Business Opportunities in Qatar Around FIFA World Cup 2022

The FIFA World Cup is coming to Qatar in 2023! This event presents a unique opportunity for businesses to get involved and capitalize on the influx of visitors and attention that will be focused on Qatar. With over 2 million fans expected to descend on Qatar for the World Cup, there will be a huge demand for accommodation, food and drink, entertainment, and transportation. Businesses that can provide these services will be in a prime position to benefit from the event.

There are also opportunities for businesses to get involved in the construction and infrastructure projects that are being undertaken in preparation for the World Cup. With billions of dollars being invested in developing Qatar’s infrastructure, there are plenty of opportunities for businesses to get involved. So, if you’re thinking of doing business in Qatar, the FIFA World Cup in 2023 is a great opportunity to get started! 

As huge as this event is, people from all around the world will gather to witness the competitive matches, overcrowding the hotels, streets, and rental cars. It will present a huge opportunity for all the businessmen in these industries to prosper. The city can leverage the situation and make the most out of such a scenario, generating a large profit. 

Companies from across the world, like the US, are starting new ventures in the country as an opportunity to earn profits and increase their influence over the world at large. There have been enormous investments, of approximately $10 billion, solely by the US companies. The companies in the peripheral locations and areas are also eager to sign deals with the Qatar government, contributing to over two hundred projects that are expected to be undertaken for the World Cup preparations alone. 

Apart from infrastructural and industrial businesses, new technological advancements are also under progress and are set to be ready before the championship begins. Qatar has officially announced the installation of various technologies that will use the energy from sun rays as air conditioners in the stadium. To be on the safe side of things, it has also been announced that backup options will be available in case they might need it. They are considering storing solar power with grids to be used in emergencies. Qatar is all set to showcase a whole new level of World Cup hosting. 

Travel Industry

People from all around the world will be visiting the country to witness their favorite players and teams. And, the responsibility of funneling all these sports enthusiasts to Qatar will fall on the various travel agencies that operate in the country and abroad. Local and international airlines will collaborate with different countries in terms of fixing the schedule, monetary rates, and ensuring a safe travel passage for all who wish to visit and enjoy the championship. 

The pressure on Qatar to handle a huge population at one go will be a difficult task, which they’ll have to manage in coordination with international airlines and agencies. It is important to note that the support Qatar will receive from international airlines will be linked to the country’s travel department bringing in an inflow of profits in the country.

Metro Services

To cater to the huge influx of tourists, the metro in Doha is set to profit largely and help in the transportation of at least one million visitors during the competition. The country will profit significantly from the initiative of setting up this metro. It is said to have a 300km long network with over 100 stations across it. The metro will not only set records in Qatar metro history but also contribute immensely to the development of the country and pushing it toward advancement. 

Accommodation Services

With the huge inflow of tourists and visitors, the availability of hotels, restaurants, and places of accommodation are of utmost importance. The Qatar government has to ensure that every visitor has a place of accommodation, with quality service and well-conditioned rooms. It will put a lot of pressure on existing accommodation businesses. To solve this, the Qatar Government has introduced schemes to set up new accommodation services like restaurants and hotels. Along with this, Cruise Housing will also be introduced to foreigners and visitors. It indicates the massive infrastructural development of the country under World Cup preparations.

Car Rentals

The responsibility to pick up passengers from one destination, and drop them on the other, falls on the car rental corporations. With a 17 lakh population, Qatar is all set to play the bold gamble in the World Cup that will be held in the year 2022. The cards are already in the play, and the local car rental associations have started changing and accommodating their timetable, along with monitoring and sharpening their rental charges to target huge hotels and restaurants. Joint investments have also begun in the industry. 

Combined Ventures

Joint ventures are a special aid in helping Qatar present a memorable World Cup experience to all. To boost the small and medium scale enterprises, Qatar has already invested 1.4 billion in the year 2017. The joint venture between MIDMAC and PORR Qatar has been one of the most prominent highlights of this conference. The joint venture has been given the responsibility to build the Al Wakrah Stadium which is said to be the final hosting stage. Another joint venture between HBK Contracting Co. (Quarati Contractor) and CRCC has been entrusted with the responsibility to build the Lusail Stadium. 

Laundry Business

This small industry is also expected to grow during the World Cup. While the entire tourist population will be busy enjoying the competitive matches, self-laundry will be out of the question. It will pave the way for the establishment of various laundry businesses in the country. Even for the jerseys of the footballers participating in the competitions, laundromats will be a requirement. 

Online Food Delivery

With an increase in population, the food consumption rate will also increase. There are high chances that online food delivery channels might earn huge profits. Due to overcrowded hotels and bars, travelers might prefer receiving their food in the comfort of their hotel rooms without needing to step out of their rooms after enjoying a good match.


Along with the travel industry, the tourism industry will also receive a boost from the Fifa World Cup Championship. With people traveling across the globe to make it to the stands to witness the World Cup, Qatar will have a huge crowd of international travelers to cater to. It will give the country a chance to showcase its traditions and focus on cultural and sports tourism. It will help develop Qatar’s tourism sector and encourage people to visit the various tourist spots in the country. 

Other Industries

Apart from these businesses, there are a lot of other fields in which Qatar is developing and making its mark in the world. The stock-exchange market has been soaring ever since Qatar won the bidding to hold the Fifa World Cup. Apart from this, various other factors have seen a positive change. One of which is the reduced bridge between the differences in the cultural views of the Middle East countries and the European nations. 

Qatar has inaugurated numerous sports clubs, hotels and restaurants, and various other initiatives and programs. It has also launched special commodities to promote the very famous World Cup championship, along with supporting its various companies’ efforts. The country has also taken measures to shape its financial infrastructure and promote it to a higher level. To achieve that, Qatar has already invested $100 billion in partnerships among the public and private sectors. 

Like most other countries hosting the World Cup in the past Qatar is likely to make the best out of it in terms of revenue. It is especially essential since the travel industry has suffered quite a lot in the past few months. It will give Qatar a chance to bounce back and make a large sum of profits from the various services associated with the World Cup and the audience who are going to cross the borders to make their way to the stands of the stadium in Qatar.

It is going to be a leading opportunity to make profits for Qatar and also let the world know about their cultures, traditions, ethics, heritage, hospitality, cuisine, and more. If you are looking for a business opportunity in Qatar the ones mentioned above could be a starting point. However, there could be many other similar opportunities that you can think of which can help you draw huge profits in Qatar during the World Cup 2022. 

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