20 Small Scale Manufacturing Businesses that you can Start Today

manufacturing business ideas with low investment

As we all know that small scale manufacturing business is very profitable if done in a planned way. Many small products are still available for manufacturing that are not highly saturated like a plastic clip which is used to hold water supply pipes, electrical cable and other pipes. Future for this type of item is very bright in accordance to current demand.

This is very low investment business and one car start it today. The manufacturing process is also very simple, use of machine is also not very much complicated.

In this article, we have crafted 20 small scale manufacturing business ides that one can start in very low budget.

20 small scale manufacturing businesses are:-

1. Luxury candles manufacturing

Candles have found a prominent place everywhere today, be it a party, function, corporate event, dinner etc, candles are everywhere. It is usually found out that candles can be made at a very low price but can be sold at very high prices.

Luxury candles are welcomed by the upper class peoples. The raw materials used in these are cheap such as wax, perfumed oils, decorative items etc. but selling price is extremely high. It is one such profitable manufacturing business with low investment and high returns.

2. Tissue papers manufacturing

One of the most important things today is a tissue paper. Can you believe it? yes why not, after all tissue paper has multipurpose usage. Every restaurant wants to have tissue paper with their logo imprinted on it.

This strategy is to promote their business on a high scale. However, on a different scale one can take up tissue paper manufacturing and earn huge margins. A good tie up with several hotels and timely delivery can get you more orders. It costs very little to start but the scope of growth is unlimited.

3. Paper cups and plates

Paper cups and plates are an eco-friendly mode of disposing items. Therefore, more and more people are getting attracted towards it.

All you need for this business is a vision and the shapes, sizes, designs do really matter for you to dig a niche for yourself in this business. The raw materials are cheap but the final product needs to be great to attract customers. Various type of machines are available in low cost to manufacture paper cups and plates. Cost of the machine depends on production capacity. Paper cups and plates with logo imprinted on it has very high demand in market. Get into this low cost manufacturing business and make some huge profit with proper marketing.

4. Packaged mineral water

Water is essential for life and packaged mineral water has become common these days. Therefore, we can rightly say that it can become one of the best low investment ideas.

Undoubtedly, it requires a valid license to start this business and the risks are very high. You need to ensure that pure water is being supplied to customers as water has the highest chances of contamination which may completely ruin your name in the market. Small mineral water processing plant will cost around 10 lakhs in India and this comes under medium investment manufacturing business.

5. Towels manufacturing

Do you know the pretty and customized towels you see here and there are actually manufactured at a very low cost? Yes, towels require the minimum investment and are manufactured in large numbers. Based on the demand, their shapes and sizes can be different.

These days’ customers demand beautiful patterned towels, once you are able to supply them the business is on a roll.

6. Ball pens manufacturing

Just imagine, if a ball pen is sold at Rs. 5 in the market then what would be the manufacturing cost for it. Well, these are small scale manufacturing industries which require very less investment and the production is in bulk.

All you need is to know the demand and the supply accordingly. A ball pen is known by the ink and the flow of it. Just use good quality ink and earn the required reputation for the business. The look and feel must be good to survive in the business.

7. Soaps and detergent manufacturing

This is one of the lowest investment business with huge turnovers. It can be easily prepared and you can start this business at your home only. The quality of soap and detergents along with the packaging matters the most, therefore be very careful about it.

Also, these days’ herbal soaps and detergents are mostly preferred over the synthetic ones. Therefore, go for a thorough research of consumer demands and then start manufacturing it.

8. Incense stick(Agarbatti) manufacturing

Incense sticks are used in every home and the temples for worshipping. Incense sticks manufacturing is a good business. The raw materials (such as coal powder, sticks)and the man power involved comes cheap and therefore the investment is very low in this business.

You need to get in touch with some retail agents or local shopkeepers to sell your stuffs in the beginning and then you can slowly expand the business to retail outlets etc. You can manufacture both scented and raw agarbattis in your production unit.

9. Plastic water bottles

Plastic water bottles are easy to carry and there is no risk of breaking, therefore people prefer to have these water bottles at home or while travelling. Moreover, these bottles can be recycled and hence this lowers the capital invested in this business.

The profit in manufacturing these bottles is huge whereas the cost of production is very little.

10. Manufacturing of toys

Who doesn’t love to play with toys? Toys come in different shapes and forms, right from plastic, wooden toys to stuffed soft toys are everyone’s favorite and therefore is very popular as a small scale manufacturing business.

Toy making is an art and one can hire some desired laborers for it. It requires some skills however it comes cheap. The profit margins are high and it can be an ideal business to invest in.

11. Bakery products making

This requires very less investment as you can start this business right at your home. Bakery products can include cakes, puffs, biscuits, cookies etc. These are delicious and people love savoring on them.

Always remember that do not compromise on the quality as it will bring a bad name and networking is very important for businesses of this nature. Therefore, keep in mind the quality and quantity factor and also do some research about people’s taste before entering into this field.

12. Eye glass and frames

Now this business definitely requires some skills and investment. The glasses should be of good quality and these days people prefer different frames. As a beginning you can get in touch with an eye specialist and get recommendation from him. One simple frame will cost around INR 20 to manufacture but the selling price in the market will be INR 250

This will help your business to grow as you will get more number of customers. It is important to adhere and live up to the expectation of the customers.

13. Customized gift box

Gift boxes are everyone’s favorite on any occasion. Customized gift boxes have found a significant place as it adds a personalized touch to the gifts.

This can be taken as a small scale business as gift boxes can be easily prepared. You need some expertise and creativity to make one but the investments are really very low and profits are more.  This is an excellent business to start with.

14. Customized T-shirt printing

Similar to customized gift box, T-shirt printing is also an art. These days’ people love printed tees and are really fond of something unique and showy. Therefore, this can become an ideal manufacturing business idea.

However, it is interesting to note that this business will require more capital as compared to gift boxes as the materials used are different. Moreover, if you cannot take up the designing task, you can always hire a designer to do the work. The prices for these tees are unbelievable.

15. Jeans Pants making

Jeans pant are favorite for everyone and both men and women love it equally. The jeans pant can be made at home itself, of course some stitching skills are definitely required.

Although you may not have a brand for it initially, but comfort and fitting are something that matters. Once people start liking your creation, your business is definitely here to survive.

16. Manufacturing of natural beauty products

Natural beauty products and herbal base have gained a significant momentum recently. All of us want to use chemical free products.

Therefore, having a line of natural beauty products is definitely a profitable business. You need to ensure that the products are herbal and the quality is good without any reaction. This will draw huge customers and as we all know that natural beauty products come with big price tag.

17. Manufacturing of small equipment used in farming

Farmers require lot of equipment to be used in farming. Although one can take equipment manufacturing as a business but it is not advisable as a startup. This is because farming equipment may be big or small and the bigger ones are really a costly affair.

Therefore, as a startup concentrate on small farming equipment which are both saleable and generates higher income.

18. Chocolate making

Yummy chocolates are delight for all. Chocolates of different shapes, flavors and sizes attracts all especially the children. Therefore, chocolate making is a delightful business and can delicious chocolates can be prepared at home itself.

You can promote your business by sharing the chocolates with your neighbors, friends, relatives and they can share your details with others. This will give rise to customers and soon you will have a healthy income at very low cost.

19. Firework manufacturing

This is another great business to take up as fireworks are in great demand during the festival and marriage seasons. Bright and colorful crackers are mostly sought after and therefore generates a good revenue.

Both raw materials and manpower are cheap and profits are immense.

20. Accessories making

Accessories like earrings, bangles, necklace etc. are loved by women. They like to match it along with their clothing line. Artificial jewelry has therefore taken the center stage and can be established as a business.

Stone work, bead work, silk thread jewelries are all in demand now and can generate a good income. Focus should be that the raw materials are good and cheap and timely delivery is very important. Use your imagination and build in the best jewelry to have a permanent business.

With such tremendous manufacturing ideas, it is quite clear that these small scale manufacturing businesses can be taken up as a full-fledged income source or can also be a side business. Based on your investment, you can definitely supplement your income and succeed in the business.


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