Pool Cleaning Business Plan – How to Start & Profit Margin

Many of you who have ever wanted to build a personal house or wanted to go to a hotel, resort, society or recreational place always have wanted to have a swimming pool. Many of us till date have that urge of having a swimming pool in our house.

If not at home, one would always desire to spend some time at place, hotel or resort where one can have the luxury of a swimming pool. With the rise in demand of swimming pools, it became a necessary requirement for the cleaning of swimming pools.

Thus a new service grew up in years that solely focused on professional cleaning of swimming pools. Now this industry is a billion dollar industry spread all across the globe and operates in the most professional way. If you are interested to try your luck in this business then this article will serve you as the best guide in letting you know on how to start a swimming pool business.

Overview of a Swimming Pool Business and the Potential Profit:

There are basically two types of swimming pools. The first one is the domestic swimming pool that is installed in a private space like a home or farm house of an individual. The second type of pool is the public swimming pool that is opened for public like what we see in a resort, hotel, school, professional swimming pools for learning, societies, clubs, etc.

For starting a swimming pool business one has to focus on the second type of swimming pools that are public type. The reason why one should focus on such swimming pools is since they are used by public thus they require regular and dedicated cleaning which obviously will be time consuming which will help the cleaning business churn good profit.

Secondly such public pools are in good numbers within one complex thus they help in generating larger profit. It is not that only public pool cleaning generates profit but the private individual pools too create great profit based on the area and number of pools covered by the cleaning service.

Starting a Swimming Pool Cleaning Business:

The first step towards starting a swimming pool cleaning business is to first get the basics of how a swimming pool in cleaned. Since there are various designs of swimming pool thus cleaning them will require different mechanisms.

To learn all that you need to attend certified classes where skills for cleaning pools are taught. You can also take help from various books, e-books, articles and online materials to learn. The best way to learn is to do training under a professional cleaner for a while to learn all such skills necessary for cleaning.

First Step towards Swimming Pool Cleaning Business:

The first step towards swimming pool cleaning business is to prepare a plan for your business. Planning is necessary in this business since this business requires to grow and if you don’t have that adequate planning your business may suffer due to this. The first gradual step in planning is to gain knowledge about this business.

After you understand the basics of this business, take a decision on what type of business will you carry on for yourself and what exactly suits. This decision will also matter in case of locality of operation, capital investment, manpower and level of specialization. Plan everything accordingly.

Second Step towards Swimming Pool Cleaning Business:

Now that you are very clear on the type of cleaning business you want to go with. Take a step ahead and decide whether you want to start this business alone or you want to end up starting a company.

In the initial stage of business, a two person business would suffice but in order to remain relevant in the market you should definitely think of expanding. Meet some people who are already in this business. Make the list of things you need to start your business and make things to the final stage of initialization.

Third Step towards Swimming Pool Cleaning Business:

Form a business entity that is based on swimming pool cleaning business. For this you can hire a legal advisor who will help you in all matters that are related to registering your business, registering yourself as taxpayer, place of operating, accounting, management, etc. This step of formation of legal entity or a business has various steps interconnected within it. Here are few you must definitely know.

  • Register yourself as a service provider with a certain name which you can use for branding.
  • Register yourself as a tax payer with the local tax collecting authority.
  • Get the required license and permission necessary for starting your business.
  • Get a bank account for your business
  • Join certain societies in your local area to stay updated and connected.
  • Advertise your brand to gain public interest.
  • Get a place from where you will operate your business.

Getting an office space may be costly and will add your capital investment thus to minimize it you can use your residence space as office space. Since this business doesn’t depends much on your office infra thus having a small office at your home would suffice.

In the initial days of business you may self-manage the accounting and other office related work but as your business will grow you need someone to manage it thus keeping an accountant would suffice.

Fourth Step towards Swimming Pool Cleaning Business:

Since you are already registered as a business you now need to get the required equipment, tools and accessories to start your cleaning business. As per your business plan you would know what kind of tools are required for cleaning. Here are some of the equipment required:

  • You need to have water testing kits that will ensure the quality of water
  • Secondly, you will also need skimmers for collecting and removing floating objects
  • You will also need chemical and other such substances for cleaning the pool thoroughly
  • Vacuum heads and hose
  • Telescoping pole
  • Leaf traps
  • Brushes, cleaners, Vac Plates, etc.

Apart from them you will also need some other tools like Pool Scrubbing Mitt, Pumice Stone, Stain Master, Leaf Bagger, etc. To transport such tools from one place to another you may also need a transport vehicle which is specially equipped to carry such tools. Trolleys, Trucks and SUVs would do your job. In order to minimize the cost for transportation vehicle, one can use their own vehicle with few moderation or can simply hire an old vehicle for usage.

Fifth Step towards Swimming Pool Cleaning Business:

Start your business by simple inauguration and inviting clients to use your service. You can give your service for free, trial or discount in order to make clients and later on grow your business. The initial days would be quite hard but as the time will pass you will be served with number of clients. In order to maximize the client number there are two important ways of advertisement.

The first one is word of mouth. This works much better than any other method of advertisement. For this you need to provide exemplary and satisfactory service your client so that he can get satisfied with your work and praise you and recommend your service to his friends and peers. In business relating to such services, word of mouth works the best.

The second step you can use for advertisement is registering yourself with known advertising groups and service providers who will help you in getting new clients. Apart from this you can the latest methods of advertisement like placing billboards, hoardings, advertising online, etc.

Hiring of Manpower:

You can hire one or two trained people for cleaning purpose, accounting or legal advising in the initial days to help your business grow. Later as your business expands, you can hire more people, experts, etc. based on the investment and return ratio. It would be advisable to not start with many people initially especially if you don’t have much work.

Investment in Swimming Pool Cleaning Business:

Though investment depends on business to business but a swimming pool cleaning business will not need more than $2000 initially to start the business. This doesn’t includes office space, furniture and cost of vehicle. One can add rent of office, furniture and Vehicle in the initial capital required for investment.

It would be advisable for you to not spend more than the amount mentioned in initial days since it will create a burden for you to recover the amount in the initial days of your business. Secondly if you are taking loan of bigger amount then it may become a liability if your business doesn’t gives what is expected.

Return on Investment:

The initial days won’t be that profiting but as you start to get new clients and regular work you can easily earn $50-200 per client for every cleaning you do. Cleaning service is a time taking process and thus your patience is a key factor in the growth of your business.

Do not hesitate to try new things and be active in serving your client. Lastly, to maximize profit you can also give additional services like repair work of equipment installed in the pool or something similar to your domain.

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