Top 10 Franchise Business Opportunities in India

Franchising business is an ultimate trend, and one willing to start a business with capital and dedication and a lot of revenue expectations can surely go for this. Franchises are useful for the existing parent companies and the franchisees as well. Business organizations can increase their presence and footprint in India by connecting with other businesses and selling their products or services across the country. It contributes to significant economic growth along with numerous employment opportunities. 

On the other hand, new business entrepreneurs are confused and scared to start a new venture and do not know whether they will succeed in the future or not. But becoming a franchisee helps the business owner to have a stable market standing and worry less about promotion and marketing activities. As they are associated with a reputed business model and entity, they can sell the related products and services easily. However, if you are innovative and want to focus on your product creation and sale, then this idea of business will surely not help you. But if you want to earn revenue and connect with a good brand and develop a strong rapport with them, you can surely go for this. 

We will discuss the 10 franchise businesses in India. We assume that you are well-acquainted with the benefits and drawbacks of this business model and are willing to take a plunge. You want ideas and inspiration and know a few reputed brands, and this is what we will be helping you about. 

1. Patanjali

Of course, the first place goes to this authentic and popular brand, Patanjali. If you are a regular user, you cannot appreciate it enough about these products. The demand is exceptional as you can never notice a vacant Patanjali store in India. Established by Baba Ramdev, these business products belong to a massive and varied category. You will need at least 7 lakhs to set up the space in a minimum 500 sq. ft. area and purchase the necessary products to stock up the same. It is an economical brand, and the rich and middle-class and poor all buy these products. Hence, you will be attracting a lot of audience to this store. 

2. KFC

Now, let us come to the fast-food section, which is a lot contrary to the above brand. KFC is popular among non-vegetarians, and you must have met at least one foodie who has boasted enough about this brand’s chicken burgers. A US brand formed in 1939; it serves snacks to more than 12 million customers in a day all over the world. The investment is massive at around 50 lakhs, and it needs to be set up at a prominent location and not in the far-off areas. 

3. Lenskart

Yes, when it comes to eyeglasses, the first name that pops up is Lenskart. Indeed, they have established a prominent presence in these years through marketing initiatives and excellent customer service standards. They have more than 1000 stores in India, and you could start the next in your town. Women entrepreneurs can grab this opportunity as they have a special program for them. Investment is around 30 lakhs, and a minimum of 300 sq. ft. space is required. It is better to open this store in a mall or a busy area as people from well-do families will be visiting your store. Even if they have a solid online sales record, the physical stores experience an equal amount of footfall. 

4. Café Coffee Day/Starbucks

Let us come to the beverage section, and these two brands come into our mind instantly. These places do not serve only coffee, but they provide a special space to hang out with friends or to have a nice chat with your loved one. If you want to indulge in this amazing business idea, these two brands are the must to consider. The investment is 10 lakhs, but you will need a huge space of at least 1000 sq. ft and the ambience to have this facility set up. You will need the specific equipment and staff to carry out the work. Placing this shop where youngsters usually hang out will help you earn good revenue. 

5. Pizza Hut/Dominos

If you want to sell pizza and earn revenue, then there is nothing more exciting and promising other than connecting with Pizza Hut or Dominos. It is because pizza is associated with these brands in India. Even if there is tough competition between these two brands, both work very well and provide you sufficient returns and brand image in the future. You can start a new outlet in your area or city with an investment of around 40 lakhs. The space should be pretty good as people would be sitting and spending time over fresh pizza. 

6. Baskin Robbins/ Monginis

Though both these brands have sufficient outlets in the country, you can still open another one where it is not. These are dessert-based brands, and you will never get tired of them. You need only 200 or 300 sq. ft. of space as people won’t be spending much time in the outlet. They will take away whatever they require. 10 lakh investment is required, but we are sure the returns will be high, particularly in the festive and summer season when desserts are the must. 

7. Javed Habib/Lakme/Loreal

The first one is a specific hair salon brand, while the other deals with women’s beauty alone. If you are into beauty and hair care, then starting such a business will be beneficial. You can explore your passion and connect with a reputed brand as well. The profit is higher as you can expect people valuing the brand name. The investment differs as per the brand you choose and the city in which you are located. You can expect good footfall during the wedding and festive seasons. 

8. DTDC Courier/FedEx

One of the profitable franchise business ideas with minimal investment and space is the courier business. DTDC and FedEx are the brands that you collaborate with. You will need a few skilled people who can take care of the delivery, accounts, etc., but you will require the least space and money. The returns are good, and these two brands have been doing really well for years. 

9. Crossword

If you are into books – selling or renting them out, then Crossword or other related brands is a great idea for you. Crossword stores are mostly situated in malls or near them, and hence, you need to set aside an appropriate budget for it. The investment is high of around 10-20 lakhs. But you can connect with the best-selling authors and connect with brands and have a great time maintaining the store. 

10. Wellness Forever

We all know medicines are the essentials, and even a local pharmacy store earns very well in any area. If you plan for franchise business and dive into something challenging and capital-intensive, then connecting with a pharmacy brand like Wellness Forever is a great initiative. The location should be ideal in the prominent place of the city, and you need to hire good and friendly staff. Moreover, as you offer discounts on the medicines, people will rush to your store or order online as per their convenience. 

We hope the above 10 franchise ideas are perfect, and you can connect with any of these brands, depending on your budget and interest level. 

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