4 Tips for Marketing Your New Business Online


If you want your new business to be successful — and who doesn’t —you need to make marketing a top priority. It’s your marketing strategy and process that will drive new clients to your business and convince them that your company is the right one for the job. But what do you do if you don’t know a lot about marketing and can’t afford to hire a pro? Follow these tips to improve your company’s visibility as quickly as possible.

Tips for Marketing Your Business Online

Invest in a Good Note-Taking APP

All good copywriters share a secret. They have a swipe file filled withideas they can “swipe” from others at any given time. Of course, they aren’t literally stealing ideas from others. The file is used for inspiration. In most cases, it contains a mixture of screenshots from
websites with great copy and design. When needed, they flip through their swipe file, piecing together ideas, looking for impactful words and phrases, and page elements that reflect the vision they’re trying to create for their clients.Every single business owner needs a file like this.

A place to bank ideas for future implementation—and all you need is a good note-taking app to create one. Choose an app, like Evernote or Pocket, that allows you to clip snippets of online content to read later. Then, as you come across interesting ads on Facebook or an attention-grabbing sales email from a business you follow, save them in your app. Then, when you’re creating your next marketing campaign, you have a stack of
ideas ready and waiting for you to explore.

Start With One Social Media Site

New business owners often think they have to do it all in order to succeed, but really, internet marketing doesn’t work like that. To effectively market your business online, you need to start building a following — a group of fans who are loyal to your company. You can’t do that if you’re spreading yourself too thin.

Instead of trying to be in all the places, choose the main social media platform your target audience uses and start there. Focus solely on building a following on the site you choose. Then, slowly implement
other social media sites as the process becomes easier.

The Power of One

Most professional online marketers will tell you to always follow The Power of One when creating marketing campaigns and content. In fact, many consider it the difference between good marketing and great marketing. The Power of One states to focus on:

* One main goal or outcome
* One core emotion
* On single desirable benefit
* One inevitable response

For internet marketing campaigns, this translates to focusing every piece of content, email, sales page, and ad you create on one person (your ideal client), one goal, and one offer. The content you create, regardless of the medium, should only contain one call-to-action — the action you need you people to take for you to reach your goal. While you might have several calls-to-action throughout the content, each one will
prompt the person to take the same action.

Always Work on List Building

For an online business owner, your single most-valuable asset is your email list. It’s your email list that contains contact information for everyone who has shown interest in your product/service. You should be constantly working to grow your email list.

Think about it. If you focus on building your business using Facebook and tomorrow Facebook makes a huge algorithm change that results in a 30% decline in your reach, what would you do? You’d be losing money and there’s nothing you could do about it because you don’t control Facebook.

But you control your email list. That information is yours. Regardless of what happens with other methods of communication, you have your audience’s contact information stored away safely. You can easily pivot to the next new thing if needed.Marketing is a major focus for any new business owner. They faster you master it, the easier it is to scale your business.


1. What’s the best way to market my new business online?

The best way to market your new business online is to create an effective digital marketing strategy. This should include activities such as building a website, social media marketing, and search engine optimization. Additionally, blog writing and email campaigns can be effective tools for increasing visibility and driving traffic to your website.

2. What are the advantages of online marketing?

Online marketing is a cost effective form of marketing that offers an array of advantages. This includes the ability to reach a wider audience, to measure results more effectively, and to have control over the message being delivered. Furthermore, online marketing can be tailored to reach a specific demographic.

3. How can I optimize my website for SEO?

SEO optimization involves utilizing keywords in your content that are relevant to the search terms of your target audience. Additionally, adding links to authoritative websites and optimizing meta tags and page titles will boost your website’s visibility, improving your chances to rank higher on search engine results pages.

4. How can I use social media to market my business?

Social media is a great tool for marketing your business. You can use it to create relationships with customers, drive website traffic, and inform them about special offers and promotions. Posting interesting content is also an effective way to engage and build a customer base.

5. How can I track the performance of my online marketing efforts?

There are a variety of analytics tools available that allow you to track the performance of your online marketing efforts. These tools provide insights on the number of visitors to your website, website views, clicks, and other data points.

6. What types of content work best for online marketing?

The type of content that works best for online marketing depends on your audience and objectives. However, engaging content such as videos, blog articles, and infographics are usually more effective at engaging users and driving more website traffic.

7. What is the best way to create content for online marketing?

The best way to create content for online marketing is to develop interesting, relevant, and shareable content that is tailored to your target audience. Content should also be optimized with keywords that are relevant to your business.

8. How can I monetize my online marketing activities?

There are a variety of ways to monetize your online marketing activities. These include selling products online, affiliating with other websites, utilizing content sponsorships, and creating targeted ads. It’s important to test different methods to find the one that works best for your business.

9. What should I consider when developing an online marketing budget?

When creating an online marketing budget, it’s important to consider the cost of activities such as website design, blogging, SEO, and social media marketing. It’s also important to factor in how much revenue the activities are expected to generate.

10. How often should I update my content?

The frequency with which you should update your content depends on your target audience and industry. As a general rule, content should be updated regularly to ensure that it is engaging, relevant, and up-to-date.

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