All You Need to Know About Hot Shot Trucking

Do you require a small delivery to be made quickly and efficiently? Or do you own a vehicle and desire to work for yourself? You need to join the hundreds of others who are benefiting from hot shot trucking if you are in any of these jobs.

Customers who need deliveries and drivers who desire a more flexible schedule are turning to hot shot trucking more and more frequently. Continue reading to see how hot shot freight may help you.

What’s necessary to become a hot shot driver?

A hotshot driver doesn’t require anything more than a standard driver’s license. For larger enterprises, the majority of drivers should have a CDL license on hand. It’s also critical to adhere to DOT and hotshot truck requirements. In addition, there are a few guidelines to follow:

  1. Maximum load weight of 26,000 pounds.
  2. You don’t require a business license for cargo weighing less than 10,000 pounds.
  3. It is necessary to have a Motor Carrier Authority number.
  4. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s approval is necessary.
  5. Need to pass physical tests, including those for reflexes and eyesight.

Once you start transporting cargo more than the 10,000 pound limit, things become a little more tricky. Once a vehicle, load, and trailer together weigh more than the permitted amount, the Department of Transportation has established some requirements that drivers must abide by.

All trucks are required to have a fire extinguisher for safety reasons. They must have DOT registration plates, light reflectors, and certified load stickers on the outside. The department also needs you to complete a logbook to record all deliveries that have been made and those that are still to come. Speed is hot shot trucking’s main advantage. Many customers who employ a hot shot truck driver are under pressure to complete a delivery as soon as possible.

What’s Hot Shot Trucking?

Texas’s oilfields are where hot shot trucks first appeared. It was the name given to vehicles that would pick up components for off-road drilling and pumping stations before delivering them as soon as possible to their final destination. The phrase has become synonymous with medium to one-ton trucks transporting urgent cargo.

Recently, the technique has begun to receive increasing acceptance. The rise of drivers who want to be their own boss is to blame for this. They may frequently accomplish this with little investment, needing simply to buy a vehicle and trailer. Financing is an option for this so that startup fee is minimal.

The phrases “hot shot freight” and “hot shot load” are used to describe the cargo that the driver is moving. Typically, these loads can be anything that can fit on the bed of a flatbed truck or compact trailer.

Types of Trailers

The trailer you employ is maybe even more crucial than the vehicle you drive. The trailer you choose to use influences the kind of tasks you may do, just like the vehicle you use. The type of trailer you may utilize is also restricted by the kind of truck you drive. Here are the types of trailers:

  • Trailers with a bumper pull
  • Deck-over trailers and gooseneck trailers
  • Advantages of Hot Shot Trucking Lowboy Trailers

Benefits of HotShot Trucking

The advantages of hot shot trucking don’t stop there, either.

  • Lower start-up expenses
  • Reduced wait time as a result of accelerated loading
  • Since most occupations will be local or regional, the money earned is handsome.
  • Although not essential, a CDL is highly advised for moving bigger weights.

Convenient in terms of Improvements and Cost Reduction

It might be challenging for you to plan delivery on time in various circumstances. This is particularly true if you require your clients to sign anything. Fortunately, hot shot trucking makes it simple for your customers to get their items and to understand when they will arrive. Because of this, working with you is more convenient for your clients. 

Some businesses decide to use their vans or vehicles for deliveries. You can save money by using a third-party logistics supplier, especially if you don’t frequently need quick delivery. Due to their experience, hot shot trucking businesses also exhibit better professionalism, and are a good career to follow just like a civil service job.

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