through a contract where maintenance part is also mentioned for particular time period and later based on every payment.

Maintenance is mostly service contract which gives much more revenue than app development. You should be much more active and professional in your service as an app that gets crashed require immediate maintenance and that is where your service counts.

Building your Brand

In the initial few years of your app development you will be struggling to make ends meet but after few years of app development and service with dedication it is obvious that you will make your presence felt in the market.

Time has come where you should build your brand. Get a good name for your business and a logo. Advertise your brand well and network within your circle. Hire new employees based on requirements and expand your business. In the same time do not compromise with your standards and quality.

Some Important Points to Ponder

  • In your initial years do not run for money. Money is important and you should make deals which is financially profitable to you but that should not be the only ground for making your decisions.
  • Your focus should always be on the standard and quality of your work. Always be dedicated towards serving your customer rather than prioritizing your profits.
  • Once you have built your face value as an app developer and service provider it will become an easy thing to earn more customers and earn more profits.
  • Your service should have also the necessary standards and it should be punctual of time. Nurture a team that is dedicated in servicing your clients whenever it is required. People are ready to pay whatever the amount at crucial times when they need your service.
  • There should be no compromise with the quality of your product and service. Also recruit a team that is into research and development. This will help you in building your business to new heights while remaining relevant in the competitive market.

The starting is always the hardest but once you succeed, maintaining the success become much more challenging. App development and its service is surrounded by lots of challenges and opportunities. The software technology is rapidly changing and remaining relevant is challenging. You have to be on your toes to ensure you remain relevant in the market.


1. What are the specific skillset required to develop an App?

App development requires knowledge of programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Objective-C and Swift and frameworks such as React and Angular. It also requires a good understanding of user experience design, mobile platforms and device configurations, communication protocols and debugging tools.

2. What types of App development opportunities are available?

Opportunities for App development can range from creating and marketing an original App for a specific market, to working for an existing software development company on established mobile platforms, to creating apps for large organisations or educational institutions.

3. What kind of career trajectories could be pursued in App development?

A career in App development can start from entry level positions, such as a junior developer, working closely with senior developers and gradually building up to a position of lead or independent developer. The career trajectory might also extend into management positions, such as a software development, or IT project manager.

4. What educational qualifications are necessary to pursue a career in App development?

A university degree in software engineering, computer science or information technology is often required to make a career in App development. However, self-taught developers and students with coding bootcamp experience or industry-leading certifications can also find employment in App development companies.

5. How can aspiring App developers gain the necessary industry experience?

Gaining real-world experience is key for App developers. This can be achieved by creating personal projects, participating in hackathons and attending workshops, taking projects from online freelancing platforms such as Upwork, and interning in software development companies.

6. Where can budding App developers find job postings?

Job postings for App development can be found on professional networking websites such as LinkedIn, as well as on job search websites such as Indeed and Monster. App Development companies also post job openings on their website and social media pages.

7. What kind of compensation can be expected for App developers?

Salaries for App developers vary based on the level of experience and location. However, according to Glassdoor, the national average base salary for an App developer is approximately $80,000 per year.

8. What additional qualifications can increase employment prospects for App developers?

App developers who can demonstrate multilingual capabilities, a knowledge of Machine Learning and/or Artificial Intelligence, and specialised certifications in technologies such as Swift or React can expect greater employment opportunities and higher salaries.

9. What trends have emerged in the App development industry?

The App development industry has experienced an increasing trend towards the integration of technologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in App development to predict user behaviour. AR and VR applications are also gaining in popularity, as well as cloud-native technologies.

10. What are the best practices in App development?

App development best practices include code cleanliness, structured coding, object-oriented programming, automated testing, version control systems, secure data storage and transfer, user interface testing and usability audits.

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