What will give the popularity of esports content?

The popularity of esports constantly motivates video game publishers to continue to release the highest quality products. But in addition to the fact that they create these products and the content about them, they have to optimize it and publish on all platforms worldwide to maximize the impact on the audience and interest and increase engagement.

There is talk of esports in the 2024 Summer Olympics program in Paris. Among the critical problems of introducing esports to the Olympics, experts highlight the need for constant discussions and revision of disciplines since the popularity of video games is cyclical and in addition, new names are constantly appearing. Existing authorities have already met such concerns.

The explosive growth of the esports industry confirms the need for unique content. Many video game companies are trying to keep up with the trend. However, they lack additional, extraordinary options to reach a wider audience. Spectators need to get access not only to the games themselves and broadcasts, but also to some interactive сomponent.

Who offers better sports and esports content?

Today, the market of sports and esports content is rapidly developing. A list of factors that influence the growth is set out below: 

  • expanding live streaming of games
  • growth of audience range
  • improving infrastructure for league tournaments
  • high investor interests. 

In these conditions, finding a reliable sports and esports content data provider that has worked with a particular audience is essential. The provider must supply accurate and relevant data with minimal delay. 

Additionally, new teams and tournaments appear on the esports market every year, forcing the providers to expand the selection of сontent and update information promptly.

BETER is the industry’s leading provider of next-gen betting content and data, spanning fast sports, esports, live casino products, and gaming solutions. 

The brand offers the following products: BETER Esports, BETER Sports, BETER Live, and BETER Gaming. 

BETER also provides accurate pre-match and in-play odds calculated by dedicated trading experts for each match and increases operators’ turnover by offering the maximum coverage and efficient schedules that fill airtime with 24/7/365 matches.

Brand’s products are designed with the new generation of players in mind, all delivered to boost engagement, retention, and operator revenue. 


1. What is the most popular esports content?

Streaming titles such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and Fortnite are currently among the most popular esports content.

2. Is esports content increasing in popularity?

Yes, esports content is quickly increasing in popularity among viewers of all ages.

3. What types of content do viewers look for when it comes to esports?

Viewers typically look for content related to the latest news, upcoming tournaments and matches, player perspectives, and highlights or montages.

4. Are there different types of esports content?

Yes, there are various types of content for different esports games, including live streaming, highlight videos, in-depth analysis, competition replays, and more.

5. What platforms are the most popular for esports?

Twitch and YouTube are currently the most popular platforms for viewing and streaming esports content.

6. How are esports content viewed by different viewers?

Esports content is viewed by both casual and competitive viewers, who may be interested in different aspects of the content such as strategy, team competitions, and more.

7. What types of content do professional players typically provide?

Professional players usually provide content related to their individual performance or the strategies used by their teams.

8. What factors contribute to the popularity of esports content?

Factors such as easy access to content, availability of high-quality streaming services, influx of new viewers, and increasing professionalization of the industry all contribute to the popularity of esports content.

9. Do esports content creators earn money?

Yes, content creators can earn money through sponsorships, merchandise sales, subscriptions, and advertisements.

10. Are there different types of content creators in esports?

Yes, there are different types of content creators in esports, including streamers, analysts, players, and commentators.

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