Here Is How To Start Transportation Business With Just One Van

packers and movers transport with one van

Transportation business is one such business which has always been on the hit list of the entrepreneurs as it has a very impressive return on investment if you can manage it well. And the best part is you can start your transportation business with one single van or vehicle and then grow as you expand. So let us see the basic requirements to start transportation business with just one van.

Choose the Right Vehicle:

The first step is to purchase or hire the right kind of van which is suitable for the type of transport business you are getting in to. In the next part of the article, you will read about the types of business you can start with one single van. Mainly for the transportation of the people, you need to see whether it will be for individual transport like cabs or it will be a pool system for which you will require a spaciously extended van.

Since the e-commerce business requires transportation services, you can also tie up with the e-commerce brands and provide transportation service for their goods either within the city or intercity and for this, you would require a big van which can accommodate the items of the e-commerce So, the choice of the van would depend on the type of business you are getting into.

Arrange for Finances:

The next and one of the most important steps is arranging for the finance to buy or take a lease of the van. If you already own a vehicle which is suitable according to your business type then you might not have to look for finance but if you need to buy or hire a van, you need to finance it. Besides the price or rent of the van, don’t invest money in hiring employees from the beginning or arranging for a proper office, start from your home or garage and drive on your own and manage the business as well. You can take help from your family in the management so that you can completely focus on the deliveries and the clients. This will reduce your cost of investment and increase the return.

License Requirements:

There are four types of the different permit which you need to obtain according to the nature of your transport business. If you are starting up a transport business with taxis or cab then there are contract carriages permit, for the transportation of the goods you need good carriages permit, for the buses you would need stage carriages permit and finally for both goods and people/passengers, you would need casual contact carriage permit. These permits are temporary and for the period of 4-5 years after which you have to renew them. Besides these, you need to have your own license for driving the van/vehicle or if you hire a driver, he needs to have the same.

Insurance is mandatory

Insuring the vehicle is not the only thing you need to consider but you need to also insure all the goods you are carrying from one place to another. The all in one insurance which is little costly can provide peace of mind to your customer and you at the same time. Since any damage to the vehicle or the goods within it or to both due to bad road condition or accident will be covered by the insurance so that you and your clients won’t have to bear any loss.

Make your Van Famous

Once you are done with all the above procedures, the final plan is to promote your business. One of the best ways to promote your transportation business is to use the vinyl stickers with all the required information and contact details on the body of the van so that it catches the eyes of the people on the road. Then you can also promote it online and recommendation works the best in any case.

Type of Transportation businesses that you can start with one Van

There are various types of transportation business which one can start with one single van but the popular ones and which have the probable return generating capabilities are as follows –

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  • Transportation for the School or College Students: One of the simplest ways to start your transport business is to provide service to the school or colleges in the transit of the students. You can use your van to pick and drop the students from their home to the schools or colleges. You can tie up with the schools or the institutes and provide the service.
  • E-commerce Goods Transport: The e-commerce business is going great in India with new e-commerce brands coming into existence. These companies constantly require transport services for the goods, so you can tie up with one such company transport and deliver their goods from the source to the destination.
  • Office Transportation: Office-goers often find it difficult to find cabs or transport during the hurly-burly. You can provide a safe and timely transportation service to a group of office goers so at a reasonable cost so that they can reach office at the time and don’t have to book and wait for cabs every day. You can also use your van and tie up with companies who provide fleet services to offices or hotels.
  • Medical Transportation: Medical goods need to be transported with very much care and thus people want to choose transport system which is reliable enough. If you have quite a good amount of experience in driving then you can use your van and star transporting medical equipment, medicines etc. and the earning is really good compared to another form of the transportation
  • Movers and Packers: Finally, you can register yourself as packers and movers and start intracity or intercity moving the business to the individuals especially with one van you can provide services to the millennials who keep shifting from one place to another due to a job or other personal reasons.

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