20 Profitable Transportation Business Ideas to Consider in 2021

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Transportation business is very profitable if you start with effective business plan. There are lots of opportunities in this sector but one need to understand the current demand based on their geographical location. 

Transportation also covers important aspects such as ambulance, medical emergency, outstation, shifting etc. Moreover, the traffic problems in several big cities have also laid the path for public and private transport to occupy the roads. Therefore, lot of people depend heavily on transportation.

In lieu of the above fact, transport industry has seen a sudden boom in the market. We are witnessing the rise in cabs on the road. It has turned out to be a profitable business and lot of people are seeing it as a profitable startup idea.

There is no doubt that one will need some basic investment and skill to start a business in this field but undoubtedly the returns are huge. Let us discuss some of the basic transport business ideas which you can start immediately in market.

Also, we are witnessing the rapid growth in the use of electric vehicles from last couple of years. Next 10 years is going to be the decade of electric vehicles dominance. Electric vehicle taxi service is going to rule the market for sure.

Different Profit Making Transport Business Ideas are as Follows:

1. App Based Taxi Service like Uber

Mobile apps based taxi service such as Uber are on the rise in small towns as well. It is a convenient mode of transportation and preferred by most of the people.

You can start by just becoming an Uber-drive in partner. All you need is to get your car number registered in the regional office and submit some basic documents. That’s it and you are all set to start your own business. It depends on you as to how many car numbers are registered which can run on the road.

Just keep in mind that you need a good driver with good driving skills to get you a good return.

2. Car Shuttle Service

Car shuttle service mostly refers to point to point pick up or drop to a particular location. This facility is mostly availed by the company employees.

Employees book cabs for their employees through a third party agency. You can get into a contract with one or more such companies and earn a healthy profit. These days’ different cabs are being introduced for women who work in the night shifts. The charges are usually high for the pick-up/drop thus giving you a substantial profit.

3. Outstation Car Rentals

There are so many agencies who are running this business currently. You can also set up your own agency. Usually outstation car rentals take people on a trip. It could be for few days, weeks or even months. The charges are usually high along with driver charges.

Frequent trips on a regular basis can give you very good returns. You can start your own business however initial investments may be high. It has one core mantra, try to own different types of car as people mostly prefer comfortable cars for outstation travel.

4. Courier Service

With the rise in online shopping, companies like Amazon and Flipkart require frequent courier services in short time. This lays the platform to have a transportation business. The pricing is fair and there will be transport on a daily basis. Therefore, both work and money are the heart of this business.

5. Truck Transportation Service

Truck transportation services are really important as they carry heavy goods across the state. It is indeed a risky business but the profit is high and regularly transport of goods can take place.

There are few things to concentrate in this business such as a valid license, good driver, interstate transportation valid documents etc. The investment is certainly high but the returns are equally good.

6. Passenger Bus Service

People travel to and fro between cities and states and bus services are very important for them. Therefore, passenger bus service can be a good option for a business.

Although the initial investment is heavy, however bank loans are available for the same. It requires a skilled driver and the profit margin is really high. Remember that the vehicle should be registered at the RTO office.

7. Medical Emergency Transportation

We all know the ambulance cost these days and keeping the fact in mind, medical emergency transportation can be a good business option.

Initial investment is high but a suitable tie up with the hospitals can generate huge profits. Also, it is important the ambulance is equipped with the basic medical facilities for a patient.

8. Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Non-emergency medical transportation involves the transfer of patient who is not able to drive his car or who is not mentally fit to drive a vehicle. Those patients need assistance when they want to go to the hospital for routine check-up.

You can also target senior transportation market. Elderly need transportation service for various purposes including emergency and non-emergency work like shopping, tourism, etc. You need a solid business plan to start your business because the competition is huge in the States.

9. Bicycle Rental Services

Bicycle rental services is another good option to start a business. The initial investment is less and maintenance is also very low.

These days almost all the major cities have bicycle rental services and fitness freaks go gaga over it. You can rent it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and get handsome revenue from it.

10. Livestock Transportation Business

Livestock transportation normally includes the transfer of cattle, chicken etc. they are mostly transferred from one city to another. This also requires minimal investment but profits are high. You need to have a strong tie up with the suppliers to maximize your profits.

11. Packers and Movers Business

This business has gained a very significant momentum in the recent years. Packaging of household or company goods and transferring from one place to another is worth taking the risk in business.

Just ensure that the products are not damaged during the transfer and the delivery time should be fast. Also, try to find a place in the good books of the customers and your clients will increase day by day.

12. Travel Agency

Travel agency is very common these days and lot of people approach them for their trips and plans. Therefore, this is considered to be a profitable business and investment can be made based on one’s capacity.

Usually for a travel agency business to succeed, networking is very important. You must have a collection of cars with good drivers to gain customer’s confidence. Once the business is set, you are all set to gain.

13. Air Ambulance

Air ambulance is definitely a costly affair but the returns are huge as well. Air ambulance often means the transport of patient and medical equipment by airplane, helicopters etc.

It requires a valid license for the pilot and the investment is usually high.

14. School Bus/Taxi for Kids

School bus, taxis are available on a budget and is one of the most popular transportation business. School going kids normally avail the bus services and the it generates a good monthly income. Not just kids, even school going students avail bus facility.

All you need to do is to tag yourself to a school and that’s all for the business to survive.

15. E-Rickshaw Service

To travel within the city, rickshaw service is the best. Moreover, rickshaws are not very costly and is one of the most preferred mode of transportation.

Owning few rickshaws can generate a good source of income and it can multiply as and when the business flourishes.

16. Bike Rental Service

Adventure has become a hobby for most of the people and especially the bikers. This has laid the path for the bike rental services. You can give a bike on rent for a day or two or even for a week and charge on a daily basis.

You need to maintain good quality bike and check out for the biker’s favorites. It is a onetime investment and the returns are huge.

17. Milk Carrier Transportation

This is another profitable business. We see several milk vans early in the morning delivering milk packets to shops and in mass. You can get a van and start delivering the milk packets.

You need to have a good rapport with several shop owners for more business and profit. You need an initial investment for the van and the milk packets and rest is all profit.

18. Grocery Transportation

Grocery is a daily need and its transportation can be considered to be a very profitable business. Open ended autos can serve the purpose of transporting groceries from one point to another.

Also, you need to know the buyer and the seller to transport the groceries from one place to another. The more you can deliver, the higher is the profit.

19. Airport Transport Services

These days several cabs like Meru offer airport transport services. These cabs are dedicated for airport services only and are available at the click of the button.

Hence, owning such cabs and helping people to reach the airport can earn you a good profit. Usually the prices charged for such transportation are high and therefore yield higher margins.

20. Shipping and Small Boat Services

Undoubtedly, shipping is not a poor man’s job. It requires lump sum investment however the gains are equally higher. You can own a ship for transportation or run a cruise for high worth guests. Even small boat services are in much demand now. It can be for recreation or even used in transportation.

People in flood affected areas mostly travel through boats and are used in rescue operations. This is a good business and can earn you high returns.

We have seen different transportation business which can yield good revenue. It is up to you to decide which one you choose to start the business. The opportunities are immense, however the selection depends on an individual choice.


1. How can I start a profitable transportation business?

Starting a profitable transportation business requires research, preparation and planning to build a successful enterprise. Consider the types of services you would like to offer, a business structure, hiring drivers, obtaining insurance and licensing, selecting appropriate vehicles, and setting up a website to advertise your services.

2. What are the most successful types of transportation businesses?

Examples of successful transportation businesses include taxi services, car rental companies, bus services, limousine services, freight delivery services, shuttle services, and vehicle transport services. Consider the types of services that are needed in your area.

3. What paperwork is involved in starting a transportation business?

Depending on the type of business, you will need to get a Business License, Sales Tax License, Employer Identification Number (EIN), Workers Compensation and Insurance, Commercial Vehicle Registration, Operating Authority Certificate, and various permits or licenses.

4. What types of vehicles should I use for a transportation business?

The type of vehicle you choose for your business depends on the type of services you provide and the type of customer you are targeting. For example, if you are providing limousine services, you may want to use luxury vehicles. For taxi services, you may want to use sedan vehicles. Consider the types of vehicles that will best suit your customers’ needs.

5. How can I advertise my transportation business?

To advertise your transportation business, you can create a website and social media accounts. You can also post flyers and distribute business cards in areas where there is a high demand for transportation services. To reach your target customer base, develop a marketing strategy that focuses on channels that are used by your target customers

6. How much does it cost to start a transportation business?

The cost of starting a transportation business depends on the type of business and the services offered. You will likely need to cover the cost of licensing, permits, vehicles, and insurance. You may also need to cover the cost of fuel, repairs, and marketing.

7. What are some safety tips for operating a transportation business?

Some safety tips for operating a transportation business include conducting background checks on drivers, conducting training sessions for drivers on defensive driving techniques, regularly inspecting vehicles and keeping vehicles up to date with the required maintenance, and making sure drivers are aware of the DOT regulations and safety protocols.

8. What are the potential risks of operating a transportation business?

Potential risks of operating a transportation business include liability, fines, penalties, and vehicle and personnel losses due to accidents or natural disasters. To reduce risk, make sure that you carry the appropriate insurance coverage, develop safety protocols and procedures, and keep up with DOT regulations.

9. What are some ways to increase efficiency for a transportation business?

Some ways to increase efficiency for a transportation business include using technology for routing and scheduling, tracking driver performance and fuel consumption, using data to optimize route planning, and implementing a customer feedback loop for customer service

10. What are some ways to reduce costs for a transportation business?

Some ways to reduce costs for a transportation business include using fuel efficient vehicles, utilizing economy-sized vehicles where possible, maximizing driver productivity and taking advantage of bulk purchase discounts. Additionally, it may be beneficial to research government grants and incentives that can help you reduce the start-up costs of your business.

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