Mobile App Marketing Tips For Your Business Success in Low Budget

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In a highly competitive and globalized world, your local business definitely needs all the help it can get, in order to progress! Therefore, it is imperative that you find ways to lure more customers to your doorstep. It is equally important to find methods of advertising your products and services without spending too much. Now, where will you find these ways and methods? You will find them in a novel concept called App Marketing.

What is App Marketing?

You are well aware that Smart phones are the in-trend gadgets of contemporary times. This is because they help you carry the Internet with you, wherever you go. Bearing this in mind, manufacturers of Smart phones are urging business owners to make mobile apps integral parts of their digital marketing strategies. You just have to observe Google Play, ITunes App Store, etc, to comprehend what a rage app marketing is becoming in the arena of business and trade.

When you strive to adopt a set of techniques through which your business app will become publically visible and reach the top rankings in an app store, you have begun to use the app marketing strategy.

Is it Possible to Customise a Business App?

Yes, of course, you may have your business app customized to suit the specific needs of your commercial enterprise. Local residents will be able to download this app, such that it becomes possible for you to send important notifications to them.

To illustrate, you will be able to provide maps of your exact geographical location. Then again, if any of them desires to contact you, the presence of a one-touch contact app should suffice. This will help them access your establishment’s staff, as well as services, immediately. It is necessary to keep a list of business products updated and handy at all times, such that would-be customers know what they can gain by bonding with you.

Apart from these features, you will be able to keep the public informed about your upcoming services/products, special offers, freebies, loyalty programs and discounts. Note that if you were to adhere to traditional email marketing strategies, just about 4% to 5% of Internet browsers would go through your notifications. Do not be surprised if the majority of email users just push your notifications into the trash folder, without even reading them!

This will not happen with app marketing. Statistics suggest that at least 97% of the populace checks out these notifications within an hour of receiving them. Think for yourself – which is the better strategy! Thus, this is a great way to keep in touch with the public via multi-channels and enhance your database of loyal customers.

Is App Marketing Affordable?

As per surveys, mobile marketing is the current rage, since it has proved a boon for manufacturers of applications and software programs for Smart phones and tablets. Even small businesses have been willing to spend large sums of money on these apps, for they are the most innovative search engines in the modern world.

Fortunately, for all businesses, big or small, technological advancements have become more affordable today. To illustrate, if you had to pay an amount ranging between $5,000 and $15,000 for a customized business app earlier, when the concept was still in its infancy, you would have to shell out much lesser than $2,000 in current times. After the initial investment, you will have to pay a nominal monthly fee, in order to keep the app running forever. The latest trend is software experts offering to help you build your own customized business app for a fee!

Regardless, any kind of investment on a business app is worthwhile. You will be able to send notifications only after the would-be customer to do so. Furthermore, you may select your target audiences from geographical locations, where your products/services are more popular. Thus, potential customers will be able to connect with you via the touch of a mere button!

How can you Enhance the Ranking of your Business App in the Marketplace?

It is vital to enhance the popularity of your business app in the mobile marketplace and you can increase the popularity with the help of app store optimisation.

Here are some tips on app store optimisation (ASO) for better visibility of your mobile app

To begin with, ensure that the title of your app is highly distinctive or unique. At the same time, the title should be able to provide a hint about your products/services. Many times, Internet browsers use keywords relating to functionality. Therefore, an alternative would be to let people know what exactly your app does. Whatever is the case, be creative, without going in for over-lengthy titles. Let people find you via your company’s brand or common search terms.

Rankings on diverse search engines depend upon effective keywords, which will help the searcher reach your doorstep in a moment! Therefore, have relevant keywords at the ready, all the while focusing on search volume too. If ever you wish to change the keywords, figure out the impact that these changes may have on targeting traffic to your site.

You will need to add a brief description after deciding upon the title. Make it wonderfully interesting, such that readers are eager to learn more! Remember that the app store will display only 2-3 lines of text. Readers will have to tap on ‘more’, if they wish to know more!

Visitors will love to download your business app if there is a charming icon in place too! Towards this end, you might provide customized screenshots of the functionality of your business app. This is a visual strategy to enhance sales.

When you gain more experience, you may try to build a microsite with the aid of a professional, create promotional videos for displaying the business app’s potentialities, promote the app on social networking sites, blogs, forums, etc. Above all, keep track of the analytics, such as the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, users’ preferences, etc. You should be able to obtain analytic tools as free downloads in the virtual world.

Huge opportunities are waiting for you in the ‘business’ world – just grab them!


1. What are the essential mobile app marketing tips for a low budget?

To maximize the impact of a limited budget for mobile app marketing, focus on activities such as engaging an influencer to create App Store Preview Videos, taking advantage of organic optimization via using the right keywords, leveraging existing networks and customers to spread the word of your app, partnering with other app developers to create cross-promotion opportunities, and optimizing App Store and Google Play Store listings.

2. What tactics can I use to get publicity for my app?

There are many potential tactics to get publicity for your mobile application, including working with influencers, actively nurturing relationships with reporters and other thought leaders, taking part in app review websites, utilizing social media, and participating in app contests.

3. What should I do to gain more App Store downloads?

There are many things to consider when trying to gain more App Store downloads, such as carefully choosing keywords, creating attractive App Store visuals and descriptions, providing promotional codes, and encouraging customer reviews and ratings.

4. How can I maximize my app’s visibility on Google Play?

To maximize visibility on Google Play, it’s important to optimize the app listing to include the most relevant keywords, create a captivating description, take advantage of as many available app marketing tools as possible, and build relationships with key sites.

5. What is the best way to identify the right keywords for my app?

The best way to identify the right keywords for your app is to use keyword research tools such as the Google Adwords Keyword Planner and AppAnnie. These tools can help you identify the keywords with the most searches, the ones related to your app topic, and the ones that have the least amount of competition.

6. What platform should I use to market my app?

Your marketing efforts should be tailored for each platform — Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store — to ensure maximum visibility. This will involve optimizing the look of your app store listings, using the right keywords, and leveraging cross-promotion opportunities.

7. What types of marketing activities should I focus on?

When planning a mobile app marketing strategy with a limited budget, the focus should be on activities that are simple, scalable, and cost-effective, such as influencer marketing, leveraging existing networks, promoting through app review websites, and optimizing App Store listings.

8. How can I create effective App Store Preview Videos?

App Store Preview Videos are an effective way to showcase an app’s features and draw attention to it. To maximize the impact, create engaging, informative videos that are optimized for both mobile and desktop devices, and pay attention to basic SEO principles such as including keywords in the title and description.

9. How can I measure the success of my app marketing efforts?

To measure the success of your app marketing efforts, track key metrics such as downloads, retention rate, average session time, and positive reviews. You can also use analytics tools to monitor user activity in your app and A/B split testing to optimize various aspects of your app marketing.

10. How can I incorporate user feedback to improve my app?

Gathering and actively listening to user feedback is an important step in the app marketing process. Incorporating feedback into your app will help you identify areas where your app needs improvement, as well as create more engaging and user-friendly features.

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