Market your Business on Instagram: Pro Instagram Marketing Tips

Business on Instagram

Instagram is one of the leading social media company where people generally post photos and videos along with short message. Instagram has seen its rise in the last one decade with the rise of smartphones especially that of Apple iPhone. With the changing time Instagram moved from IOS to Android and currently is one of the leading social media platforms parallel to Facebook and Twitter. With over 500 million active users Instagram has made its base stronger day by day and is currently the most preferred picture and video sharing app.

Social media which earlier was limited to curious users posting updates along with media is now one of basic source of digital market influencer. Businesses took this opportunity and started investing in the social media platforms through advertisement and other methods to influence their potential customers. Social media platforms like Instagram are not only limited to professional product and service rendering company advertising but has also become a source of political influencing, professional profile building and increasing the reach to their potential customers.

Because of this Instagram has seen rise in revenue as more and more professionals and businesses are spending money to advertise with Instagram. As an Instagram user you would have seen many ads on your timeline on regular basis. Based on your interest and searches businesses uses target marketing methods to reach out to you with their products and services. If you are one of those who want to market their business on Instagram this article is for your offering various advices and tips for a successful and effective marketing on Instagram.

Instagram Marketing Tips

Tips to Market your Business on Instagram:-

Make complete use of your Business Profile:

Similar to Facebook, Instagram also offers a business profile to its users to use it as a business profile to promote your business through your account by posting ads. Use many other similar tools that help in promoting your business and post interesting posts on your account to attract new followers. You can pay a particular amount based on the packages available and Instagram will post your ads based on the interest of other users using their search history and interest.

Ensure that you update your profile regularly and post quality content in. Describe your business using precise words and add link to your website and other social media handles. Instagram is used by millions of people and 37% of the population of USA uses Instagram whereas 6% of the population of India uses Instagram which continues to rise on daily basis. 

Post Interesting Posts Regularly but not overwhelmingly:

Creative and interesting posts always grab the much needed attention of the audience and also compel them to show interest in your business. Post what your audience is probably looking for with some interesting and creative contents that unique in nature. Your posts should be regular or at least two posts a day at a time when the reach is highest.

While posting regularly ensure that you don’t post to often which may end up spamming the timeline of your followers. Too many posts annoy your followers after a certain time. Post quality content while may not be too often but they catch the much needed attention of your audience. The ideal time to post a content is 8-9 AM and at 2AM which you can schedule for post. A maximum of 1-2 post per day is enough at the ideal time as it can reach maximum followers of yours. 

Associate with Social Media Influencers:

Social Media influencers are the ones who have followers in thousands and are known for their creative contents in different niches. Get associated with them so that they can endorse your product or service on their account among their followers who may be interested in your business. Social media influencers unlike celebrities do not charge whopping amount for ads but charge a decent amount.

This will help you in securing a wider reach among those who may not be your follower or do not necessarily show in the products and services you sell. Within a decent budget you will can endorse your business among a wider range of audience. You can also indulge in good causes like crowd funding or fundraiser for a needy like a sick patient or for animal or environmental cost. Since it will be coming from your handle, people do tend to share it and thus indirectly you can get good followers in return for your charity.

Use Hashtags and Special Events to Promote your Business:

Hashtags (#) are used to maximize your reach by putting your content whenever is searching something which has identical words as used by you in your posts. For example if you into software and IT business then you can use hashtags similar to these fields like IT, software, oracle, Microsoft, IOS, Android or other keywords which is common in your business. Now next time anyone uses search words to search Instagram he can view your posts thus ensure maximum reach. Special Events or purposes can be best utilized to reach a wider and diverse audience. For example, using festival posts, special day posts and other important event posts you can endorse your business. 

Interact with your Audience and offer what they want:

A healthy interaction with your audience and receiving their valuable feedback helps a lot in improving your reach and business. Conduct interactive sessions with your audience where you can ask for their views or create situations so that they can interact with you.

On social media, you should be prompt in replying to their query with a humble voice. Create posts based on common queries and be user friendly to get a customer friendly experience for your audience. Exemplary service is something that often makes the changes. Offer what your audience asks for and you will be having a good following on your Instagram account.

Use Creativity to attract Audience:

New brands which do not have much say in the market often resort to creative ads that touches the heart of people. You also would have some of your favorite ads that pushed you to purchase a product or get a service of that particular company. Creativity do attracts people and in a competitive market it can mark the difference given most of you would be offering similar products.

Hire a team of creative experts known for digital marketing and then create ads that are attractive in nature. Post them wisely on your Instagram account. This can be a 30 second to a minute long video or a picture. If you want to get a clue how interesting an ad can be without much expense then you can refer to ads by Fevicol by Pedilite, Amul, FedEx, etc. 

Use Instagram for Ads:

Paid advertisement should also be in your list given it definitely creates an impact as on an average note one person does goes on a business account on daily basis. Instagram basically offers five types of ad posts. 

  • Video Post
  • Picture Post
  • Slide Picture posts
  • Stories Post
  • Collection ads

All these five methods in themselves reach the maximum users possible. Instagram also fetches data from Facebook therefore using data analytics it can reach maximum users who can be your potential customers. Your expense for Instagram ad could be expensive but it depends on the type of package you choose. These ads can definitely boost your follower count given your ads are not boring and repetitive. Based on your budget you can get the package you feel is good for your and post your ads.

Promote your Instagram account on other Social Media Platforms:

People who may be following you on Facebook or Twitter might not be following you on Instagram. The best way to get them on board is to let them know that you are also on Instagram. Post your Instagram handle along with an attractive post that can push your followers to actually go and visit your handle.

Promote your Instagram handle with each of your post until your handle gets the desired following. You can also collaborate with other business profiles that can promote your handle or you can mutually promote each other. Collaboration does work really well as you get the followers from their following and they can get from yours in a quid pro quo method. 

Generate Curiosity and Let your Followers know the other side:

Suppose you are into a shoe manufacturing business and you want to promote your brand on your Instagram account. What could be better than let your followers know how a shoe is manufactured in the factory? What it really takes to give a fine touch to a shoes. From the first step to the last step you can create a series of videos and posts to generate curiosity among your audience. Back side stories are often very interesting and generate curiosity among the audience. Use it wisely to get whooping followers and an interactive audience.

Social media platforms like Instagram are powerful platforms that can give you fortunes if one uses it wisely and smartly. The present generation has a good opportunity to market their business even without spending much.

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