Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Based Startup Ideas That will Thrive

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is flourishing with its wing. More and more individuals and companies are getting interested to incorporate AI solutions in their day-to-day life.

The main goal of AI solutions is to alleviate the workload and to boost the business productivity. 

Hence, it is the perfect time to start a business to offer AI-enabled solutions. AI is here to stay and it has excellent business possibilities. 

Many people want to leverage AI in their businesses. But, they do not know how to do it.

Your solutions can fill up this gap. As a result, individuals and entrepreneurs alike can access to amazing benefits of AI. 

Thus, they could save time, resources, and effort. It will boost their productivity and lower the troubles in making business decisions. 

Now, you need AI-based startup ideas to choose from.

Here are 10 best AI based startup ideas to start a remarkable business journey in 2021:

#1. AI-Based Healthcare

Do you know the uses of AI in the healthcare sector are on the rise? That means you can plan a startup in this domain. 

If you belong to the technical field, an AI-based healthcare startup can match you. Your business can help healthcare providers in monitoring patients. 

Thus, these people can receive proper medical attention within time. 

Moreover, it can also weed out the needs for hospitalization. The best part is that your startup can help to extend the life span of patients. 

Proper diagnosis is essential to stop a disease from advancing further. And AI-based diagnosis can help a lot in this regard. 

Moreover, it is also a profitable business idea to start your journey. It has great potential, which can eliminate all the inaccuracies and errors in diagnosis. 

#2. Energy-Related Startup

You can begin an AI-based startup to conserve energy. Design an AI-based app that can learn and forecast a load of energy. Loads of manufacturing companies are looking for such solutions. 

It can lower business investments and waste. That means you will get abundant opportunities in this field. 

AI applications can grasp and anticipate the upcoming energy load at detailed levels. It comes to the picture during singular mixing activities. 

Thus, it will get possible to alleviate investments and waste alike. 

#3. AI-Based Marketing Startup

Do you own an eCommerce website? Or are you planning to start an eCommerce business?

Then, adding and posting high-quality product images is essential for you. 

To fulfill that purpose, you will need to keep searching for images day and night. 

Do you want to avoid this part and boost your productivity instead? Then, an AI-based on-device recognition tool can work great for you. 

Where will you get it from? You do not need to worry!

Ask your software development team that has designed & developed your mobile app. 

The respective team will add this tool to the admin. It will scan and arrange the product images in your device.

Moreover, the on-device recognition tool can categorize the images based on the subject. 

What will be your gain then?

You will get loads of high-quality product images, based on the product type, geographical area, and target markets. 

Thus, you can expect to take your eCommerce business to a new level. 

#4. AI-Based Entertainment Startup

AI can contribute to the entertainment field as well. 

You can launch the business of recreational AI-enabled applications. These apps will perform image and voice recognition. 

More and more industries are showing interest to use chatbots. You can leverage the power of AI via machine learning. 

Advanced machine learning concepts can develop intelligent attributes for voice assistant. 

These voices AI start-ups were rare earlier. However, competition in this space is getting stiffer over the period. 

AI-based conversation interfaces can resolve the most anticipated queries of customers when they start navigating in entertainment apps. 

For instance, such apps can help visitors to know about caretaker services in hotels or the available products to buy. 

#5. Design An AI-Based App for Journalist

You must know journalists need to keep on finding out the latest events throughout the world. 

However, respondents need to devote lots of time and efforts to accumulate day-to-day data and information. It will provide journalists with a brilliant AI experience. 

Therefore, you can start an AI-based mobile app business in this regard. Appoint a few software developers to accelerate the entire task. The developed app must auto-generate a report upon asking critical information. 

Users can provide the needed information to the app as voice commands. The app should also enable the users to review the generated report later. The application must be of cutting-edge quality. 

Besides, your startup must have an efficient customer support team to resolve people’s queries. 

#6. E-Recruitment Automation

Recruiting an ideal candidate for a post in a company is not a cakewalk. 

It involves a host of steps, which call for time, efforts, and resources. 

Recruiters need to analyze resumes, match qualifications and experiences with the job requirements, and so on. AI can help companies to streamline the task. 

And you can start a business to make the companies leverage AI benefits. 

Develop an AI-based recruitment app to streamline the recruitment tasks and alleviate the efforts to hire the right candidates. 

You can expect a high demand for your app. It is because this AI-enabled app won’t consider candidates with a lack of qualifications or insufficient experience. 

That means the search results of candidates will be relevant to the respective job role. 

Hire a few app developers to divide the projects. As a result, you can expect to grow your business in less time. 

#7. Cloud-Based Attendance Application

Many employers are nowadays looking for a feature-loaded cloud-based attendance application. 

It is meant to be a great relief to them. So, developing a cloud-based attendance app can be a profitable venture for you. 

Add as many features as available so that employers can find out all the employee details easily.

Your app must be able to display information regarding clock-in or clock-out via biometric or punch cards. 

Employers can store such information in cloud memory with your app. Do you want to make your app even more powerful?

Then, you can add the feature of real-time employee tracking throughout the working hours. Employees will need to install the app on their respective mobile devices. 

Thus, you can help employers to assess the productivity of employees. Moreover, this convenience will also help employers with remote employees. 

Your app will also act as the safety measure of the company. Employers can track whether or not all employees are abiding by the company rules. 

Hence, if you can develop a cutting-edge app, you can expect to get great popularity.Note that the proper marketing of your app is also needed. 

#8. AI-Based E-Learning Apps

AI-based tools have changed the ways of reading, writing, or searching texts. 

Are you interested to start a venture in the AI domain? Then, starting an e-learning business can be a profitable idea for you. 

It will be an advanced AI-enabled app to comprehend, read, or search for the users.

Thus, you can help researchers to get familiar with the current technologies, information, and tools. 

Moreover, your app can also help students to figure out answers to their queries by searching throughout the potential websites. 

Make your AI-based e-learning app interface as much user-friendly and easy-to-navigate as possible.

#9. AI-Enabled Home Manager Startup

Nowadays, many people prefer home automation for their convenience. They want to control various aspects of their home at their own pace. 

You can help homeowners to streamline the home management with your solutions. Develop an app to boost the home automation concept. 

As a result, the users of your app can handle the activities within their properties. 

Moreover, the solution should be place-independent. That means they can control things being present at home or outside, any part of the world. 

Note that AI-based home automation has a bright future and excellent potential. 

Your developed solution must exhibit self-driving functionalities. 

You can expect a huge growth in your business if you can develop a top-notch app. 

#10. AI-Based Business Analyst Platform

You can think about developing an AI-based app that can analyze a business.

It must be able to detect gaps in the current market scenario. 

As a result, entrepreneurs can easily make business decisions. 

It will help them to find out where they should invest time, resources, and effort. 

Add features to your app so that it could offer new business strategies. 

Moreover, your app should also be able to analyze loads of information pieces from national, state, and local economies. 

Besides, it should be capable of figuring out consumer demands. 

Your AI-based app for business analysis can generate business ideas that might have been missed or overlooked for longer. 

Wrapping Up

Now, you are familiar with the 10 best Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based startup ideas. 

Different business ideas need a different set of expertise, skills, knowledge, and experience. 

Hence, you should first find out the feasible business idea for you. 

Next, start making the blueprint of your business.

Hire professionals, if you want. Create marketing strategies. 

Cross-check if everything in place. 

And you will be all set to start your AI-based venture. 


1. What is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Based Startup?

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) Based Startup is a company or organization that is engaged in developing, researching, and/or utilizing AI technology. AI startup projects can range from natural language processing, robotics, self-driving cars, machine learning, predictive analytics, and more.

2. How can I get involved in creating an Artificial Intelligence Based Startup?

There are a number of paths to getting involved in AI startups. Entrepreneurs and founders can gain experience in the space by attending relevant conferences and workshops, participating in hackathons, and networking with AI professionals. You can also further hone skills and knowledge in the field by taking classes and certifications, getting hands-on experience through projects, and learning from other AI startups.

3. What type of Artificial Intelligence Based Startup should I create?

It depends on the resources and skillset you have available. Some popular AI startup ideas include natural language processing, robotics, self-driving cars, machine learning, predictive analytics, and chatbots. However, other AI applications are becoming increasingly popular and present a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to explore.

4. What are the core skills needed to develop and launch an Artificial Intelligence Based Startup?

The most important skills needed to develop and launch an AI Based Startup include coding, data science, AI algorithms, and machine learning. Additionally, entrepreneurs and founders should have an understanding of business fundamentals, including strategy, operations, finance, and marketing.

5. How can I fund an Artificial Intelligence Based Startup?

There are a variety of ways to fund an AI Based startup. Founders can explore traditional venture capital investments, crowd-sourced funding, and equity crowdfunding. In addition, government grants and AI incubators can be great resources for founders to explore.

6. What are the advantages of starting an Artificial Intelligence Based Startup?

There are a number of advantages to starting an AI Based startup. This technology can help companies increase efficiency, reduce costs, enhance customer experience and satisfaction, and accelerate time to market. Additionally, AI can be used to identify new markets and increase sales.

7. What are the potential risks associated with developing an Artificial Intelligence Based Startup?

There are a variety of potential risks associated with developing an AI Based startup. These include hardware and software failure, data privacy and security issues, legal issues, and algorithmic bias. Additionally, AI can require large amounts of data and resources that may be difficult to obtain.

8. What are the key steps for launching an Artificial Intelligence Based Startup?

The key steps for launching an AI Based startup include conducting market research, creating a business plan, acquiring any necessary resources, developing prototypes and testing, and launching the products and services. Additionally, it’s important to create a marketing and distribution plan and a customer service strategy.

9. How can I evaluate the success of an Artificial Intelligence Based Startup?

Success for an AI startup can be gauged by the customer adoption rate and the overall impact of its solution on its clients. Additional metrics to consider include user engagement, feedback loops, customer satisfaction, and revenue growth.

10. What are the best resources for learning more about Artificial Intelligence Based Startups?

There are a variety of great resources available for entrepreneurs looking to learn more about AI startups. These include books and literature, online courses, blogs and news sites, industry events and conferences, and online workshops and tutorials. Additionally, AI experts, startups, and venture capitalists can all be great sources of knowledge and inspiration.

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