Where and How To Sell Crypto?

When you decide to get into crypto trading, you need to find a worthy crypto platform where you will buy and sell cryptocurrency conveniently and with a profit, following your trading strategy. Picking a platform, pay attention to the following factors:

  • The fee policy
  • The number of traded crypto pairs
  • The level of safety
  • Trading tools available
  • Customer support.

Another question is picking an asset for trading. Look for the coin with high and middle capitalisation. Investors recommend diversification of crypto portfolios; for example, you can buy Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum and hold them long-term or trade them daily if you wish.

Ripple trade, for example, is good for long-term (position trading) because this asset has not grown in value over the last few years due to its lawsuit with the SEC. However, the prospects for the XRP token growth are bright, and as soon as it resolves its issues with the SEC, it will start developing on a full scale, and the token’s price will grow. Still, daily Ripple trade is also popular, allowing making income from small XRP fluctuations during the day.

How to Sell Cryptocurrency?

Coming back to the question of crypto exchange websites, we would like to recommend the WhiteBIT crypto invest platform. It is an official working service with compliance with all the requirements in this field. The exchange operates in over 150 states and has more than 2 million registered clients. Over 450 crypto pairs are offered for trading. Registered users access all the financial instruments, such as margin and futures (leverage is up to X20). You can also buy crypto assets with cash and withdraw funds to your bank card in a couple of clicks. Customer support operates 24/7.

To sell crypto, you need to open the position for selling your coins and pick the currency you want to receive (fiat or crypto). Then pay the fee (only 0,10%), and money will be accrued to your account in a matter of seconds.

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