Starting Pressure Washing Business – Profitable Business Plan


A pressure washing business involves a pressure washing machine that is used to clean vehicles, buildings, roads, structures and other such commercial properties. Pressure washing business has become quite common because of its expanding usage. Owners want their property or vehicle get thoroughly cleaned using pressure washing which gives a spectacular cleaning.

Pressure washing business is one of the most profitable business when it comes to small scale business opportunities. If you are interested in pressure washing business then this article is for you to read that will jot down every necessary detailed which you may need while planning to open a pressure washing business.

Pressure washing business and its scope:

A pressure washing business nowadays has gained prominence. Earlier it was limited to the washing of vehicles like motorcycle, car, trucks and buses. But now it has widened its scope to cleaning of roads, buildings, buildings made with glass structure and other such properties.

The reason why people go for pressure washing is that it is quick, cheap and gives thorough cleaning. A pressure washing business requires one to have pressure washing machine apart from expert cleaners and other such related items that will be explained below.

A pressure wash for a vehicle costs around $50-$150 that also included waxing of vehicle and other few things. A pressure washing business can be individual based, region based and franchise based depending on its growth.

Blue print of pressure washing business:

The first step in laying the blueprint of this business is find out the objectives of the business. Then you need to find out about the requirements of the business. Here’s everything explained.

Plan your area of operation:

It is important for you to make a target where you will operate your business. Plan your area based on the traffic you get. Like a corporate area will have better opportunities for you that will provide your vehicles, roads and infrastructure for cleaning. After selecting the area it’s time for you to lay down the foundation.

Open your operation area or office:

You have the choice of opening your office on a particular place or operate it from your own house. It solely depends on you. If you are targeting a particular area then opening your office in that particular area will boost your business. Still open an operation area where you will park your pressure washing machine, along with the carrying vehicle and other required equipment. You can put advertisement on your office and give your business a name.

Equipment and machine required for the business:

The first thing you need is a pressure washing machine that costs a bit high. Apart from it you will need a tanker to store a large amount of water for cleaning. You will also need some water pipes to fill water.

Apart from this you will need some pressure washing equipment in additional for specific purpose. Cleaning items like detergent, washing equipment, cloths, waxing items, etc. Washing vehicle is not only limited to pressure washing but it also needs waxing and many more things which you should be equipped with.

A van or vehicle is required to carry the machine to the destination. To be more specific on this you can also consult people who are in this business who will detail you about the business requirements.

Create a team to assist you:

Pressure washing is not a one man show thus you need a team to carry out the job for you. You should at least need 2-3 people for proper working. One who handle the office or new clients which can be you, one who will be technical expert in pressure washing machine and equipment and one who will do all the cleaning and waxing work. Both should be expert in all the jobs so that one can work and other can assist. A team also helps in reducing working time to give efficient result.

Capital investment required:

The major expenditure in pressure washing business will come from owning the pressure washing machine. It costs in few thousand dollars and thus is expensive to own. In order to minimize the capital investment you can lease the machine with a down payment and pay a monthly EMI. The second option is to rent it at a particular price on monthly basis in the initial days. Renting machine may work for initial period but for long run you need to own the machine since it will get wear and tear with time and may cost you much.

Purchasing in a go will save your extra expense in EMI payment and will also make you its owner which will make you free in operations without thinking about the security of the machine which becomes a liability while renting. You can also buy or rent the water tanker which costs not much.

The third important capital investment will come from purchasing or renting a vehicle that will carry the machine. It would be a better idea to rent the vehicle or buy a second or third hand vehicle since you only need to use it for carrying the machine. This will reduce your cost to a much an extent.

Investment will also be required when it comes to manpower. Your team also requires spending which you will have to pay either weekly or monthly. It would be advisable to go for weekly or monthly payment since in the initial days you need sincere work. Don’t compromise on the efficiency and expertize of your team as it will have direct impact on your business. Don’t have a large team in initial days but have a small but efficient team.

Lastly, you will need an investment in your office if you are willing to make it not in your house in the form of rent. The best option would be to use your own house to reduce cost. Apart from this, you need some investment for office requirements, advertisement, other small equipment, cloth, cleaning materials, wax, etc.

Arrangement of capital:

Arranging capital is something very important to initiate your business. Even in earlier days of your business you need some amount which can also be your security amount. You can arrange money by taking a loan of a particular amount from the bank.

If you are not quite sure that you will repay the loan to the bank then you can better use the capital you have with you. If someone is interested in helping you then you should definitely go for it.

Legal aspects of your business

The first legal aspect that comes in your business is to register it as a legal entity. You also need to register yourself as a taxpayer since this business will basically be a proprietorship business. Do take the following steps:

  • Open a bank account on your business name
  • Hire a legal advisor who will carry out the required task
  • Register your business and make it a legal entity with a name
  • Become a tax payer by registering yourself
  • Take required permissions like waste water discharge permit and other such permits
  • Insure your business with an insurance agency
  • Complete other such works like labor security, contracts, leasing documents, etc.

Most your job will be done by hiring a legal advisor. The advantage here will be that you will be saved from all the hassle and legal work.

Advertisement and promotion of business:

Make your business a brand with a name and logo. Put such banners and posters on your vehicle carrying the pressure washing machine. You can also put such billboards on your office and the target area of your business.

You can also register yourself in the social circuit of pressure washing business or other such organizations that provide customers. You can also do online advertisement or join such portals that deal with such jobs.

Lastly, have your visiting card and make a network with people who mostly indulge in this business.

Return on investment:

Pressure washing and waxing a vehicle will give you a return of $100-150. Similarly there are rates fixed for washing roads, apartments, buildings, etc. Additional touch up also adds some bucks in your charging.

Research a bit more on how you can add more money to your charges by adding some additional touchup jobs. On an average if you are able to pressure wash 5-8 vehicles or apartments in a day then you can easily earn $1000 per day. Though such amount will take a while to be earned.

Overview of pressure washing business:

A pressure washing business can be termed into a small and medium sized business entity that is able to generate a fair amount of profit that can easily be multiplied with time. It may take few years to fully grow your business and then turn it into a long scale business that may add franchise on brand name.

At the earliest, learning to cater to your clients need by gaining a fine price is what one should focus on. Be patient and in within few years your business will generate profitable revenue. Always try to learn new things and always be ahead in your business and do not shy from embracing technology.



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