5 Ways To Make Sure You Hire The Best People

You already know what skills are required to fill the position. You have rewritten and reviewed the job description. You have your checklist ready to go. You know the type of person you want in that position.

You realize that finding the best people is not always the easiest task but you are ready to tackle the task and find the absolute best individual for the job. You have posted your open position to the job boards and the resumes are starting to come in. What is next? 

You will want to be well prepared to interview your ideal candidates as ultimately, the decision to hire the right person will come down to every step you take from this point forward. Here are 5 ways to make sure that you only hire the best people. 

Spread the Word:

Let existing employees know about the open position. Make it attractive for them to spread the word among their contacts by offering a referral incentive. Sometimes, the perfect candidate might already have a connection to your company that you don’t see yet.

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By getting your other employees involved in the search process, you are allowing them to sell aspects of your company that you aren’t considering. They work there. They already know how great it is to work there. Let them help you spread the word.

Careful Resume Review:

Review each resume carefully. Look for those red flags that let you know that this person might not be the right fit. Call their references. Check their employment history. Check their education.

Unlike the past days of one person committing to a company for life, employees of today can change jobs more frequently. Just because they have multiple positions on their resumes doesn’t mean they aren’t the right fit. Learning why they left previous positions can provide important details about why your company may or may not be a better fit for them.

Multiple Candidates:

By interviewing more than one great candidate for each position, you can compare and contrast the values that each one can offer your organization. Putting all of your eggs in one basket should not be done until you are sure that you aren’t missing out on hiring your next great employee.

Multiple Interviews:

It takes more than one interview to make sure that you have found the right person for the job. Start with a simple phone screen and go from there. If you like what you hear from the phone screen, bring the person in for an interview.

The right candidate will be well-prepared. They will know about your company culture. They will be able to ask questions that show their true interest in coming to work for your organization. Make your questions for them ones that are challenging. Perhaps you ask them how to solve a problem that you are actually currently having.

It is important to keep in mind that while some candidates interview well, they are not always the right person for the job. Let other managers interview them as well. If a candidate impresses more than one of the hiring managers, and the feedback from each interview session is good, then there is a good chance that you have found the right person.

Employee Assessments:

There are a number of really great employee assessments like the Berke assessment that will help you screen out those who are not a good fit for your organization. By working with the assessment company, you can customize this tool for the qualities that will help you find the right employee.

This important tool can help you from the beginning of the hiring process through employee reviews months and years down the line. It can help identify the shared goals and motivations between the candidate and the company.

It can help identify both the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. These important tools can provide you with the tools you need to identify exactly what qualities will be a good fit for your organization.

While there are no guarantees that even with these steps in place, that the candidate will be a bad fit for the organization, attention to detail and proper checks and balances on the potential candidates will bring you closer to that ideal employee.

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