20 Best Business Opportunities & Investment Ideas in Dubai UAE

investment opportunities in dubai UAE

Dubai has been one of the most expensive cities in the world due to its lavish lifestyle and the huge dependency on the oil producing industry. In 2017, there is a record-breaking growth in the free zone trading in Dubai which is around 21% compared to the previous year’s growth. Though there are several challenges in the world and a whole and the global economy is in turmoil, but Dubai is still growing at a certain pace of its own despite all the shortcomings. The FDI in the non-oil producing sector grew to AED327 billion in the third quarter of 2017 which is a 13% increase from the previous year’s same period records. Since the fundamentals of Dubai is extremely strong, there are various new avenues for the growth of new businesses as well. There are various start-ups businesses which are flourishing in the city with time and if you are planning to invest in Dubai, this is might be the best time to really think about it. In this article, we have crafted 20 profitable business ideas in Dubai that you can start with low investment.

Here are twenty such business opportunities which are highly profitable in the sands of Dubai –

1. Car Accessories Shop: Dubai is full of expensive cars and vehicles, you can find the taxis in Dubai which are some of the most premium cars like BMW, Audi and the Porches and similar brands. Every house has several cars and thus the maintenance is also required for those cars as well. So, if you are opening up a shop for the car accessories, you can build a profitable business out of it. The initial investment to start this business might be little higher as the accessories are expensive but there are different cars so if your initial capital is low, try to start with the normal car’s accessories first and then grow it to the premium cars. You can also setup a dedicated e-commerce store for car accessories, it will help to to capture other cities like Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, etc.

2. House Cleaning Services: Dubai is a very posh city where every home you will see is shining bright and everything is so well maintained. For retaining the cleanliness and the high standards, there is a continuous requirement for house cleaning services in the homes as well as in the corporate and commercial sector. You can invest and start a house cleaning company with a little bit of investment in the beginning as there is the main requirement for the human capital and certain machinery. There are already few startups which are doing well in this business, so there is a good scope in this business provided the huge requirement or demand for this service. This is profitable and low investment business idea in Dubai.

3. E-commerce store for fitness products: The people of Dubai are very protective about their health in general. There are several fitness centers which offer fitness training and regime to the people staying there. But if you are a fitness lover on your own and have e-commerce and knowledge of technology and you are looking to build a business of your own, you can invest in building an e-commerce website through which you can sell the fitness products like the fitness wears, food products, supplements and the machinery. The business is profitable in the long run once you establish your brand value in the market.

4. Departmental store: If you are looking to invest in the retail market one of the best option for you would be in Dubai to invest in a departmental store. The departmental stores are very popular in the city and there is huge turnover from them. The initial capital requirement is huge though but the turnover once gets hiked, the returns on your investment can be really profitable. You can take a land on lease or a floor of a commercial building on lease for a long number of years and you can also take in on rent as well and start the store with the basic products in the beginning and when the sales increases, you can increase the number of products.

5. Fooding services for the professionals: The city of Dubai is really very busy, there are various industries and the people working there are very particular about time and there are even working days when they don’t even get time to have food. So, if you are interested in opening a food business, you can start food making and deliver services for the professionals in the commercial and corporate sector who don’t have time to cook for their own. The business is no doubt highly profitable in Dubai keeping in mind the demand and once you start being reputed for the quality of the food and the services, you can expect a steady return on your investment.

6. On-demand Roadside assistant: Since the numbers of cars in the city are so high, the requirement for roadside assistance is also high but the number of service providers is less as of now. So, if you want to invest in the automobile servicing sector, this is a good opportunity for you with low investment and good returns. You can tie the roadside assistance service with the internet so that people who are in trouble can contact you from anywhere and they can reach or you can reach them in the time of need.

7. Web Designing Services: Website designing is required in every business these days and Dubai is the new hub for various start-up ventures. So, there is a huge requirement in the new as well as in the old business firms for the website designing work. Moreover, there are various young entrepreneurs who are making the online businesses a success and there is also a great requirement for the web designing services. This is low investment business opportunity with good returns in Dubai. Cost of web designing is high over there as compared to other countries and this gives good opportunity to make huge profits.

8. Online Tutor Search platform – An online platform to connect tutor and students/parents: There is a huge demand for good tutors in Dubai. The demand has now shifted to the online platform as parents and the students are finding tutors from across the globe to study with the liberty of time and get a better exposure as well. You can build a search platform where there will be tutors and the students or their parents register themselves to find each other for their particular requirements. The investment, in the beginning is only for the development of the site and collecting data. The competition in this business is very low as compared to others and opportunity is very high.

9. Online services for selling unnecessary items: Every home has various unnecessary items which are not used for long duration and if they sell those products, they can get rebate or discount or money in return. So, you can build an online site to sell these products which are not required by one person but may be required by someone else. The money in the trade of the refurbished items is really huge if you have a great knowledge of the products and the market for it.

10. Hookah and gaming parlor: The young population of Dubai is very outgoing and they love to spend their evenings in the gaming parlor playing games or in the hookah parlors. So, you can build any of these two or both in the same place. The ROI is huge in the hookah business as the initial investment is comparatively very low to the return of the business. It is same as the gaming parlor as well but you have to very much legally correct with all the documents and procedures to start this business.

11. Financial services: The Financial market is highly developed in Dubai because of the businesses in the city and in the UAE as a country. So, if you can build a successful financial service providing business, the profit margins can be great. There are opportunities in the insurance, stock market, banking sector and the investment sectors and there are lots of new start-ups nowadays which require financial backup. So, if you can build a company providing these services or act as an agent for the financial business houses by providing services to their customers, the investment can earn good returns.

12. Online real estate platform: Dubai is a hub for real estate developments not in the recent times only but from years ago. There are various real estate giants working in the city and there are several constructions every now and then. One of the major chunks of business earnings of the city comes from this sector. You can build an app which will provide the new real estate details to the prospective buyers and the tenants. There are people who are on work-visa in Dubai, they keep searching for rented houses, and you can provide the details of such houses on your app.

13. Delivery services on-demand: You can start all-in-all delivery services tying up with some of the major retailers and the e-commerce business houses in the city. You can deliver their products to their customers and make money from the commission and the delivery service fee which you get. The initial investment would be on the vehicles which you would use or your delivery agents will use and the convenience charges. You must build an online on-demand service portal as well for getting better orders from the clients. This is new business opportunity in Dubai because of the increase in ecommerce industry.

14. Storage Facilities On-Demand: There are many businesses in Dubai and many goods and products are needed to be stored in a safe place like in the warehouse. You can build a warehouse or take rent of one to provide the storage facilities to the major trading concerns and the SMEs as well. The business is profitable keeping in mind the demand for the warehouse requirement is there in all season.

15. Online platform for sportspersons: There are various sports in Dubai and the people in the city are very enthusiastic about sports. You can build an online portal where the sportspersons can find suitable grounds for their games, equipment for playing, co-players and many more services. You can market products for sports goods and services on your platform and make money from it.

16. Tour and travel services: Dubai is a great place for vacations, though the city is really expensive there are affluent people who prefer Dubai over any other countries to spend their holidays. You can provide services to these travelers and conduct their tour besides arranging their vacation beforehand. You can also provide the guide services for the tourists as well.

17. App for reselling old garments: Dubai is a famous place for fashion as well and since the population is rich, there is always a demand for the new fashion and clothes and apparels. But what about the old apparels, you can start a service in which the people who want to sell out their old clothes for minimum prices can use. This service is growing in the western countries in the recent years and there is a good scope for the same in Dubai as well.

18. Internship and placement services: Dubai is full of educated young people who are seeking jobs and internship opportunities on a daily basis. You can open a platform where these people can get information about the internships opportunities and the jobs in the city and abroad. You can also build an institute to provide consultancy services and grooming or personal development services to the newly graduated fresher to get into the professional field with ease and confidence.

19. Event management Services: Dubai is now the most sought-after place for events and weddings from across the globe. There are several parties and the wedding from different parts of the world is held in this country who are opting for the destination weddings. So, if you have the management skills and the PR skills you can easily develop an event management company with the right contacts.

20. Online health consultation: Health is wealth and in Dubai, people are health conscious. If you are having knowledge about the health sector and you want to invest money and finding opportunities in this sector, you can build a portal with the best doctors in the city to provide health consultation online in the time of emergency. This is a low investment business idea but having the potential for making high profits.


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