10 Crops That Are Cost-Efficient To Grow And Sell

profitable vegetables to grow

Gardening initially was only a hobby, but today it has moderated itself as a side line business earning unimaginable profits. The idea of farming and selling has slowly changed to gardening and selling considering the lifestyle changes. In that context, I would recommend gardeners like you to think a bit wider to change your hobby to a business. Here in this article I will discuss about most profitable crops that you should start growing for good returns. To choose the right kind of crops, you will have to make intense research regarding the cost of growing and the space required. This is because, these two factors ultimately decide the profits you make. Here I have provided few ideas where the costs of growing these vegetables are relatively lesser than the rest.

10 Crops that are cost-efficient to grow and sell


Tomato is a most common vegetable, but the top ranked one in the category of cost-efficient vegetables. This factor is more than enough for you to choose tomatoes for your business. The idea here is that, irrespective of the country you are the need for this vegetable stays high. Thus, you don’t have to really about the regular consumption pattern of your market. Regarding the space for growing tomatoes, it approximately takes a 10 feet row to produce eight plants. The yield of it will range from 30-50 kg. The price at which you sell will be far from the cost of producing it.  And this is exactly a sign of cost-efficient vegetable which will enable you to realize your investments at the earliest.


The next in line is the production of lettuce, which is quite rare but the easiest. The rareness of growing lettuce makes you stand as the leader of the market at times. There are possibilities for having your lettuce at an increased price due to more demand. Lettuce is generally known for its efficient spacing aspect, which produces 30-40 plants in a row of 10 feet. Hence, lettuces can also be added to your list to start a business.

Green peas

Green peas are the most efficient vegetables which facilitates the grower with maximum productivity. Both space utilisation and the cost aspect of growing peas are equal making it the best choice. Also, the transport and storage of peas are easier than other products which is an added point to make it as a main source of business. The yield here depends on the maintenance management practiced while growing them.


Kohlrabi is an annual vegetable which requires a medium spaced place to grow. It is neither too productive nor produces less number of vegetables. The productivity is in the medium state just as the space efficiency. The cost of it is quite appreciable and the prices differ widely depending on the market. Hence, it is a vegetable which holds all the growing factors in a balanced state. Profits depend on the effective growing methods which you will adopt. In spite of all these medium values of cost and space efficiency, the vegetable yet stands as one of the profitable vegetables to grow.


Broccoli is one type of vegetable which is fast spreading in consumption even in countries where the consumption history did not have broccoli. A lot of markets now import broccoli in case they do not have production in their area. Thus, the demand part of the vegetable is likely to influence the profits from it. It is said that the costs of growing in broccoli is the cheapest of all since the capital require is very less. The productivity of it is also notable since they produce about 3.5 quintals per acre of land.


Eggplant is a very good source of potassium and dietary fiber which is being demanded in all the markets. This is a regular vegetable which has a very high monetary value when sold. Only drawback of it is the use of more space for growth which ends in less yield. Hence, if you can compromise on the space utilisation this vegetable will stand as a good choice for business.

Oyster mushrooms

This vegetable takes its importance a step higher due to extremely less space requirement. All you have to do is, adopt good growing practices. The profits made here are extremely high since the costs incurred in production are very less. The yield is 25 pounds per square foot and this is more than enough to start investing in mushroom business.

Bell peppers

Bell peppers have a wide range of prices when sold in the market. This will enable you to earn profits at appropriate places. The difference in price is due to change in ripening time. About 10 times of the investment is realized as profits in bell peppers.


Garlic is again a very good vegetable bought by almost all the people irrespective of the country and consumption pattern. Both yield and costs are in such a way that they favour the growers like you all.


Beans take a very little space for growth, which cuts down its cost of production to some extent. The profits earned and thus this vegetable will again be a very profitable idea.

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