Ten Profitable 100 Dollar Startup Business Ideas

100 dollar business ideas in the USA

Stressing up on your mind and thinking what business can I start in 100 dollars? Or even if I start how much profit I will be able to make? Don’t think that much as there are some cool business ideas out there which require a capital investment of $100 and if executed well can give you good capital returns.

Here is the list of 10 business ideas that you can start under $100 investment:-

1. A Coffee or Tea Stall

Yes, in many countries people are just addicted to tea and coffee that after every passing hour they feel the urge to sip coffee or tea. Since the demand of these two are immense and people can’t prepare coffee or tea wherever they are thus they need a stall where they can have their favorite drink.

In country like India, there are numerous tea stalls around the country that are doing great just by selling tea. A stall near a famous street, a market place, an office place or such crowded place can make you earn great returns within no time. All you need is a stall which requires a stand, table, chair, coffee machine, ingredients, stove and some utensils. You can minimize your expenditure based on the cost of such items.

Find the right place and start to sell your product and it is most likely that your stall will attract customers within no time. Make sure you serve the best tea or coffee to your customers as such customers become long lasting visitors.

2. Mobile Snacks Restaurant

you can start mobile snacks cafe in just 100 dollar

Have an old van with you? Fix it and create a space worth preparing some basic snacks. If you can’t afford an old van, just open a stall at a famous street or crowded place. What you need is a stall with stove, some utensils and snacks preparing ingredients. Well you can use utensils and stove from your home.

All you need are ingredients to prepare snacks. Choose some cheap yet tasty snacks that is loved by people of that locality or which is handy to eat especially during the dusk. Put some hoardings nearby and distribute pamphlets of your business. Soon you will see is customers around your stall buying their favorite snacks.

Such small mobile snacks restaurants are worth investing since the cost of investment will not go more than $100 dollars and the return will be excellent given your service and food quality.Sell some favorite snacks like burger, pan pizza, samosa, cookies, chicken wings fried, etc. that can be sold at not more than $5 price.

3. Instant Shaving and Massaging

Especially in places that are located at office places, one can open a small space for offering instant shaving and massaging to people. These instant services are highly in demand given many office workers who rely on such shops for cheap shaving and massaging to relieve themselves from stress.

Such small saloons do great given the small investment you need. You require shaving kit and some oil or cream for massage, a chair and table along with mirror. The business will require some time to grow but if you target office spaces then most likely your business will do great.

4. A Cigarette Store

Cigarette is something which has its buyer anywhere around the world. You don’t need to sell it door to door nor need you to plead customers to buy. They will come on their own to buy it from your shop. Open a stall that sells cigarette and other such legal tobacco products.

All you need is a small space for stall, some investment to buy different brands of cigarette, lighters, and other such products people usually demand while buying tobacco products. Crowded places, office space, or any place where there is frequent crowd can be the best place for your shop.

The advantage is that you will get good returns from your sale. To maximize your sale and if you have someone to assist you, you can also offer coffee or tea with some snacks and soft drink as many people demand a cigarette with snacks.

5. Stationary Shop

Why not open up a stationary shop near a school, college or university? These are places where your stationary shop will do great. All you need is to get some notebooks, books in demand as per subject, pen, pencil, special notes, and other such stationary items in demand.

There is huge profit in selling stationary products as students don’t bargain much and the demand remains to be regular. To maximize your profit you can also sell notes of subjects by preparing it using an expert and then sell it to students who demand.

Notes will give you direct and good profit. Books purchased in wholesale and sold in retail have huge profit margin. Target an education institution and just start your business as it has huge profit in return.

6. Tree Trimmer

Why not trim plants and trees within someone’s premise or office or public space for money. All you need are some tools like tree cutter, trimmer, axe, etc. Advertise your business among office staff, residents and network with people to find out the demand.

You can clean the garden, trim small plants and trees, decorate the garden and earn good returns. All you need is $100 to buy your tools which can be both new and used depending on the cost. Charge money for every hour of cleaning, trimming and decorate.

People are very fond of maintaining a garden these days and all you need is some customers for whom you can work. Stay assured you will get great returns within no time in such low investment business.

7. Small Decors and Paintings

It just requires a small investment to prepare decors and paintings. You need few brushes, colors, canvas and other such materials to start a décor business. If you are good in your artistic endeavors then do give a try and explore your expertise.

Your hobby and art can give you good returns since those who can’t afford expensive arts can buy a neat and clean but attractive art from you to use it in their homes. To sell your goods, you can either partner with shops that sell such goods or you can sell them online on known e-com sites or of your own. Such decors and arts are in huge demand and if you have the talent then you should definitely utilize it.

8. Swimming Pool Cleaner

How much do you pay to clean your swimming pool? Not less than $50, right? Yes a swimming pool cleaning business can give you great return within few times. All you require is a basic skill of pool cleaning along with some tools for cleaning.

Get a certification to showcase your skills for charging higher charge. Advertise your business and make some good network within your circle. Contact office keeping staff, owners of house or society, managers of public spaces like malls, schools, etc. Get some clients and start your cleaning business.

You need to be careful in your work and must do your best since such businesses grow from word or mouth. This means that you client may refer you to someone he knows if he loves your work. Spend some money to start this business and within few years you will get great returns.

9. Utensil and home Cleaning Service

you can also start home cleaning service in just 100 dollar

People often like if someone get their job done which is necessary but yet time and energy consuming. One such work is household cleaning that includes utensil cleaning, home cleaning and toilet cleaning job.

Many people who can afford hire such workers at some expensive cost to do such work. You can open your own service of house cleaning, utensil cleaning and toilet cleaning. All you require is some cleaning tools and 1-2 more people to work for you.

You may start on your own by making networks and doing some small advertisement. Though such work sounds low standard but gives good earning opportunity as you can charge $10-25 per hour for your work.

10. Cooking and Food Supply Service

Many office goers especially men find it hard to cook food for themselves. They miss someone who can cook good food for them. Eating food from outside may not be a good idea given its bad impact on health.

Thus a cooking and food supply service that provides food on daily basis for breakfast, lunch and dinner can have great demand. Many countries are already into this business with huge requirement and service. One can also supply tiffin to employees in offices or can provide home delivery of food.

Such businesses are small in nature, require little investment and have profits sufficient to grow. Based on the quality and type of food, one can charge money accordingly. All you need is to find out your potential customers who crave for homemade food.

Don’t try to cook food like restaurants but make it simple yet consumable to sound more like home cooked food.


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