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There is a general belief that only a small minority in this world is cut out to run a business. The majority can only succeed in jobs/careers. Well, that is simply not true, and we can prove it to you! At makeinbusiness.com, we offer relevant information related to launching a business, in not only USA, but also overseas, and how to get it going.

The world is full of visionaries brimming with innovative ideas, but unable to bring them to fruition due to lack of resources and funds. One such visionary is YOU! Our website aims to help budding entrepreneurs like you, in whatever way we can. This includes guiding you towards business trends and opportunities across the globe, providing advice about finance and bringing you startup stories straight from the ‘mouths’ of successful people in diverse industries.

Your personal interests may incline towards manufacturing, travel and tourism, printing, transportation, recycling, farming, food, leasing and renting, home businesses, ventures dealing with kids and their needs, etc. It does not matter. Trust us to come up with the perfect business idea for you!

We do not stop just there. We also help you outline your plans and strategies, think up uncomplicated marketing schemes, work out ways to finance your business, gain motivation through stories focusing on entrepreneurship and startups, and so on. Until the time you stop needing us, or rather our help, we shall continue to be your tutors, problem-solvers and guides.

It may seem quite incredible to you, but running a business can be very satisfying and loads of fun, despite all the hard work you have to put in and the sleepless nights that you have to bear along the way! In fact, you should be able to relish your success thoroughly at the end of it all!


The vision of makeinbusiness.com is very simple – “Help every would-be entrepreneur start small, but dream big”!

To elaborate, we desire to help as many people as we can, both, those living in India and those living abroad, to become self-reliant and successful via the initiation of simple and inexpensive entrepreneurships. By helping would-be businesspersons, like you, to recognize your inner strengths, exhibit your latent talents/skills, and take up responsibility for individual and societal successes, we hope to generate employment and wealth for the enhancement of a nation’s economy. In turn, the wellbeing and sustenance of any community will remain assured.


We have something for everyone at makeinbusiness.com.

To illustrate, in an increasingly globalized world filled with all kinds of economic complexities, a single income may not suffice to take care of all the household expenses. It may not be possible for the modern woman to remain a mere homemaker. She may have to enter the world of jobs/professions, especially if she is educated and knowledgeable, to keep the home fires burning. Well, we can make it easier for her, by suggesting business start-ups from home. She need not worry about capital, for every business initiative requires minimal investment. Furthermore, the working hours are generally flexible. Similarly, we have other ideas for people of all ages, which should help you tax your competencies, communication skills, expertise and creativity to the maximum, albeit in an enjoyable manner!

Our website also aims to bring together all your peers and you onto a common platform, which should suffice to help in the exchange of business ideas, opportunities, and visions for both, the present and for the future. When an environment that reverberates with dynamism and energy is created, it is bound to inspire, encourage the sharing of knowledge and create valid connections, which should ultimately lead to marvelous business success and splendid personal growth.

About Me

Who am I, and do I really have the necessary experience and expertis e to provide you with requisite guidance for becoming an entrepreneur?

Yes, I do believe that my website can be of immense help to you!

My name is Abdullah Ayaz.

Although I am just 34 years old, I have already gained valuable ‘working’ experience through employment in diverse business establishments. As a well-qualified computer engineer, I have served in various positions in the arena of SEO, marketing and management. My keenness to ‘learn more and more’ has taken me to places like Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and UAE. I have also been a business consultant for some time at New Delhi, India. To sum up, I have a total work experience of seven years.

What makes me confident that I can make an entrepreneur of you yet, is the fact that I have never adhered to the principle of ‘just finishing the tasks allotted to me and being done with it.’ My motto has always been to observe everything that was happening around me, to learn something from every single experience, and store the gathered knowledge for future use.

You can reach me here at info@makeinbusiness.com for any queries and suggestions.

Thank You

Abdullah Ayaz