Top 20 Business Ideas & Investment Opportunities in Ghana

business investment ideas in ghana

The last financial year was really gloomy for the people of Ghana as the economy was not in a right form and continuously the GDP was dropping due to the various internal and external factors.

But last year, in 2020, the economy revived and is now growing at a rate of Economic growth is projected at about 1 % in 2020 due to the COVID-19 crisis according to the World Bank survey to achieve its target growth of 3.5% by the end of FY 2021-2022. It is the right time to start your own business in Ghana, if you are looking for some profitable small business ideas with low capital in Ghana then read on, I have crafted 20 best and profitable small business opportunities with low investment in Ghana for you to start your own business venture.

The government of the country is working hard to maintain the fiscal policies and growth on track by various measures and one of the most important one being influencing the new minds in the business to form new startup companies to make the economy grow on its own and develop further. The formation of new business will not only increase the growth of the nation but will also cut down its dependence on foreign debts.

The key industries of this country are agriculture where almost 1/4th of the GDP is generated followed by financial services and construction in both rural and urban areas. The next two major sectors which contribute to the GDP are crude oil and energy sectors.

So, if you are planning to invest in the economy of Ghana, you can target these industries as well as other few sectors which are discussed below.

Here are 20 profitable business ideas for Ghana in 2021

1. App-based knowledge platform for farmers:

As Ghana’s economy is mostly dominated by agriculture thus a knowledge platform for the rural farmers is necessary, isn’t it? You can develop an app where farmers and people related to farming and agriculture in Ghana can drop their questions regarding different aspects of agriculture and experts can answer those question to make them farm efficiently.

There you can make communities as well where the members can discuss different prospects of a product and issues and problems and how to solve them. Since the market is dominated by agricultural products; this app will definitely make a mark and earn you revenue in the long run.

2. Fertilizers and Pesticides manufacturing companies:

For the same reason stated above, that the country’s main GDP comes from agricultural products, fertilizers play a pivotal role in agriculture and farming. Since this is the age for bio-fertilisers and bio-pesticides for the benefit of the human beings, you can invest in companies or build one which will be involved in the manufacturing of these items.

There is huge opportunity for these products and if you are getting into manufacturing bio-fertilisers then you can grab the market easily as people in Ghana are looking for alternatives to chemical fertilisers to boost their agricultural production.

3. Financial Institution for rural farmers:

The main baggage or the problem that every farmer in Ghana has to face is related to the finance. Either they don’t have enough to finance their need for the qualitative production or they are not able to market their products properly and thus they are not able to earn the required amount they need. With a financial institution may be on the small scale in the rural or the outskirts of the country where most of the farmers are suffering due to no finance can be a great investment.

You can start by financing a section of farmers and help them grow good crops and market their products as well besides financing so that they can repay your loan. Once, you start getting the confidence from the farmers, you can literally grow big as financing in the agricultural sector has always proven to be a great investment provided you channelize the investment properly.

4. App-based delivery services:

Since Ghana is a market which is at its developing stage; the e-commerce market is hitting the country at its high time. There is a requirement for quick delivery services of foods, apparels, household stuff and many other things as we see in all other countries. The main benefit of investing in building app-based delivery services is that this market is not saturated in Ghana at this point.

You have fewer competitors and more businesses which will help you grow. You can build an app and sell it to the giant stores in the country or the e-commerce businesses and get revenue out of it.

5. Offline and Online Payments app:

Since the e-commerce market is getting developed in the country, there is obviously a need growing for the online transactions as well. Online and offline payments facilitate most of the customers, so investing in such an app will be a great venture.

You might be wondering why offline payment app or feature is required when there is online service, there are places or situation when you need to transfer or receive money but you have a poor internet connection or no internet connection at that particular point in time, then the offline services can help a lot. Moreover, with the offline services, the reach of your app and services can be wider.

6. Game Development Company:

Games are normally played by every youngster in their school and college days and Ghana people are no backward in this section. So, if you are a game enthusiast and want to build your career in it but want to do something of your own, you can invest in game development companies or start building your own game at your own pace and once your few games are famous and popular, you can take it to another level.

7. Analytics for logistics and inventory management companies:

Again since the country is highly into agriculture, there are lots of agricultural raw materials and harvested products which need to be warehoused. So, there is an utmost requirement for inventory and logistics management in the country. If you can build a small team of people who are well versed in the logistics and inventory management and form a small logistics management company, then you can join hands with different agro-based companies for looking after their stocks.

8. Vocational training institutes for graduates:

Ghana’s economy is progressing towards the liberalization and thus there is a huge need for skilled and well educated graduated who can work in and outside the country. Moreover, the development which is taking place in the country is demanding more skilled workers. Vocational training institutes for the graduates can be a boon for the graduates seeking opportunities in the job market.

If you are well trained in a field and want to start your own business, try spreading knowledge and this is a great business opportunity in any country especially the developing ones as the numbers of candidates you will get is huge if you can train them well and get them closer to what they want to be.

9. App-based real estate search engine:

Since the opportunities are growing in the Ghana market, there are also people traveling for looking for these opportunities in Ghana as thus the real estate market is booming in the country. People are looking for rentals for short term as well as long-term stays for working and studying.

So, if you can build an app and monetize it which will help people search for properties available in their desired locality, you can reap good money and set a full-fledged business out of it.

10. App-based lifestyle and wellness service:

Ghana people are very much fond of health and good lifestyle due to the influence of the oil-producing market in the neighborhood as well as in their own country. So, there is always a section of people looking for better lifestyle and wellness services.

If you can build an application which will help them get the best deals online for wellness and lifestyle products and services, the business can earn your profits in little time.

11. App-based ride-sharing services:

Sharing a ride to your office is always good for your pocket and if you have an application to check the available rides which you can share with someone else and divide the money, it is overwhelming. If you are looking for investment opportunities in the transportation sector, this can be a great choice.

12. App-based buy/sell of used Items:

There is a new trend in the market that you can exchange your old household products to get discounts on your new purchases. Even you can exchange for other items as well. So, if you are looking for some trendy and profitable business opportunities in Ghana since the market is developing and progressing and adapting the new changes, this app-based service can get you where you want.

13. App-based doctor appointment services:

Doctors and medical facilities are required in every city and countries and Ghana is not an exception. With the rise in the use of internet in the country, this is the right time to introduce application or internet-based services from eminent doctors. You can design your application with on-call doctor services, pre-booked appointments services, on-call medical help services as well as you can also get along with the on-call emergency medicine delivery services.

14. Online shopping and e-commerce services:

As stated above, the e-commerce market is growing rapidly in Ghana though it is still in the nascent stage the growth is huge and there are lots of opportunities in this sector. People are buying even groceries online these days, so, you can reap money from building online sites for shopping or apps for the same if you can partner with the reliable and popular companies.

15. Online job search portals:

Jobs and opportunities will be searched by the recent graduates and even by the experienced people and since the internet facility has to be made wider in the recent few years in Ghana, people are searching jobs online. You can build a portal or online site where you can list down different job opening from different companies in the city and even in the whole country and once your site becomes popular you can monetize it and earn revenue out of it.

16. Health services in rural areas via mobile based activity:

Ghana is still predominated by rural areas where there is no proper medical service available. But with the wide reach of the internet and mobile phones, now they can reach and ask for medical help in the time of emergencies and even for health care in general.

You can invest in this sector by developing such application which will help the rural people seek health care services with the help of mobile phones and if the internet is there then they can also use the internet facility to get quick medical assistance.

17. App-based customer services and knowledge:

Since the e-commerce and internet based companies are growing in Ghana, and there are other big companies already in the market especially in the oil and gas sector, customer services is an important thing to be concerned off.

Since the competition is getting rough day by day, companies look for genuine customer service providers and if you are a people’s person then you can invest in building an application which will assists as well as take reviews from customers and help them companies to grow.

18. Online Travelling Suggestion services:

When the country is having oil resources, it is obvious that at least a major chunk of the citizens are wealthy and they love travelling as well and if they do then you have a chance to build an online portal where you can help them choose the holiday destinations and other offers as well.

19. Investment in crude oil and energy sector:

Ghana is surrounded by giant oil-producing countries and it is also one of the oil-producing So, you can anytime invest your money in these companies or deal in energy resource products to reap a good amount of profit.

20. Online financial services:

Last but obviously not the least, with the country’s progress, financial needs also increase in people. Online financial services like insurance and stock market or banking facilities can help the customers a lot and can earn you good revenue as well.


1. What business ideas are available for investors in Ghana?

There are many business opportunities available for investors in Ghana, such as agriculture, eCommerce, renewable energy, manufacturing, hospitality, information technology, tourism and logistics services.

2. What investment opportunities are available in Ghana?

Ghana offers numerous investment opportunities, including media, banking, finance and real estate. Other possible investment opportunities in Ghana may include emerging market investments, import/export services, renewable energy, start-ups and joint ventures.

3. How can I obtain financing for my business in Ghana?

Financing for businesses in Ghana is obtainable via a combination of grants, loans and other stimulus packages from the government. Business owners may also look for private equity investors, venture capital and seed funding opportunities.

4. Is taxation of businesses in Ghana favourable?

Yes, Ghana has a system of taxation that is considered to be fairly favourable to businesses operating in the country. Businesses must pay taxes, however there are some incentives in place such as tax exemptions, deductions and credits that are available.

5. Is the legal framework supportive of businesses operating in Ghana?

Yes, Ghana has a legally binding framework in place for business activities. This includes relevant laws pertaining to the registration, operation and management of businesses.

6. Is there support for tech businesses in Ghana?

Yes, the government of Ghana has invested heavily in technology infrastructure and initiatives designed to foster innovation. There are also dedicated funds to support tech start-ups in Ghana.

7. What kind of network is available for entrepreneurs in Ghana?

There are numerous networks for entrepreneurs in Ghana, including support for local incubators, accelerators and business associations such as the Ghana Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

8. Are there investment opportunities in Ghana for foreign investors?

Yes, there are numerous investment opportunities available in Ghana for foreign investors. These range from real estate, stocks and shares, venture capital and equity investments.

9. What are the best business opportunities in Ghana?

The best business opportunities in Ghana are largely dependant on the sector and capital of the investor. Popular and profitable business ideas currently operating in Ghana include agriculture, ICT and hospitality.

10. What sector is seeing the most growth in Ghana?

The sector most experiencing growth in Ghana is information technology and communications (ICT). This is due to the growing mobile phone usage and the high demand for internet and data services.

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