Unobvious Ways to Generate Leads Online

These days, businesses are spending hefty amounts of money on lead generation and the cost is only expected to grow as you move forward. As a matter of fact, forecasts indicated that in the United States alone, lead generation spending is expected to reach a massive $3.2 billion by the end of 2023. While every business may be prepared to spend a major portion of their marketing budget on generating leads, it does not mean that they cannot explore new and creative lead generation strategies.

Since there is a lot of competition in the market, you have to think outside the box and be ready to change your strategy to find new leads for your business consistently. If you take a step back from the standard practices and give new approaches a try, you will be able to generate leads in rather unexpected ways. Some of the un-obvious ways that you can use for generating leads online are mentioned here.

  • Creating your digital footprint

A multifaceted approach to lead generation is creating your digital footprint because it involves creating content, like opinion pieces, using social media platforms, using connections, memberships and associations for upping your credibility, using hashtags to engage with the best focus groups and commenting on third-party posts. You should come up with an action plan for your digital footprint and get started.

  • Using a LinkedIn Lead program

This would depend on the industry you are operating in and just how quickly you need to convert your lead into sales. Content marketing can be quite effective in the long-term because this will help in delivering value, so it will draw people towards your business and lead to sales in the long-run. If you are looking for quicker results, running a LinkedIn Lead program can also be quite effective.

  • Providing human-focused and value content

Depending on your buyers, you need to come up with human-focused content that can deliver value and shed light on their journey with you. Most of the time, businesses are too focused on their own offerings when creating content and do not spend enough time in detailing how their product can assist with a problem potential clients may be facing. Content marketing should be carried out with a value-based approach because this can help cut down the sales cycle and help in building trust.

  • Ask for referrals from satisfied clients

One of the best ways for businesses to generate leads is to ask their satisfied clients to give referrals. You should ask them for video testimonials, or talk to them about their ideas that you can use in short email links, or on your website. There can be nothing better for a business than its satisfied customers sharing their positive experience because their stories are likely going to resonate with your prospective clientele.

  • Deliver differentiated value

The best leads for a business are those that their existing customers can generate for it proactively. Therefore, a company should make it a priority to deliver differentiated value to its clients because this will help in generating leads and without requiring a lot of money. 

Every client will be able to derive the value they want, which means more satisfied customers. If you are unsure of how to deliver differentiated value, you can use an online quiz creator to create quizzes that can help in engaging your target audience to understand what they need. You can then customize your offerings accordingly to deliver value to everyone.

  • Conduct educational webinars

Webinars are considered an excellent marketing vehicle because they let you reach out to a bigger audience and can be used for sharing ideas and educating people. Moreover, it is also an opportunity for you to show your target audience the skills you have. Anyone who clicks on the invitation to view the webinar will be interested in your subject. Furthermore, those who attend the webinar would be those who have a real need and following up with them would be a smart move. Plus, you will send out invitations for the webinar via social media and email, which will function as excellent tools for branding.

  • Becoming a thought leader on LinkedIn

If you want to generate high-quality leads, one of the most powerful tools that you can use is LinkedIn, but you have to use it right. This means positioning yourself as a thought leader on the platform. This can be accomplished when you deliver content that allows potential clients to see the value you have to offer. This will prompt them to seek out your business naturally, which is exactly what you want.

  • Use social media hashtags

Come up with a list of hashtags that are relevant to your business and the clients you want to attract. Posting content with hashtags can help you ensure a greater reach because these hashtags can be targeted and strategic. This is an excellent option for you to use the existing social media presence you have for attracting new clients to your business.

  • Focus on your target market

Not only does a business need to understand its target market, it also needs to know where it is and what it does. This means knowing where they spend their time. Before the internet, it meant finding the most popular spot that attracted your target audience, while today it is a virtual location. What social channels do they use? Which websites do they visit regularly? When you are aware of where they are spending time, you can focus your marketing efforts on those areas and this can help you generate strong leads.

  • Ask for reviews

Asking for leads is one of the best ways that a business can generate leads. Review advertising through word-of-mouth is considered one of the best forms of marketing. You can generate leads by asking your clients to share how you have assisted them and the value you have delivered. When this reaches potential clients, it will engage their interest and help generate more leads. 

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