Start Your Own Car Shuttle Service – A Growing Business Opportunity For India

car shuttle service business

Even a person who has a lot of passion towards any kind of business will find it as a challenge. When you are opting for a start up business, it needs proper planning and a lot of ground work to be done, and with all this hard work and planning, you will be able to launch the business successfully.

If you take advice from experts, you will get some tips which are applicable to any kind of business and a few tips can be applied only to a specific business. So, without getting deviated from the topic, let us have a look at how to start your own car shuttle service in India.

Why not start your own car shuttle service?

Shuttle service is point to point pickup and drop service on daily basis. When you are planning to start your own car shuttle service, then remember that this is quite easy and inexpensive idea if you are already having cars and operating license with you.

You should never start with a very small car as you will not be able to fit in more people. It is always good to choose a car that fits in more people so that you will be able to earn more in every ride that you go.

Let us have a look at a little more details about the cars to be targeted and the market to be targeted…

Make your business plan

This is one of the most important things that you should do at the beginning of your business planning. That is a kind of road map which will guide you on how to move and where to go at which moment.

You will have to write down the following details:-

  • vision of your business,
  • your financial details,
  • details about your competitors,
  • advertising and marketing plans.

You will need this planning in the right way and in written format if you are going for a bank finance to start your business.

Get your local license, State license and all other permits

In order to run the business in a legal way, you will need all these licenses. Depending on the local law and state law, you will have to get the licenses. In some places, a driver will need a different license to drive a commercial vehicle.

So, you will have to make sure that you are getting all this kind of licenses. You will also have to get the permits for driving the vehicle in that place if that vehicle does not belong to the place where you are going to use it for business.

You will need following license to operate this business in India:-

  • Rent a cab license issued by state transport office
  • Yellow board vehicle
  • Commercial driving license
  • Operating permit

Local Car shuttle business organizations

It is very important to get connected with people who are into the same business. So, you will have local car shuttle business organizations and getting in touch with them help you to get connected with people in your business.

Having a good network means, you are getting free marketing and publicity for your business. So, whenever there is any meeting as part of these organizations, you can participate in the meetings and offer the business cards to them.

Decide on which kind of car shuttle business you want to opt for

Basically, there are many kinds of shuttle businesses that you can think of like corporate car shuttle business, Airport car shuttle business and many more. So, all you will have to do is just decide on that and then get in touch with people who can offer you the business. You will also have to consider a few things like competition.

For example, if you feel like there are so many services providers for Airport car shuttle business, then you can go for corporate one. This is were you will be able to run the business into success. You should not choose the one which is already having a lot of competition involved as you are a start up.

Plan your business marketing methods

Basically, you are a start up and you will have to concentrate more on marketing. But at the same time budget is also a concern. So, you will have to look for options that can help you in the right way like free marketing options like social networkings like facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and others. You will not have to spend much for them and at the same time will be able to reach more people.

Create a website

A website is very important for any business in this digital world. When you are having a website, people will be able to know all the details about you without you having to tell about yourself. So, you will be able to sell yourself faster.

Get some business

Talk to the corporate companies and get some business in advance before you actually get started. Later, you can grow the business, but at the initial stage you should have some business in hand to get other business or grow it further.

You can get help from people who have already started similar business and that will help you to know how to approach the clients and get some business or they may have an idea about where there is some requirement at present. This will create an opportunity for immediately entry into the business.

A Good Opportunity For Tier 1 Indian Cities

In cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai, you have a lot of corporate companies. They still keep growing and this is going to help in the growth of your business.

You should always start at the place where there are more chances for your growth. With so many companies and more coming up, you can see an amazing future for your business. People from any parts of the country move to these cities in search of job and your shuttle services can help them reach their offices on time.

So, waste no time at all. You should start looking for great opportunities in all the metro cities and get started with your start up car shuttle business for corporate offices.

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