Which Agile Certification is Best?

Agile Certification

While the Agile project management approach may be one of the newer ones when compared to traditional approaches, it has quickly made its way to the top of the list for many companies.  Industries such as IT and engineering, in particular, have adapted to Agile and this means that professionals are seeking out the best Agile certification. But what should you look for?

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Why train in Agile?

If you go back to 2015, one survey found that 67% of professionals completed four Agile projects a year – and that percentage will likely have increased since then as more companies adopt the approach.  Businesses are increasingly finding that the Agile approach meets the demands they place on it and are seeking professionals who can use it.

The number of Agile professionals and organisations using it continues to grow every year and this means there are lots of courses available to help you train on the basics of Agile.  This high demand for people holding the qualification means it is well worth taking if this is the area you want to work in. No longer do businesses just want an impressive academic background – they want people who can apply Agile to their project as well.

Variety of approaches

Another reason that Agile is so well-liked in many industries is that it is not a solitary technique.  Once you have a foundation in it, you can adopt a variety of other approaches including Scrum, Kanban and Crystal.  The certification you take for Agile means you are well placed to learn and adopt these approaches as well.

A certificate in Agile allows you to show that you are competent for the role and can use Agile practices in the company’s projects.  It ensures you have the right skills and knowledge to implement the approaches. Not only that, but people with the certification can win more projects as potential clients will look for this training when choosing a company to work with.

Agile foundation courses

But what if you have never trained in Agile before or even project management and want to start?  What kind of qualifications and training should you look for?

An example is the AgilePM foundation courses which are designed for people with no previous experience in Agile or even in project management.  This is an APMG accredited course that covers the complete introductory level of Agile project management.  It will teach candidates how to use this leaner and more structured approach to project management that allows them to quickly adapt to change as well as learning to implement high priority initiatives and goals.

The training introduces the core principles of a successful project while also learning the scope and agility that gives the system its name.  There is also a great deal of focus on the methodologies that can be applied that makes it also useful for project managers who want to start applying Agile to their work.

Who can take the course?

This kind, of course, is best for new and experienced project staff and is the perfect lead into the Practitioner or similar types of training – the more advanced Agile certification.  It is also ideal for people who work as consultants or contractor staff as there is the benefit that comes from using Agile which can help you gain more clients. And it is ideal for anyone wanting to start a career in project management.

The right training

Finding the right training for Agile depends on your experience and aims.  This kind, of course, is perfect for the beginners or those who want to formalise what they know and have certification to prove their Agile competence.


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