Starting a Business as a Senior Citizen – Ideas and Advice

Everyone has their time for success. Some people succeed in their twenties, while others make it in their golden years. No one ever knows when their time to shine will be, especially in the business world. You can start a business that puts you on the map for a lifetime or build one, and it doesn’t pick up at all. That’s normal and what’s important is that you don’t give up and keep trying no matter your age. 

For seniors enjoying their retirement, this is your opportunity to start your own business. You now have time to focus on your dream that you’ve been putting off for a long time. In this article, we get deep into ideas that you can try and how to do it:

1. Turn Your Hobby into A Business

Assuming you’re good at photography, crocheting, painting, home décor, writing, cooking, handyman services, etc. It’s time to turn this into an economic opportunity for you. Starting this should be a reasonably easy venture since it’s a skill that you’ve already mastered. With the convenient digital space for most, get someone well-informed with the essential information, online work tools, and platforms that you need to showcase your skills and products online. 

People will always appreciate the value, and if you do it well, sooner or later, one person will notice, leading to the spread of information sooner or later. With time, your online following will grow, leading to a growth of your business which also translates to your earnings.

2. Non-Medical Home Care Services

As seniors get older, doing their errands gets more challenging. While some seniors would prefer to move into retirement communities where they get all the assistance they need, some still want to maintain personal space and live in their homes. 

If you are still able-bodied and active, you can offer your services as a home assistant.  You can clean homes, get groceries, and do projects around the house. While you do this work, you also offer socialization for your charge and yourself. 

Approach their relatives, and if they like your services, their search for home care for their senior loved ones should be over. Since this is not medical-related, it should be pretty easy to get into without any complications or requirements.

3. Senior Care Consultancy

Before and after seniors hit their retirement years, one major thing that they think about is their future living arrangements. This is your chance to visit local retirement communities and learn about their services, pricing, and what makes each one of them unique. 

With this information in hand, you can offer your services as a consultant to help simplify their search without being biased. You can help them set up appointments to visit the communities they are interested in, and after the tour, they can decide where they want to spend their golden years. If they settle in any of the communities you chose for them, the community service can give you a commission for that referral.  

4. Senior Transport Services

Driving is one of the skills that never fades away, especially if you’ve been doing this for a long time. If you still feel energetic enough, this is one market niche that you can try out. More often than not, you’ll find seniors who need to move around for shopping, relocation, tours, doctor appointments, etc. They often forgo such essentials since they’re less energetic or don’t have people to help them out. Their loved ones may also not be readily available whenever they need them. 

You can take this chance by offering reasonably priced transportation services for them and be willing to do a pick-up and return to their destination. These are some luxuries that even public transportation services cannot provide. The seniors you work with will feel safer and in a good conversational space around you. Find out what kind of a license and insurance you’ll need for this and the best car to do this kind of business. It’s also a prospect for you to create employment for youths. 

5. Life Coaching Programs

Younger generations always need some form of guidance to get through life. With the rise in unemployment, social media, fake living lifestyles, peer influence, and widespread exposure, it’s easy for youngsters to go astray or fall for depression. 

Young people will most likely open up in an environment where they don’t feel judged. Seniors can lend a hand in this by sharing their experiences and advice for living a fulfilled and balanced life despite the challenges. If you enjoy working with young people, you can seek certification opportunities to bring your coaching skills to the next level.

6. Wellness Services

Health is a cause for concern for most seniors, and as seniors get older, it gets harder to maintain good health. Many need guidance, but they don’t know where to start. If you’ve invested in the health sector for a long time, then a new venture gearing towards the health needs of seniors will work ideally using various online platforms as your marketing agent. 

Additionally, sample out the exercises they can explore and offer your thoughts on the best nutrition and workouts seniors can do to stay healthy. Once in a while, set up an outdoor senior fun-day activity program where they can play games, interact and learn from each other on how to practice a healthy lifestyle. Doing this will recruit more seniors into a healthy regime.

Starting a business as a senior can be a scary but exciting undertaking. If you have any of the above skills, other unique skills, or new ventures that you think you can explore, this is the time! Polish your skills if you need to and aim at living your best retirement life doing what you love. 


1. What are the benefits of starting a business as a senior citizen?

Starting a business as a senior citizen can offer some unique advantages, such as experience and knowledge, an established network of contacts, greater financial resources, and more free time.

2. Are there any special programs for senior citizens who want to start a business?

Yes, there are a number of federal, state and local programs available to seniors who want to start a business, including the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) SCORE program and the AARP’s Start a Business program.

3. What factors should senior citizens consider before starting a business?

Before starting a business, senior citizens should consider key factors such as the time and money investment required, the skills and knowledge needed to run the business, the legal structure and permits, the potential tax consequences, and the potential risks involved.

4. What kind of businesses may be suitable for senior citizens?

Suitable businesses for senior citizens might include consulting, tutoring, online retail, professional services, and home-based businesses.

5. Is there legal advice available for senior citizens who want to start a business?

Yes, senior citizens may want to consider seeking legal advice from a lawyer with experience in business formation and taxation before starting a business.

6. Does starting a business require a significant upfront investment?

Starting a business can require a significant upfront investment, which will depend on the nature of the business. Factors such as licensing requirements, hiring employees, and materials and equipment may all raise start-up costs.

7. Is there assistance available for senior citizens who want to develop a business plan?

Yes, senior citizens may want to seek assistance from programs such as the SBA’s Small Business Development Center or SCORE to develop a business plan.

8. How can senior citizens find potential customers?

Senior citizens may want to consider using online social media, local networking opportunities, referrals, and advertising campaigns to find potential customers.

9. Are there age-related regulations or restrictions for senior citizens starting a business?

Depending on the business and location, there may be regulations or restrictions that apply to senior citizens starting a business. It’s important to research these regulations and restrictions before beginning your business.

10. Are there government grants or loans available for senior citizens starting a business?

Senior citizens may be eligible for various federal, state and local grants and loans to help them start a business. It’s important to research these grant and loan programs before beginning your business.

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