20 Profitable Small Manufacturing Business Ideas You Should Consider in 2021

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Are you planning to set foot in the manufacturing business industry but have not yet decided what kind of manufacturing you should start? Read on, and we can guide you with our list of small-scale manufacturing businesses to choose from.

A manufacturing business can generate a lot of profit if you set it right and organise your resources in the right way. Some of the small scale businesses that you can start today without worrying about the investment given below.

What is manufacturing business?

In manufacturing business we produce goods through the use of raw materials, labor, tools and biological or chemical processing. The steps taken to transport the raw material into final product is known as manufacturing process.

Manufacturing Industry Overview:

Manufacturers in the United States account for 12.4% of the total output in the economy, employing 12.5 million people. Total output from manufacturing sector was $2,335 billion in 2019. Top 5 export market are Canada, Mexico, China, Japan and United Kingdom.

The manufacturing sector in India has a market size of $320 billion.

You can also read detailed business plan for every manufacturing businesses discussed here in this article.

Here are 20 most profitable small manufacturing businesses:

1. Manufacturing of paper plates and paper cups

These are gaining popularity among the users over the years as an alternative to tableware at parties and gatherings. It is owing to their eco-friendly disposable nature. You will need a small amount as an investment for this business.

The raw materials for paper plate manufacturing business are easy to procure and cheap as well. The only thing you need to think about in this business is the shapes and designs for paper plates and cups. The more you solve real-life problems and design your plates and cups accordingly, the more popular your products will be among users.

2. Manufacturing of plastic bottles

Plastic bottle manufacturing is an industry that provides the raw material for the packaged mineral water manufacturing. Also, there are plastic bottles that you can sell in general. These bottles need to be durable and should not break easily.

Many people prefer plastic bottles as they are easy to carry around. However, you need to ensure that the plastic or the raw materials you use should pass the permissible standards of the government.

3. Mineral water plant

Water is an essential item of our daily living, and there are a lot of companies and individuals investing in the mineral water production business. 

The most important thing about the mineral water business is that you need to have a valid license. You need to put in a reliable team as there is a high risk of receiving contaminated water or contaminating the water in the process of packaging if proper care is not taken.

4. Manufacturing of tissue papers

Tissue papers are extensively used these days in various sectors of society for different purposes. You should invest in this business because initial investment is not too high. You can start with one machine at the beginning and then scale it to 24/7 production.

We suggest that you should have a proper marketing plan for your business. You can tie up with restaurants, food joints, or delivery units for better revenue. You can start small in the case of this business and grow the business eventually. The initial investment in the case of this business is not too much and if you plan the business right, you can generate a good amount of revenue out of it.

5. Manufacturing of ballpoint pens

Most ballpoint pens cost around $5 to $10 for a set of 10 pens., so it is evident that manufacturing ballpoint pens require low investment. So if you are planning to set up a new business but do not wish to spend a lot on it initially, the ballpoint pen manufacturing business can be a viable option for you.

You need to understand the demand and supply, procure good quality raw materials and organise a skillful team. It is a good business opportunity that can generate a lot of revenue for you. Follow the proper business plan and important steps for pen manufacturing business.

6. Manufacturing of frames and eyeglasses

Among all other small-scale businesses, the eyeglass manufacturing requires considerably better-skilled labor. In general, average quality eyeglasses and frames require about $0.5 to $5 for manufacturing and you can sell them at a price of about $10 or higher.

If you can market your business right, you can generate large revenue from the manufacturing unit. 

7. Detergent and soap manufacturing

Are you wondering if a detergent and soap making business is a good idea when many big brands are running their business in the industry smoothly? It is a great idea. There is a section of society that still resorts to local brands of detergent and soap daily. 

You can start the business from the comfort of your home. To stay ahead of the vast competition in the market, you can take up manufacturing with some special ingredients. Organic soaps, detergents, and aromatic oils as raw materials can help you be popular among the audience. Do your research well in the field before setting foot in the industry.

8. Customised T-shirt printing

This is most popular printing business among all. A lot of customers prefer customised t-shirts these days. It can prove to be good gift ideas to present as well. You will need a low investment compared to other small-scale businesses. You need to hire a designer for the t-shirts or design them yourself. Creative designs will help you draw more customers over a short time.

You can also sell your products online using simple marketing techniques on FB and Instagram. Follow the steps to start t-shirt printing and grow your business. 

9. Incense sticks manufacturing

Incense sticks are used both for spiritual purposes as well as creating an ambiance in the house. You would require raw materials such as coal powder and sticks. Also, the skilled labor needed for preparing incense stick manufacturing is inexpensive.

Get good quality machine, raw materials, packaging materials and start your production from home.

Profit margin in incense stick business is low as compared to packaged drinking water.

Be in touch with retail agents who would sell and promote your business among local shops. You can manufacture both raw as well as scented incense sticks.

10. Start a bakery

You need not worry about space, a bakery business can be started from your home at minimum investment, most of which is for the raw materials and packaging materials. You can include cakes, cookies, puffs, and other such simple items that people prefer to begin with.

The main thing that needs to be considered in this business is that you need to maintain quality at all times. The slightest drop in the quality can lead to decreased popularity of your brand.

11. Organic beauty products manufacturing

As the chemicals present in synthetic products produce several skin complications, many are resorting to natural beauty products in the present day. Thus, it is a great idea to delve deep into the natural beauty products manufacturing industry before it gets saturated.

You can hire specialists for formulating natural beauty products. Make sure to use all herbal products of good quality. 

Register your business, and if your products are of the standard quality, you can charge a standard price for them.

12. Handmade chocolates

Handmade chocolates are not just a business. It is an emotion. For this, you need not invest in space. You only need to spend on raw materials and equipment for preparing the chocolates. Packaging materials also need to be procured to ensure that the chocolates are intact for a prolonged period.

You must follow essential steps in preparation for handmade chocolates.

You can market your business by giving samples to your friends and neighbors. Ask them to share the details of your business with people they know. It will help your business to grow.

13. Accessories manufacturing

Do you wish to explore your creative side as well as earn in the process? Accessories manufacturing business can be a good business opportunity for you. You can use beadwork, stonework, thread word, quilling, etc. for preparing bangles, necklaces, earrings, etc. A lot of women would be interested in your products.

Using your imagination and creativity can help you accumulate a good profit from this business.

14. Manufacturing of fireworks 

You can invest in the fireworks making business as it can generate good revenue for you, especially during the festive season. You will find a large number of skilled labor at a reasonable price and can generate quick profits. If you do not know how to prepare the firecrackers, you can hire someone who has the skills.

Note: Proper license is required from the local municipality and the governing authority to start this business.

15. Small farming equipment manufacturing

It is a very large sector and lots of business opportunities are there in agriculture. There are several types of equipment used during the process of farming. You can invest in manufacturing the small farming equipment on a large scale. However, it is not an advisable business to start manufacturing large farming pieces of equipment as a beginner.

You should also consider modern equipments in farming to get an idea about the market.

You need to understand several things about this business, which only comes with experience. You can begin with small farming pieces of equipment and then go on the make larger ones in the future. It can generate a good income for you.

16. Making of jeans pants and jeanswear

Both men and women across sections of the society prefer to wear jeans pants. You can start a jeans pant-making business. The challenge here is procuring the material and deciding on the creative designs.

However, you need not crack your brain too much over the design in the beginning. Stick to the simple designs for jeans pants. Once your brand gains popularity among the buyers, go on to invest in creative designs or hire a designer for the same.

17. Candle making

Several people have tried their luck in the candle manufacturing business to begin with. Candle manufacturing can generate a high amount of revenue for you in no time. You can procure the raw materials at a reasonable price and sell the finished goods at a very high price. 

Scented candles are a viable variety of candles that can make your business grow. For this, you will require aromatic oils along with the basic raw materials for candle making. Upper-class people invest in luxury candles for their homes.

Before starting, research your target audience and try to manufacture the final product as per the requirement of your target audience. This is very small manufacturing business with low investment.

18. Manufacturing of customised gift boxes

Exchanging gifts is a very common action in the present-day scenario. Gifting comes with a requirement for gift boxes. Did you know that the manufacturing of customised gift boxes could also be a very viable business opportunity? 

Gifts that come with a personalised touch are always preferred by the recipients. Understand your target audiences such as small to big companies and individuals as well. Understand which business model suits you and cater to your business requirement as per that. The investment is low and you can generate profits quickly. You do not require much space for this business as well.

19. Kids toy manufacturing

Toy manufacturing is a common thing among beginners. If you are planning to start a small-scale business and you have a knack for making toys, use it to generate an income. Toys can be made of many materials, plastic, wood, and stuff toys, discover your niche or try your hand on all kinds of toys.

Manufacturing most toys does not require large pieces of equipment, you can start it at home. The profit margins of this business are high and it is a great business to indulge in.

20. Towel manufacturing

You will see different kinds of towels available in the markets, bath towels, face towels, hand towels, etc. Each of these towels will require several manufacturing specifications and raw materials. Understand the demand for the products you are manufacturing and decide the bulk you wish to manufacture.

If you can provide patterns and colors on the towels you manufacture, the demand for the products will be high. You can approach large hotels and restaurants to generate higher revenue for your business. The investment in the towel manufacturing business is low.

Final Words

These are some of the best and most popular small-scale manufacturing ideas. You can make a reasonably small investment in it and start generating a large amount of revenue from it.

Most of the mentioned businesses can be started at the comfort of your home and with a basic investment. Once you set up the business and start to gain popularity among the audience, you can increase your production unit and start investing in better pieces of equipment, quality raw materials, and skilled labor.  

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