Actionable Tips to Start Vending Machine Business

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If you would like to harness technology in the best possible manner, then starting an automatic vending machine business is a fabulous idea. It is a retail business, and the best part is that you don’t have to interact with your customers face-to-face as the technology does that for you. So, all the introverts out there, you have something to earn revenue without losing your state of solace. 

It is not financially risky or burdensome to start this kind of business as it takes minimal capital to set up a machine and stock up the supplies into it. No expertise or trained staff is required to operate the machine. So, it is a connection between you and the technology to serve the customers efficiently. 

If you are still not sure about starting this business, then we have a list of pros and cons of the same. In the subsequent section of the post, we will explore a few business ideas that will help you to generate revenue. But let us tell you the truth, an automatic vending business is certainly a unique and profitable business idea which you will love doing. 

Pros of Starting an Automatic Vending Machine Business

Simple and easy to start

An automatic vending machine business doesn’t take much to start. You simply need a machine and a lot of self-confidence that this idea will work, even if it sounds easy to you. But ensure that it is not all fun, and you can start earning millions of dollars. The way you place your machine, the way you attract customers, what you sell matter a lot in revenue generation. 

Easy to expand

A small business does not mean you need to set up a machine and sell stuff. Surely, you can expand your business and scale it up by placing the machines at several locations. Even if you start with one machine, you should not stop. Once it breaks even, starts setting up more machines. 

Ample variety to your customers

You do not have to choose typical items to sell, such as colas and candies. You can have a variety of options to sell to your customers, including healthy food alternatives. Kids love gourmet food, while grown-ups prefer to be health-conscious and munch on delicious healthy food options. So, you can choose your food product. Or you can even break the usual chain and sell stuff that is not food. Maybe pens, books, games and much more. 

Minimal overhead costs

You don’t require a huge capital base to start this business and no major overhead costs to run it. No staff is required, no physical or online presence, and no heavy machinery or maintenance. You simply have to check whether the automatic vending machine is running well or not and ensure it is loaded with the items. 

No face-to-face interaction

When it comes to serving people, customer support is a pain. But in the automatic vending machine business, you don’t have to worry whether you are at part with customer service or not. Your customers will be happy when your machine is working well and is stocked up. Simple! You don’t have to be there all the time to serve customers. Similarly, you don’t need a customer support team. 

Cons or Challenges of starting an Automatic Vending Machine Business: 

Attention to detail

You cannot sit back and relax while your machine loads up automatically. You have to fix timings on a daily basis to check whether the machine is doing its job or not. This might require you to be a bit alert, but you can overcome this challenge by proper planning. 

Chances of thefts

You won’t constantly be supervising your machine. Hence, it becomes easy for a few people with wrong intentions to steal from the machines. You can overcome this issue by placing the machine in safe and secure areas where there is surveillance. For instance, if you place it next to a bank or at the airports, you can ensure that the place is covered by CCTV camera systems. Similarly, you can protect your device using advanced tools to seek notifications about any thefts and other possibilities. 

Automatic Vending Machine Business Ideas that are Profitable and Easy to Start: 

1. Snacks Vending Machine

Who doesn’t love to munch on healthy and tasty snacks while they are waiting in a queue or at the airport? And an automatic vending machine saves the pain of visiting a store, talking to the shopkeeper, and getting the desired stuff. You can start it at any location and fill it up with healthy and ‘unhealthy’ snack options as per your preferences, or both. However, ensure that the snacks are fresh and not complete junk.

The proper placement of the machine also plays an important role in seeking customers. A slight disappointment can cause you a bad reputation, and hence, always try to make your customers happy with the right and fully-stocked snacks. 

2. Ice Cream Vending Machine

We know we are reiterating the popular and common business ideas but we cannot afford to miss them out of our list. Ice creams are famous and are widely approved foods by children and grown-ups alike. You might need the machine to be a little advanced, and a few selling skills will be required. Or perhaps, you might need a person to handle the job. No worries, but we can state confidently that the business will be good and fetch excellent returns. 

A used machine will also do if you don’t have the budget for a completely new one. Placement of these machines is critical; check places around multiplexes and shopping malls where people and kids get bored and want something to cheer them up. You can ensure that the machine has ice creams of unique flavors to ensure that the customers have a choice and fun time. 

3. Children’s Magazines and Books Vending Machine

Children love fun books and comics to read, and they also love it when the things they love pop out of the vending machine. They easily get bored when they are with their parents at the airport or train station. Hence, you can ensure that you sort of play games for kids, girls, and boys. You do not need any licenses or approvals to run this business, but you need to have little knowledge about what’s popular amongst children. You can even position the machines at schools or fairs where the demand is higher. 

4. A Photo Booth

This might not sound like a typical automatic vending machine but falls under the same category. In the United States, most of the photo booths are digital, and so you won’t need a skilled photographer. You can place this machine at fairs, malls, and other places where people socialize. You can even have a theme inside the booth to provide a unique experience to the customers. 

Even in the age of smartphones, people love getting captured, and they love when it is a photo booth. So, keep in mind the customers’ preferences and have them positioned in the right places. 

5. Fruits and Vegetable Vending Machines

In this age of pandemic, people are trying to improve their immunity in several ways. One of the ways is to add fruits and vegetables to the daily diet. You can take care of your customer’s health by starting such a machine. It is a challenge to visit the supermarket to buy fruits and vegetables. Instead, a vending machine saves a lot of time. 

If you perform market research, invest a tiny amount, and remain dedicated all the time, you can enter the automatic vending machine industry and earn a steady and substantial income. You can risk that is within your capacity and still be in business.

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