10 Profitable Sports Business Ideas & Opportunities in 2020

business ideas in sports industry

Do you love sports? Are you planning to start your own business in sports industry? If you answer is yes then you have come to right place. In this article I will share best and profitable sports business ideas that you can start today in 2020. As we all know that people all around have now understood the need and importance of fitness and sports.

In addition to this, the growing opportunities in sports have catalyzed the demand for sports businesses. Time is also a major factor influencing the businesses in sports field. This definitely insists on the young crowd waiting for vacation to join sports classes.

Here are ten profitable business ideas in sports industry:-

#1. Sports Club

This is a sector which attracts almost all the sections of the society. Joining a sports club and enjoying all the different activities and facilities there is the ultimate desire of the public. Especially,upper middle class families are now prominently noted to relax in clubs. Having this, you can open a sports club with all indoor and outdoor games.

Your club should have all the necessary tools and equipment which will satisfy your members. Having a club will earn you more profits as there will be a number of members paying subscription for the membership. Subscription can have different amounts facilitating members having different financial income. A decent amount of revenue will be generated either monthly or annually. Thus, the investment you will make will be recovered at the earliest.

#2. Open a Gym

Starting a gym is very profitable business. Some sports trainers will not have a fitness center or a gym for their members to workout. This should probably be due to insufficient investment. You can enter the scene by showcasing yourself as a gym partner. This works by signing an agreement with the trainer for paying you a sum for the gym facilities you provide. Here, the need for land will be eliminated as you will have the gym at the trainer’s place.

#3. Retail Store is a Successful Business

This is undoubtedly for a person who wishes to sell things and make money. Sports essentials like bats, basket balls, footballs, cork, etc can be purchased in bulk and sold. If you wish to sell only branded items, then contact the respective brand managers to place orders for it. As already mentioned, there is no complexity here as the entire business is about buying and selling. Keep yourself updated with the latest sports materials so that you fulfil the customer’s requirement.

#4. Open a Sports Themed Restaurants

Themed restaurants is the growing trend now which has increased the value of restaurants considering the facilities more than the food they serve. In this category sports have also made its part vibrant. People who come to eat, are now more interested in playing after their meal. Lifestyle changes should be the reason for this drastic shift.

Working men and women find it extremely relaxing to play games when they go out for dinner. Thus, having a sports center or any one particular game attached to the restaurant is the whole idea of this business. Execution of it depends on your financial ability and accessibility to various exclusive restaurants.

#5. Summer Coaching Classes

This business focuses kids who go for coaching classes during summer vacation. This is a small time investment as the classes will run only for two or three months. You do not have to invest in land or any other space resource permanently. You can arrange for temporary camps or rent a ground for just two months. Spend more on advertisement as your business will not be remembered by people always.

#6. Become a Race Organiser

This is also a seasonal business, where you will act as an organizer for races. Arrange for an event and publish information relating to it. With this you will get a number of registrations from interested candidates. Partner with growing brands and choose your sponsors from the planned list. Announce a worthy reward for the winners. Your work terminates there and the registration fee you have got will be your profits from the business.

#7. Walking Tours

This business is more like the previous one. Acting as a organizer and making money is the concept. Find good spots for trekking or just waling tours which is highly adventurous. You will find a number of people waiting to join you. Calculate the expenses for the trip and provide them the services as a package. Your income here will be great if the chosen places and activities included are fitness oriented. This will pull all the fitness freaks towards your initiative.

#8. Swimming Pools

Here, the opportunities are wider than any other business. Either be the owner or the swimming pool or setup pools wherever your client needs. Both the streams are found to be the most demanded. There is absolutely no issues if you do not have a trainer with you for swimming. Construct a swimming pool and let it for rent to the trainers who take classes. If not this, take the other stream where you will setup the pools in hotels, grounds, residential areas etc. for a very high charge.

#9. Become a Sports Photographer

Everything around us seems to look special and impressive. Capturing them can also turn out to be your business. There are a number of magazines and other media waiting for sports photographs. Even the advertisements relating to sports will require a classy picture. Now, making it as a main business is your task. Take impressive photographs of sports and sell it to prospective clients.

Other option is to have a number of photographers and sending them for sports shoots. The income level is extremely good here. Your business will represent all the photographers you have appointed. Thus, you can serve more than one client at the same time.

#10. Partnership with Corporate Companies

Having a huge number of trainers in various fields of sports will also be a very attractive idea to make profits.

For example, an individual might form an association of workers and send them for work to clients. The workers will be paid by the individual and the individual gets paid by the client who needs the batch of workers.

Partnership with corporate offices works the same way. You  can appoint trainers of various activities under your company name and send them as trainers. The trainers get paid by monthly salary and you will send them to various events organized by the corporate companies.

Corporate companies will also demand for a permanent trainer as measure to keep their employees satisfied. You will receive a considerably high amount from the corporate companies you have tied up with.


In the end, it is self explanatory that sports and fitness have got the central stage in this era. Fitness and health conscious have also tuned people to concentrate more on personal life than work life . Awareness programs and ease of access to sports centers stand as reasons for this increase in the number of people who are interested in sports. So, investing in this industry will never put your efforts down.

There is a never ending income as the target segment is huge. Standing unique will be the only way to shine in the field. Try giving more attractive packages to your customers so that they feel more satisfied with your service.

Above all, sports is all about competition and winning. Search and arrange for more competitions and make your customers understand the exclusive nature of your business. Lastly, concentrate on interiors and necessary facilities. This will stimulate your customers to try your service due to external features.

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