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We invite all the guests who want to post on our site but we have certain parameters which a guest post must live up to for being published on our site. Those standards or parameters are –

We do not entertain SEO agencies:

We do not publish rewritten cheap quality articles generated for link building and SEO purpose.

Contact us with your real name and professional email: 

You will get a reply from us within 12hrs if:-

  • Your email address is (not
  • Your Linkedin profile URL is mentioned in your email
  • You are real owner of business

Also, as per Google’s recommended guidelines for guest post submission, all the links will be marked as no-follow.

Prospective Visitors of the site: While writing for our blog, you have to remember and understand that we have a readership of people who belong to different sectors like young entrepreneurs, sole proprietors and SME’s owners, fresh college pass outs and even the people working professionally for years. Most of these visitors are from business, startups, educations, technology, digital marketing, investments and finance industries.

Our readership is not restricted to one country rather our site visitors are mainly from USA, India, UK, and Singapore. Thus, we mostly prefer the guest posts which are global in nature covering the economies of these countries as a whole but we also evaluate the localized content for the above-mentioned countries and if we found them interesting, we can post them.

No Self-promotion: You might put your affiliation or the skills and professional capabilities in the post or underneath but it shouldn’t be self-promotional in any way. You should avoid depicting any particular product or services in the post at least until the time it is not necessary to mentions.

Accreditation and Back Links: The guest post which we accept and publish, we give full accreditation to the writer for the post. He or she might also use one back-link provided that is not commercial in nature in the blog post. But the links are reviewed at our end and if we find anything in the link that promotes services which are based on questionable issues, we can delete that link also.

Not only dating sites/services, gambling or pornography services sites link but we might cancel other links if we find something which is irrelevant and has the prospect to generate issue for our site.

Length of the article: We believe in short and crispy sentences which are meaningful and have deep insight on the topic chosen for the post. You might take your article up to 800 words but if you have a great knowledge and insight on the certain topic, ideas, then the word limit can be extended up till 2000 but those lengthy articles must not contain any fuss.

Topics we cover: You can submit guest post on below topics

  • Business tips and advise
  • Finance and investment ideas
  • Entrepreneur stories
  • Business software and services
  • New startup ideas and startup tips
  • Home based business ideas and business plan
  • Small scale manufacturing business plan

Sincerity: We only prefer guest posts from the writers who have specialized experience in the industry or sector or business they are writing about. We don’t prefer any freelance writers without in-depth knowledge of the subject matter to write posts for us (no offense to the generic writers). We don’t want ghost writers rather we would like your full details with the post along with your picture which will be posted along with the blog on our site.

The final edition of the articles sent by you will be done at our discretion. We can edit it as necessary, we can edit the grammar and spellings (if there are mistakes), then we can change the style and font. We check each and every post for accuracy and briefness and we can edit for the same as well. If your post doesn’t meet the standards then we can reject or remove the post.

If you want your post to be published even if it doesn’t meet the parameters then you have to opt for our paid post feature. You can mail us for the media kit we have for a better writing experience.

Contact us for guest post submission –

Note: We update each and every articles after 12 months. That is why, we ask you to provide a new/fresh article after 12 months. If you failed to provide the fresh content then we will remove your old article without any prior notification.