10 Best Education and Training Sector Business Ideas & Opportunities

education business ideas

Education sector has changed in recent years because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Every institution is focusing more on online learning platforms and encouraging online education system. Thanks to the internet and the development that education sector is gaining importance. Everywhere there is a demand for educated and skilled resources and this has laid the platform for business opportunities in this sector as well.

Everyday new applications are being developed to simplify online learning platform. If you have something in your mind which simplify this new method is learning then you should kick start the process of development. The COVID-19 pandemic is here to stay for a year or two as told my WHO chairman in March 2021, the new education system will rule the coming decade for sure.

Here we will discuss 10 profitable business opportunities in education and training sector and how you can earn money from them:

10 business ideas targeting education sector are as follows:-

1. Online Learning Platform (App based)

These days you can get all your answers on online learning apps. These apps are in high demand and the income is significantly high. You can start an online learning app in the desired field and that’s it, your business is all set. However, remember that the business can be successful only if the quality of your video and the knowledge you impart is up to the mark. The apps work simple, you can earn money through advertisement, student registration etc.

2. Skill Development Center

To start a business in skill development center, two things are very important. The quality of education and the infrastructure. It requires some amount of investment but the returns are high. Additional manpower may also be required. The skill development center can be for both men and women in their respective fields. Some examples include making spices, packing stuffs, carpentry, wool rearing etc.

3. Pre-School Franchise

Schools have become a real business and the revenues are really high. However, these days’ parents are more keen to send their kids to preschools and hence lot of people are entering into the school franchise business. The technique is simple as you need to get a franchise of some reputed preschool and set up the things for the kids. It requires major investment but the returns are good over the year. Also, the fees is very high in such schools.

4. Computer Training

With the advent of computer and internet, everything has become computerized. Therefore, computer training centers are gaining significant importance these days. It is a good and profitable business and one can open a computer training center. You need to invest in the infrastructure and manpower. There is definitely some initial investment involved but returns are high.

5. Academic Coaching Classes

These days’ students of all age groups prefer going to coaching classes. Therefore, academic coaching classes are on a rise. There is very less or no investment involved in this business however you can earn a significant income from it. It all depends on how many classes can be taken in a day and the level of education you provide.

6. Tutor Finder App

This is another modern and profitable business. These days both parents and students are keen to find online classes and expert teachers through tutor finding app. If you are talented enough you can make one such app and then your business is on the roll. If not, you can market some of the existing apps and earn a significant income from the same.

7. Proofreading Service

This is one of the services which requires minimal investment. Proofreading is nothing but reading and correcting articles, books etc. to make them error free. You can start this business in your home itself through online mode and earn a decent income by proofreading articles and books. You can also contact some book agency and get daily work from them as well. with time, you can outsource the work too and earn a handsome profit.

8. School and College Supplies

Schools and college supplies is a good and profitable business. You can supply chairs, tables, stationary, books etc to the schools and colleges and earn a significant income. The profit margins are really high in this business. It requires an initial investment but the returns are good. Also, the most important factors involved in this business is the quality of products and the timely delivery. It is always better to tie up your business with some schools or colleges to get continuous orders from them.

9. Career Magazine

Career magazine business id also profitable but it is slightly difficult as compared to the other ones. These magazines are popular as it contains the details of any career and information such as how to apply, what to study, university fees etc. it is a profitable business to start with however you need to have a team for the same who can write, publish and distribute the magazines. As it is a student counselling matter, the facts and information must be accurate for your magazine to prosper.

10. Consultancy Services

Consultancy services is one of the most profitable business. You can start a consultancy firm and tie up with corporates and big companies who are looking to hire professionals. All you need is the biodata of the students and the skills that the company is looking for. The payments are very high if the resource is selected. You can make several bucks from consultancy services. Usually, the money is offered by the hiring company.


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