Scope of Organic Farming And Profitable Opportunities In India

The scope of organic farming in India has been tremendously increasing. It is mainly because of new research and technological advancements in the field of agriculture. They provide the farmers with new opportunities that will help yield more products by putting an end to the tedious activities. 

The new techniques and innovations are mainly focusing on soil health. Except for these reasons, various diseases are arising due to the artificial farming of food, which has completely changed people’s preferences, as they choose organic farming.

Being health conscious is another reason for the growth of organic farming. Race is a new lifestyle that makes people shift their preferences to organic farming. To be more specific, people have transmuted health into their lifestyle. That has created more opportunities for new business enthusiasts in India in organic farming. Entrepreneurs who are invested in organic farming are receiving huge responses from consumers. The cost of the setup for such businesses is low. Organic farming does not include any artificial and chemical products for farming.

Opportunities in Organic Farming Business 

  • There are various categories of organic farming. You can choose one of them to specialize in. That will help you focus on the category that you have chosen. It will also help you achieve success in the competitive market.
  • You need to have well-established contacts and proper finance to withstand losses at the time, you can completely concentrate on your production. If you choose to produce only organic vegetables and fruits, it will make up about 75% of the market. A loss here is indicated because fruits and vegetables are perishable. If you choose this category, you will either have success or failure.
  • Organic medicine is another category that can generate more income. People are not only shifting to food when it comes to organically produced but also to medicines. Medical field experts are now prescribing organic medicines for a speedy recovery. If farming is not only your idea, you can join hands with researchers or biotech professionals to emerge new formulas of medicine with organic products. Here you are creating business opportunities from raw materials to finished products.
  • Organic farming is a new emerging concept that is achieving success, that newness will help you make more profits. From a business view, the demand will be more for the products when the supply is less. Hence, the product can hike without any effects on sales. According to reports, outlets selling organic products are low. It means there is an imbalance between demand and supply. 
  • India has inherited the advantage of organic farming because of its climatic conditions. According to the research, the regions like rainfed or dryland or hill regions in India respond well to organic management. These areas are organic by default. So, these regions can be used for organic farming. 
  • There are also great employment opportunities in the organic farming sector. Unemployed people can produce organic seeds, organic fertilizers, organic manures, and more. It is easy to set up production of these organic products and generate employment. Many government and private institutions are offering training facilities. The training has been offered in the field of production, processing, and marketing of organic products. Thus, people can get trained in a specialized field and get a suitable job. 

Why Organic Farming in India?

The government of India has now given the majority of importance to the development of agriculture and the environment. Organic farming includes both of them. Organic farming is done using only bioproducts that are safe for the soil. Organic products also result in meeting the objective of the eco-friendly concept. 

The government of India has launched various schemes for the popularization of organic farming. It is also providing the latest equipment and developments in the field. The government of India also supports organic farming even the financial needs. It has opened new research and development centers to research organic farming and also strengthened the existing ones. If we look from the point of the economic status of the country, organic farming plays a vital role in improving the economic status of the country. It is mainly because of the elimination of imported synthetics for production. Organic farming initiates the use of available local resources.

There is a lot of difference between conventional farming and organic farming in terms of sales. Today products produced with conventional farming are considered poor in quality when compared to the products produced from organic farming. India is adopting new methods to increase the exports of the country. Agriculture takes the majority of parts in the exports of the country, but profits earned are comparatively less. Exports of rice, cereals, and cotton earlier didn’t gain much profit. Now, because of organic farming, the cost of production has been reduced. It resulted in earning more profit. It is indirectly affecting the exports of the country in a positive way. 

Future Prospects of Organic Farming in India 

The majority of the population of India is dependent on agriculture and other related activities. Organic farming is practiced in countless rural and farming communities in India. Even in developing countries like India, organic products are in great demand. People are now conscious about the quality of food, the process which influences soil health. Organic products have a prospect of income-generating too.

Indian farmers got deep insight based on their knowledge, observation, and practices for maintaining soil fertility which is highly effective in strengthening organic farming and economic growth of the country. The progress seen in organic farming is commendable. Today, India is the largest organic producer in the world. India also ranked 8th with 1.78 million ha of organic farming land in the world in 2017.

Products Which Have More Value in Organic Production

The analysis stated that the production of rice and spices get a regular income to the new farmers. Due to the non-perishable nature of these products, you can settle your business taking a long time. Besides this reason, spices are in demand even outside of the country. Many countries import spices in large quantities from India. Hence, the production of spices gives more opportunities domestically and internationally.

The next product in the line is cereals. Grading has become a trend in the methods of conventional farming. The producers grade their cereals according to their quality. This clearly shows the quality of products to the consumers. Looking at this, consumers are now moving their preference to improved quality of organic cereals.

In the end, organic products contributed to environmental health and people’s health. Organic farming process food is safer and healthier than conventional farming. That will also create more employment opportunities as the industry expands. The government is facilitating various schemes for entrepreneurs who do not have a 

financial background. Under the scheme of the National Project of Organic Farming, the government of India is offering 60 lakhs to organic farmers for biofertilizers and manures.

The market of organic products is one of the fastest-growing markets in India and also all over the. By saying this, we can conclude that promoting organic farming in India can build a nutritionally, ecologically, and economically healthy country in the future. 

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