Top 10 Franchise Under $50K in the USA

Franchises under $50K in the USA

Franchising is one of the most successful concepts in the business world. The practice started only in the recent years but has got a really good kick in driving many entrepreneurs towards it. Of all the reasons to run a business on a franchised basis, the benefit of already established standards in the market stands first in the list.

When you are a franchisee of any particular brand, there is never a need for marketing the product or service. The brand would have already established its standards in the market and that is why you have an opportunity to operate one of those branches. Coming to the part of investment, franchising definitely needs one to be financially stable to get into contract of franchising.

The reason is the brand recognition again. If a brand is in demand in so many locations and has a very  good frequency of customers, then there is surely a high-class infrastructure and service system adopted by the brand. To replicate the same, you will also need a highly supportive financial background.

While this is the general case, there are few exceptional types of companies and brands with less investment needs. Below given are famous brands that can be taken for franchising under the budget of $50k dollars or even lesser. Most of them are service-based since you are expecting to invest less.

Top 10 Franchises You Can Start With $50K

Cruise planners

First in the list is the travel industry that has been showing amazing growth in the USA. Cruise planners give you the biggest benefit to work from home. This reduces the cost of having a store front and other general expenses that may occur if required a virtual store. As a new model of business without a physical existence, Cruise planners did make a big difference in the industry of franchising. The profile of the business is basically about travel. You become a franchisee of Cruise Planners selling travel and tour consultations.

You can also call yourself as a travel advisor planning tours and vacations. Another important benefit to note in Cruise planners is that you are working for a company that is affiliated with the American Express travel which is a nationally recognized travel agency. When you become a part of Cruise planners as a franchisee, you are given with various benefits.

Firstly, you don’t have to do it all by yourself. After you agree upon the franchising opportunity, you get access to various technology and tools that the brand uses to  operate the business. These tools are exclusively designed to enhance travel business and stand unique from the rest in the industry. The background of the brand you are franchising is very important to consider before you actually step in.

In that way you are indeed stepping into a brand that has been functioning  for more than 25 years. Americans spend more than 10% of their income in travel. Reports also say that vacations are a central focus for Americans. The number of vacations they plan per year is 4.4 million and these reports and figures are all enough for you to venture in. Below I have given few steps to become a part of Cruise Planners.

  • Sign up for a webinar on the brand’s website
  • They will send you a Franchising Disclosure Document.
  • You have a 14 day wait period for signing the document.

After these, you are all set for the program and they provide you with a 6 day training. Lastly, the investment required may be from $2295 to $23367.

Building stars

Building stars, from the name is not a building company. The business is all about cleaning service on a planned and managed level. The brand has been topping the industry since 1994 and has started providing opportunities of franchising since 2000. Three levels of franchising is available at this business.

  • Technician
  • Onsite manager
  • Corporate

Depending on the level you are at, the investment may vary from $2000 to $50500. Here at Building stars, cleaning business is done at its best. To ensure consistency in work, the brand has focused only on the corporate platform leaving restaurants, residences etc., aside. The company provides you better accounting solutions that will lead your business higher for consistent growth.

This business of commercial cleaning is a million dollar business in the USA as the country gives special attention to workplace and cleanliness. Simple steps of being a part of Building Stars are available at their website. Drop an application and the rest is directed by them including the training you need.

Stratus building solutions

As businesses grow, every other supportive services to it also grows. Cleaning is one among the supportive services that grows big in a short span of time. The demand makes for cleaning service makes it a big success. This is another brand of cleaning services in the USA next to Building Stars in the list. Imagine the level of significance cleaning industry has if it has these many companies in the industry.

Having this huge level of competition, these companies stand different from each in at least one aspect. In that way, Stratus has the pride of providing green clean services enhancing the need to protect the environment. The business operates in 32 cities and has an amazing record of customers since the start. This has led to its functioning in almost all the places of the country making it 1400 units. The reasons to choose Stratus to get franchise ownership are,

  • Low-investment
  • Options or levels of franchising within the agreement
  • Stratus green clean products provided to franchisees
  • Equipment and tool of highest technology
  • Training on unique cleaning methods

The investment ranges from $3000 to $50000 including franchising fee. The period of franchising is 12 years which is renewable.


Jazzercise is a dance fitness company widely supported by the people of the USA. The dance form holds in aspects of health and fitness along with party dance. The dance company was found in 1969 and has now been spreading widely over the country with many  franchises. To become a franchise owner of Jazzercise, all you need is good skills of dance and a little knowledge about health. So, the case is that every certified instructor can become a franchisee. In this dance company, you have two options of franchising.

  • Associate instructor
  • Owner instructor

To become an associate instructor you will have to pay a franchise fee of $1250 and an Annual Associate fee of $120. With this, you can clearly enjoy a very reasonable amount of revenue without actually playing the part of an owner.

In the second case, you become the owner. You can take up this type of franchising if you are well sure of your financial abilities. Your investment depends on the size of the studio you wish to create. And as a franchisee of Jazzercise, you will be given access to exclusive music owned by the company and few other sound software. On becoming a franchisee owner of this dance company, your investment will be spent on the following areas.

  • Facility rent
  • Sound system
  • Mp3 players
  • Instructor stage
  • Facility equipment
  • Advertising materials
  • Phone and other necessary office supplies

Remember, on your application to become a franchisee of this dance company you will be trained and checked for your dancing skills. Only after clearing the audition you will be permitted to be a part of Jazzercise. On an average you can witness income of $50000 annually.

Town Money Saver

Town money saver is an interesting idea to uplift small blooming companies of the USA. This idea gets a mutual benefit to the ones making use of it. Being a monthly publication, the magazine holds advertisements and coupons of any new businesses that comes to the market. This way, people get to know about the company by receiving discounts and coupons at the same time. To make it simpler, these publications are more like a platform for small business to be marketed.

Franchising this type of advertising publication will generate consistent income from local businesses around you. The whole concept works on the basis of community creation. You, as a franchisee will operate in units which is one community. When you start your application to this company to become a franchisee, you will be bestowed with numerous advantages.

First among those is the community creation by the company itself. They direct mail to many local businesses to connect them into your community. Also, you don’t have to be curious about the editing and graphics of the magazine. As an add-on you get it all done by the Town money saver’s team. All you need is 3-5 years of sales experience.

Like the other companies we discussed before, this one too has a benefit of operating without a storefront. Investment may range from $5700 to $17000. Brightening you all up, there is no franchising fee for this business. You get to be a owner franchisee on a Performance Awarded Franchise basis.

Coffee news

This is again a publication company that publishes its weekly magazine to coffee shops and restaurants. This works just like Town Money Savers, only difference is that the company does not deliver magazines to households. Your investment here will range from $9750 to $10750. And the franchising fee will be around $8500.


1. What are the most affordable franchise opportunities available in the USA?

There are a variety of franchise opportunities in the USA available for under $50,000 including cleaning services, web services, and pet-sitting franchises.

2. What is the cheapest franchise in the USA?

The exact cost of a franchise can depend on the individual franchise, however, according to Forbes there are several franchise opportunities in the USA available for under $50,000 including MisterClean, Mosquito Squad, CleanNet USA, and Firehouse Subs.

3. What qualifications do I need to start a franchise in the USA?

To operate a franchise in the USA, you will need an entrepreneurial spirit and typically need to meet requirements outlined by specific franchisors, such as have industry experience, have business management experience, or have a certain level of capital available.

4. How much money do I need for a franchise in the USA?

The cost of a franchise will depend on the individual franchisor, however, there are various franchises in the USA that require an investment of under $50,000 including MisterClean, Mosquito Squad, CleanNet USA, and Firehouse Subs.

5. What are the risks associated with owning a franchise in the USA?

The risks associated with owning a franchise in the USA may include making an insufficient return on investment, an inability to compete with other similar franchises in the same markets, difficulty in building customer loyalty and retaining a quality staff.

6. Is franchising the right business model for me?

Franchising can be an excellent business model for individuals who are looking for an established market and support. You should research the franchisor and the industry before investing to ensure it is the right model for you.

7. How much revenue can I expect to make from a franchise in the USA?

How much revenue you can make from a franchise in the USA will depend on a variety of factors such as the franchise, the location, and the business model. It is always recommended that you speak with the franchisor and seek professional advice before investing.

8. What are the current trends for franchises in the USA?

Currently, there is a trend towards franchisors offering new services in order to keep up with changing demographics and customer demands. There is a strong focus on technology and innovation.

9. Is it possible to own more than one franchise in the USA?

Yes, it is possible to own more than one franchise in the USA, however you should speak with a qualified professional beforehand to ensure that the franchises will not conflict with each other.

10. Are there tax advantages to owning a franchise in the USA?

Yes, there may be tax advantages to owning a franchise in the USA, depending on the laws in each state. It is important to speak with a qualified professional regarding your particular situation before investing.

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