Ten Profitable 100 Dollar Startup Business Ideas

launch startup business in just $100

Stressing up on your mind and thinking what business can I start in 100 dollars? Or even if I start how much profit I will be able to make? Don’t think that much as there are some cool business ideas out there which require a capital investment of $100 or less and if executed well can give you good capital returns.

Read to believe it.

List of 10 business ideas that you can start under $100 investment:-

1. Start a Blog

Can you write well without making a single mistake, not copying from others, with informative ideas and helpful suggestions?

Can you hold your reader’s attention till they finish your article?

If you can make them save it for reading later on or share with their friends, you can start blogging. You can start your own blogging business easily with investment under $100. You will need a domain name and hosting server which comes under $100 for one year plan.

You can go to GoDaddy.com to make your own website like I did.

Although it was not easy for me to get it started, after a few days of brainstorming with like minded partners, I was able to get it going and it is now generating good revenue.

Think of what people would need. What would get their attention. Slowly you will go on adopting their interests.

One day you will become a successful blogger if you keep on observing other bloggers though not following them literally.

2. Start a Dropshipping Business (Shopify)

You don’t have to have any stock to start selling with Drop shipping business. Amazon doesn’t manufacture anything. You can link up with them and start selling their items by advertising on your page on Facebook or Instagram i.e affiliate business.

Or you can create an e-commerce site of your own on Shopify, for which you pay some percentage. It won’t cost you more than $100 even if you create your own website like I did.

You get a cool commission by getting an order for someone making masks for example. Find someone making masks and make a deal with them using your order.

They will ship their products to the person or address you want directly after you ask your clients to pay them. COD is also possible.

3. Become a Real Estate Agent

A real estate broker doesn’t own a house he is selling for someone. You can approach a house owner who is renting or selling a property and if they agree that you rent or sell it for them, you can put up your sign in front of the house with your business name and phone number etc. But you will need a license.

Invest your $100 in business card and a simple website.

So you can get a license and sign up a contract or deed with the owner after which you will start showing the property to the interested people who call you up.

Arrange meetings with the owner who can be far away sometimes. Negotiate prices and finally you get a commission when the deal is done.

You will gain experience as you go on making deals if you are lucky. 

4. A freight Broker or Clearing Agent

You can operate from your home and work through a website to become a freight broker.

I got a van imported from Norway to the UK and I needed a freight broker to get the papers cleared from the Govt. I couldn’t just get it myself out of the port before completing formalities like paying taxes to the government etc. They had to check if all was done according to the regulations.

A freight broker could do it for me by approaching a clearing agent or if he had a license to become a clearing agent himself.

In any case you will get a commission in between an importer and a clearing agent. It’s not rocket science if you are in the port and move around with the offices to know the procedure.

You won’t need a license if you are just a broker connecting an importer and a clearing agent.

5. Become an Influencer (Instagram, FB, YouTube)

Are you well versed with social media like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube etc?

If you are good at influencing people by using powerful words in your Facebook posts and Instagram Reels, you can become a promoter for businesses who don’t know much about social media.

A silver jeweller can make jewellery but he hardly knows how to advertise on social media using the right words to get leads.

If you take a look at my website I am using to promote businesses, you will see what I am doing is just that.

You can also link your website URL in bio section to advertises products of manufacturers who you are associated with. You can help businesses to recover in this pandemic. Lots of them had to close down their businesses during the lockdown. Only online selling would help them in this situation of financial crisis.

A seller in a far away city wonders how I could market his products to be sold in his city sitting in a remote place. I dig up groups buying and selling in his city far away from me using key words and advertise his products to get him leads.  He is happy to pay me to advertise in these groups while he gets busy with home delivery of his products.

It will not cost you even $100. You can start your YT channel today and start growing it organically.

6. Become a Tutor

You don’t need a big capital to become a tutor in private homes. You just need to be a professional in your field of studies and be able to convey your knowledge to another person.

It took me less than a week to find private homes and students to tutor when I went to NY.

People know you are an experienced tutor and they need your help to get better grades for their children. Just put up a sign in front of your window plus you can advertise on social media in relevant groups in your town.

There are groups on Facebook who can get you online students somewhere in China but they take a substantial amount from your earnings.

7. Start a Consulting Business

You could become a tax consultant or insurance provider if you know the regulations by working in that field.

Your clients will be happy to save their taxes by using a professional like you to make the deductions etc. To know the rules, it takes a long time to study it ourselves and learn the books.

You can offer help in filing tax returns or getting a policy if you need one. Driver’s licence is not enough to drive a vehicle in the States without vehicle insurance.

8. Start Swimming Pool Cleaning

How much do you pay to clean your swimming pool? Not less than $100, right? Yes a swimming pool cleaning business can give you great return within few times. All you require is a basic skill of pool cleaning along with some tools for cleaning. 

Get a certification to showcase your skills for charging higher. Advertise your business and make some good network within your circle. Contact office keeping staff, owners of house or society, managers of public spaces like malls, schools, etc. Get some clients and start your cleaning business.

You need to be careful in your work and must do your best since such businesses grow from word or mouth. This means that you client may refer you to someone he knows if he loves your work. Spend some money to start this business and within few years you will get great returns.

9. Party Equipment Rental Business

Party equipment rentals companies need brokers to bring them clients who can rent their equipment.

If you know who is having a party for a birthday etc. in your neighbourhood, you can approach them to see if they need any equipment like chairs and tables to be set up in their garden.

The best way to do this is online. Advertise on social media that you are renting out party equipment. If you are good with facebook ads, people will start calling you.

Take your clients to the person or company renting the equipment and you will make a commission if the deal is made. Start with $100 investment and run highly targeted FB ads in your locality.

10. Start House Flipping Business

Once I saw a fix up home for sale in the classified section in a local newspaper in Denver.

I didn’t have the money to buy it for $15000 and sell it for $30000 like I did. But I approached my landlord advocate who thought it was a good idea if I was going to do the work.

We talked to the agents and my landlord was able to sign a deed for flipping the house. We made a deal to fix up the house and sell it within six months.

We were able to add a room by dividing the living room into two and we painted the house after fixing the window glasses. We had the carpets thrown out and fitted new carpets and even got the valuation made.

A native Indian was able to get a loan on the house with my help and I was so happy when he moved in. We took up another fix up home on the same basis and sold it too to make a cool profit.

Sounds like something you can do?

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