Scope of Organic Farming And Profitable Opportunities In India

organic farming scope india

The scope of organic farming in India has been tremendously increasing. This is mainly due to the new researches made in the field of agriculture. It has facilitated the farmers with new measures for more production eliminating the activity of bypass methods. New techniques which are being innovated are purely related to soil health during organic farming. Apart from these reasons, the discovery of various new diseases arising out of artificial production of fruits and vegetables have clearly set the minds of people for a shift to organic farming.

Health conscious is another important factor for this huge transformation. It could also be named as the race in the new lifestyle. Consumption of organic products basically spreads from one person to other. To make it clear, people have reshaped health into lifestyle. This opens up opportunities for many new entrepreneurs in India with a huge response from the consumers. The setup costs and maintenance is extremely less since the method does not involve the use of artificial products for farming.

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Opportunities in Organic Farming Business

  • Under organic farming itself, there area number of categories. You can choose any one of them and specialize in that particular category. By doing this, you will have clear focus in what you are doing and leadership in the market can be achieved.
  • If you have a well established contact and proper financial background which can withstand loss at times,you can concentrate on production of organic fruits and vegetables which make up about 75% of the market. The term loss was indicated due to perishable nature of fruits and vegetables. In this category, its either success or loss.
  • Organic medicines are another group of products which will generate more income. The shift is not to organic food alone, medicines are also taken when it is organically produced. Medical field is now prescribing organic medicines for patients to have faster recovery. If farming alone is not your aim, you can work with researchers or Biotech professionals to come up with new formulas of medicines with your organic products. Here, you are elevating the business from raw materials to the next level of finished goods.
  • Organic farming is a newly emerging concept with huge success and this newness can be used to increase your profits. On a business view, the demand for these products increase when the supply is less. Therefore, prices can be higher than the normal prices and this will not affect your sales. From reports, it is said that there are less outlets for buying organic products and this means there is a mismatch is supply and demand.

Why Organic Farming in India?

The government of India is now majorly into the development of environment and agriculture. Organic farming binds both of it in one pack. Since organic farming uses only bio products which are completely safe for the soil and the environment, the objective of eco-friendly concept is achieved.

So, starting an organic farm is supported by the Indian government even in financial aspect. Also, from the point of economic status of the country, organic farming definitely plays a vital role in increasing it. This is because, there is no need for the use of imported synthetics for production and this initiates the use of local resources.

There is a huge difference between the conventional farming and organic farming in sales. Products produced from conventional methods are now considered to be of lower quality when compared to the ones produced from organic farming. India has been adopting various methods to increase its export value. In that context, agricultural sector takes the major part. Export of rice, cereals, cotton etc were previously exported, but profits gained were less. Now, due to organic farming the cost of production being less,  allows you to have more profit which indirectly affects the government’s export value in a positive way.

Products Which Has More Value in Organic Production

After analysis, it is seen that the production of rice and spices can bring regular income to new growers. Non-perishable nature of these products allows you to settle your business taking a longer time. Apart from this reason, spices are of high demand in and outside India. Foreign countries import spices from India in huge quantities. Thus, production of these will provide you domestic and international opportunities.

The next in line is the production of cereals. Grading has become a trend in conventional farming. The producers of cereals grade them according to their quality and this has clearly shown the consumers about the quality of production. By considering this, people now shift their interests to standardized quality of organic cereals.

In the end organic farming paves way for environmental health and public health. employment opportunities will also increase as the industry expands. There are various schemes for people who do not have a strong financial background. Under the scheme of National Project on Organic Farming, the government of India offers 60 lakhs for bio fertilizers and manures.

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