A Guide to Working From a Coworking Space in Singapore

The country sits in one of the most strategic positions in the Asia-Pacific market. For business, Singapore has been described as a gateway to other markets in this region, making it a very attractive place for new business.

In fact, the country has the potential to be a great source of work for independent contractors and freelancers simply because of its government’s pro-business policies and commitment to cracking down on corruption.

In addition to the government’s stance on business, the landscape has created the chance for small businesses to compete with larger ones by establishing a platform for free trade. One of the ways this can be seen is through office space, especially the coworking scene. In the last few years, Singapore’s coworking scene has evolved to include a variety of spaces.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s to be expected when it comes to coworking in Singapore.

Snazzy Digs

Gone are the drab spaces that only provided businesses with the very basic internet connection and workspace, as the country’s spaces have undergone a makeover. While you still might see some of these spaces in the landscape, newer more impressive buildings are beginning to define the landscape.

Modern décor complemented by furnishings that are both stylish, and in some cases, trendy are a part of the coworking scene, and these spaces can be found all over the country.

If you are looking to class your business, consider moving toward the CBD where skyscrapers are outfitted with the finest furnishings giving your business a professional image.

Servcorp’s coworking space in Singapore, for example, has offices sitting on Market Street and Marina Boulevard, offices styled for the corporate business in mind. Your coworking space sitting in any one of the country’s business districts can help you project the perfect image to clients.

Focus On Wellness

Many of the spaces have moved beyond the café or coffee bar into providing spaces with amenities that have real value. In line with understanding, health is a great part of productivity, many spaces offer yoga as a part of their menu.

A few spaces offer gyms for professionals who want to exercise before, during, or after their workday. Then, other spaces include more practical amenities that can help professionals get through the workday, namely daycare. In an environment that encourages family relationships, these spaces recognise the value for providing daycare to professionals with busy careers.   

A Mix Of Conglomerates And Small Spaces

In the Singapore office space landscape, businesses will also find that, while many of the coworking spaces are funky little enclaves that define their own community many larger, international spaces are cornering the market.

The benefit to coworking professionals in the country is this variety allows them to choose between small spaces that can be a platform for finding a community or larger spaces that can give your business access to the international coworking community.

Wide Price Range

The coworking landscape has a budget for just about any business in the country. Prices as low as $25 a day can be found in the country, but businesses should shop around because most of the spaces cost various amounts depending on the package. In fact, businesses can opt to pay for space a la carte or go with one of the all-inclusive packages.

A Guide To Coworking In Singapore

Coworking has become one of the best ways to create a platform for business. In a culture that really supports relationships, personal and business, the coworking platform provides professionals with an opportunity to develop business relationships. Coworking in Singapore can help build these relationships in a climate that is as diverse as the country itself.

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