10 Profitable Business Opportunities & Investment Ideas in Ireland

Northern Ireland is best for business

Ireland is an island located in North Atlantic is also a country in Europe. Being located in a very exotic location, Ireland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Dublin being the capital of Ireland is economically a very developed and advanced country. Its economy is doing well in comparison to the rest of EU.

Ireland is the country suitable to execute many businesses given its simple taxation policy, friendly business atmosphere, and encouraging governmental support. The whole system of Ireland is business friendly thus attracts investment from the world.

Ireland has secured achievements in many sectors like medicine, engineering, software development, financial services, electronics, etc. and is a very attractive market for investors for various reasons. The government’s business friendly policy is the reason why Ireland ranked 7th in EU in the list of ease of doing business and 24th in the same list all over the world in 2022. If you are interested in doing business in Ireland then here are ten profitable small businesses in Ireland.

10 best business opportunities in Ireland for 2022

1. The Tourism Sector

Ireland being in an exotic geographical location is the best place for tourists to visit thus becomes a tourist place. The government has done extremely well to endorse tourism and the high tourist landing is the example.

There are some of the best places in Ireland to visit. Ireland was visited by 8.7 million people in 2019 and the sector is one of the highest revenue generator. One can plan a small business in this industry. One can invest in travel tours, travel packages, car rental, guide services, restaurant, and many more based on the requirement of that particular place. Ongoing pandemic has slowed down the tourism industry but the market will bounce back in last quarter of the year 2021.

There is lot to explore and if done properly can be significant in the business growth. Tourism related businesses have done extremely well in the country and is growing rapidly as the country is explored more. It is one of the best business that you can start in Ireland.

2. Food and Drink

Since the place has huge tourist attraction, there is lot of demand for food and drink. People all over the world keep their demands high in Ireland with lots of expectation. Thus a restaurant and bar would work to satisfy the requirements of people. It would be better to try something new which is yet to be seen in the place.

One can do good research on the type of tourist who mostly come and what they demand in food when in Ireland. Based on the feedback one can open restaurant with the best in demand cuisine serving the customers with good profit. You can try different themes to match the requirements of people. Since restaurants in the country would be numerous, there must be something different to attract customers. As we all know that a restaurant is most profitable business if you are targeting tourist towns.

3. Meditation and Yoga Center

Europe has been the beneficiary of Indian traditional methods of Yoga and meditation and has huge market in the Ireland as well. People from all walks of life have been doing Yoga and meditation. One can utilise the demand by opening yoga and meditation centers all across the country.

This can be done more explicitly in the city where people are more into daily business. Many go to meditation center just to relieve themselves from the stress. The market is growing and has huge growth prospects.

The investment would not be much given you only need a closed place far from noise of the city and a trainer. There can be few more amenities required which won’t be costly. The return potential is huge as many people in country follow the Indian ancient tradition.

You can start small and go big in the future. Small home based Meditation and Yoga centre is good to go at the beginning.

4. Consulting Services

Being a free market economy there is huge market for corporate sector that runs from the country. Given low tax rates and favorable business ease, one can go for consulting services in telecom, software and financial sectors.

You need an office and employees to execute your work. The countries infrastructure and other supporting system are up to the mark to support your business in growing. Ireland is a unique country for corporates because it is still not crowded and thus becomes a favorite place to execute work. Consultancy services are doing great in the country and there is ample of opportunity in this sector.

5. Construction and Infra Development

As the economy of the country is growing, there is requirement of infrastructure which means more construction and continuous construction. This opens a new market for construction services.

Since buildings and infra are built at standard level, if you are planning to enter the market you need to be a professional in it. For small business opportunity, supplying construction materials, selling such materials, manufacturing materials, and doing small level construction can earn you good returns.

You only need to be good in networking and have healthy capital to invest. Construction doesn’t only limits itself to building material and contract but also to other aspects like engineering, technicians, plumbers, etc. who will help in the construction.

6. Service Provider

Since Ireland is a booming economy there is lot of products manufactured and service rendered. Thus one can do well when it comes to service rendering at various levels. Like in a construction work there are various types of services required.

Like you need technicians, welders, plumbers, engineers, electricians, broker, etc. You can open a service providing company that provides service to its client on various levels. The above cited example can be a field where you can render your service.

The requirement is that your service should be professional and up to the standards. There are many sectors that can be explored like telecom service, medical service, financial service, software solutions, etc.

7. Sanitation and Cleaning Services

Cleaning services is a leading service sector in Ireland. Since there are lots of requirement for cleaning services for various requirements, there is huge demand for the service. Many corporate houses hire cleaning services on contract basis to clean their buildings and offices in a professional way.

From cleaning of floor to dusting to wiping glass structure to ensuring hygiene and insect control, all this work is done by such services. One can invest in this field and can earn good returns.

Apart from this, there is also requirement for sanitation providers for cleaning public toilets, sewers, drainage system, etc. Cleaning of swimming pools, public space, apartments, floors, couches, mats, etc. are also done by such service providers. They charge hundreds of dollar for an hour’s job.

8. Meat Export from Ireland

Ireland is the 5th largest exporter of beef in the world as per 2021 data and the largest exporter of beef in Europe. Ireland exported around 550, 000 tons of beef to the world in the year 2020 and has been continuing to grow further. There is lot of prospects in the meat industry.

A bit of investment can have great returns, when it comes to exporting meat products from the country. One can open a meat selling shop or can open a packaging business where raw meat is packaged to be sold or exported. There are various intermediaries in between where there are ample of business opportunities. Leather can be used for later purposes which can be utilised as well.

9. Automobile Industry

Ireland has currently 30 million vehicles moving on the road. The industry is growing at good pace and is expected to grow to multifold in years to come. Well one is not expected to manufacture cars but one can certainly invest in this sector through various ways.

You can open a dealership shop for selling vehicles or you can open a servicing center to service cars and other such vehicles. One can also go for manufacturing business like manufacturing tires, rubber, car parts, etc. which requires average investment. Similar accessories and parts can be sold within a shop.

If explored well, the automotive sector has lot to offer and has huge investment potential with huge returns within a limited period of time. Given vehicles run on energy, one can go for investing in car charging centers, petrol pumps, etc.

10. Sports and Fitness Industry

Sports and fitness are two parts of the same coin. A sports person remains fit and vice versa. Amongst the citizens of Ireland, sports has remained a very important part. Ireland has done great in sports in the international level and is continuing to grow.

People too have shown great interest in professional sports thus the sports and fitness industry is witnessing huge growth. One can invest in this field as well given the huge prospects it has. Either one can go for manufacturing sports articles like bat, ball, football, sports cloths, and other accessories or can become retailer, distributor and dealer of such sports articles.

Other opportunities that lie in front is investing in gymnasiums within the city premises. Gyms have been the favorite place for many in today’s world. After a hectic life at work, people conscious of health spend good time at the gym.

There are other opportunities in the field like mixed martial arts center, lawn tennis courts, indoor games centers, etc. that can be opened on individual basis and can give good returns as the members of the club rise.

Ireland has lot to offer and has ample of opportunities available for people to explore. Given the easy business execution and pro-business policy, one can have great time in Ireland earning fortunes.


1. What is the best way to start a profitable business?

The best way to start a profitable business is to do research into the potential market and industry, identify a unique value proposition, create a business plan, and test the idea before investing resources.

2. How can I choose a profitable business opportunity?

Choosing a profitable business opportunity involves analyzing market trends, researching the industry, and assessing whether your skills, interests, and resources are a good fit.

3. What are some common mistakes to avoid when starting a business?

Common mistakes to avoid when starting a business include not having a clear business plan, not properly researching the industry, not having enough financing to support the business, and not having clearly defined goals and objectives.

4. What are the most profitable business opportunities?

The most profitable business opportunities vary by industry and market, but some of the most profitable ones include direct sales, e-commerce, digital marketing, and software and app development.

5. What are the most successful small business ideas?

The most successful small business ideas include providing professional services, creating digital products, starting an online store, or selling physical products.

6. What type of investment is best for a high return?

Investing in stocks and shares, real estate, and technology-related ventures can all be good options for generating a high return on investment.

7. How do I start an investment plan?

Starting an investment plan starts with understanding your goals, then researching and selecting a portfolio of investments, and setting up a plan to monitor and review your investments.

8. What type of investments offer the highest potential return?

Investments that offer the highest potential returns include venture capital, high-risk stocks and shares, and private investments.

9. What is the best way to invest in corporate bonds?

The best way to invest in corporate bonds is to research the issuer, assess the creditworthiness of the bonds, compare different capital structure options for the issuer, and then purchase the bonds.

10. How can I select good stocks for investment?

Selecting good stocks for investment starts with research, such as looking at the current stock market trends, companies that are making money, and the overall performance of the specific stocks you are interested in.

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